Chapter – 1

By | April 3, 2017

Night dark wind and the earth in silence.

The silhouette of a man quickly moves in the night, and often looks back. He doesn’t reduce his speed. He jumps high, then hidden in the mansion.

Followed by the two men. One of him stops and tell his companion:

“No, we are in the mansion of the Prince of Territory. We must meet him according to the established protocol.”

The man who is speaPrince is the famous Iron Hunter, Cheng Gang. And the man with a white rope is his partner, Jade Hunter, Dong Fangkingdom(s). They are hunting the leader of Black Wind, called “The Butcher”. All the members of the Black Wind have been caught, except The Butcher.

“Well, if you insist, then we will quickly go to meet the Prince of Territory through the main door. If not, The Butcher might escape again.”

Dong Fangkingdom(s)’s handsome face shows helpless. That is why he doesn’t like to work with his big brother Cheng Gang. He considers him too rigid, which is totally opposite to his impulsive character.

“Come on.” Cheng Gang goes closer to the main door of the mansion.

“Who are you? Why do you stay in the mansion in the middle of the night?”

The two guards, holding their swords, shout when they see someone is coming closer.

“Please notify the Prince that Cheng Gang and Dong Fangkingdom(s) need to see him urgently.”

Cheng Gang will be given the token until the two guards confirmed correct, one of them immediately went to the notification.

“Please wait here.”

Another guard becomes polite. When he sees Jade Hunter, he is astonished by the beauty of Jade Hunter. They say Jade Hunter is very handsome, much prettier than any woman. Now, he does confirm the well-deserved reputation.

His oval face looks like a white jade, with a pair of bright eyes and thin lips. He looks like a handsome man or a charming woman.

Not long after, the guard rushes out and comes to them saying:

“Please follow me! The Prince is waiting for you both.”

They both follow the guard and enter in the mansion. When they step into the hall, they see the Prince there, wearing a blue rope.

When the Prince sees Dong Fangkingdom(s)’s face, he’s astonished and attracted by his beauty.

“We feel sorry to disturb the Prince’s sleep In the middle of the night. It is for something really important. We apology for bothering you in this way.”

Cheng Gang apologises politely and with a respectful tone. After all, they disturb people’s sleep in the midnight. Besides, the man whom they disturb is the Prince. Of course, more need to be careful to deal with.

“What happens?”p

The Prince of Territory, Long Haotian, put down the porcelain cup on the table. His face does not look like being awakened from a deep sleep. His eyes keep looPrince at Dong Fangkingdom(s)’s face.

“It is because we are hunting The Butcher. And we see that he enters in the mansion. Therefore, we need to see you.”

Just finishing Cheng Gang’s words, they hear the woman’s screaming. Dong Fangkingdom(s) quickly rushes out.

Dong Fangkingdom(s) chases the screaming, he immediately sees that The Butcher is grabbing a woman’s neck. All the guards are there, but nobody dares to act rashly.

“Please don’t hurt the princess!”

Maidservants Xiaolan stands there frightened. She is the one screaming. Because of that, the princess went out from his room and was caught by the bad guy.

“Butcher, let the princess go soon!”

While Dong Fangkingdom(s) is there thinPrince about his next steps, Long Haotian and Cheng Gang arrive.

“Dong Kingdom, Cheng Gang! If you both dare to come, I will first kill her!”

The Butcher sees the crowd are so upset, then he realizes that he is holding a trump card and proudly laughs.

“Big brother, help!”

Long Qianqi sees her brother, anxious and hurried to help. This is really a back luck. She gets in the trouble without doing anything.

Long Haotian’s face gets darker and darker and he says lowly:

“Cheng Gang and Dong Fangkingdom(s)! You both listen! If the princess gets harmed tonight, I will decapitate your head!”

“Please don’t worry, my Prince! We will save the princess’ life.”

Cheng Gang holds his temper and dissimulates his fear. He knows that the Prince has a very difficult character and he is the beloved cousin of the current Emperor. So, he must be careful.

“Butcher, as long as you let the princess go, we will let you leave here safely.”

After pondering the situation, Dong Fangkingdom(s) decides to follow Cheng Gang’s order.

“Ha ha ha!” The Butcher laughs loudly. He brutally pushes the princess to the front and shouts to Dong Fangkingdom(s) and Cheng Gang:

“You both led many officers and men to destroy the Black Wing and captured all my brothers. Do you think I will let her go? No way! Now, you all go away. If not, I’ll kill her! ”

Under The Butcher’s threat, the crowd goes away. At this instance, Cheng Gang and Dong Fangkingdom(s) look each other, and they decide to attack intelligently.

The Butcher is then forced to release the princess due to Cheng Gang and Dong Fangkingdom(s)’s speedy attack. The Butcher then gets hurt.

The quick reaction of them both is really appraisable. Under the crowd’s look, The Butcher dies their hands

“Are you alright, my princess?”

Dong Fangkingdom(s) shows a very special concern towards the princess, without realizing that his behavior is not appropriate.

Long Qianqi’s face turns white and looked at him. When she sees his handsome face, she is also astonished.

“Hey, you! Release our princess now!”

Xiaolan rushes over and pulls the princess from his arms. Our princess is so noble; how can you hold her in your arms!

“Qianqi, are you alright?”

Long Haotian comes closer to her sister, worried about if she’s injured. After confirming that she is fine, his black eyes are back to Dong Fangkingdom(s) and Cheng Gang.

“I’m fine.”

Long Qianqi keeps looking at Dong Fangkingdom(s)’s handsome face and his heroic valiant.

“You both just risked too much!?”

Long Haotian blames with a heavy voice.

“Please don’t get angry, my prince. We dared to do so because we were very sure that we could save the princess’ life.”

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