Chapter 10 – Gambling

By | April 3, 2017

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Tang Meng seemed to have long been expected Xie Junyan, so he smiled, thumbs pointing to the direction of the playground, in a leisurely way: “Since Xie has a little of interest, you should quickly bet…” “Well, but the fat man has already run half a circle, can you bet how much he can run?”

All the students wanted to bet and were breathtakingly staring at Xie Junyan. Obviously, they all trusted his judgement.

Xie Junyan did not speak, but his eyes fell on the playground where Lingyun ran, careful observing his pace, his movements, his breathing, and even his eyes, it looked like horse racing….

With his observation, Xie Junyan’s brows wrinkled more and more tightly, his face became extremely complex.

Tang Meng saw him so he could not help but sneer in ridicule: “Xie big boy, you think this is a horse playground? Also, I observed you for so long, don’t play if you aren’t prepared to lose, a lot of people are waiting to bet after you!”

Xie Junyan could not help but pay attention to the brows of Xuan, he suddenly retreated slowly from Lingyun eyes, his look had a leisurely smile, then he said: “This year, people run like horses, when will we bet on horses directly? Yuan, bet four laps! ”


“What, dude, Xie Junyan you are betting that Lingyun can carry sandbags for four laps, but that is 1600 meters ah!

“Xie Junyan, you shouldn’t overestimate him, I bet he can run a lap at most… Hah, you will lose!”

The onlooking students were in an uproar, some of them did not believe that Lingyun could really run for four laps, someone lost at the expense of his life, due to Xie Junyan, the students started to slowly change their mind on Lingyun.

Zhuangmei Na had just smashed two thousand dollars gambling on Lingyun to run up to one circle, while Xie Junyan thought he could run four laps, wasn’t this ridiculous?

She was not distressed that she would lose the two thousand dollars, but worried that she would lose her face in front of so many people!

“Well, four laps? 1600 meters to the other end with that fat pig? Even if he did not carry the sandbag he wouldn’t be able to run three laps on the Guards!” Zhuangmei Na thought that Xie Junyan did not think deep enough when he betted, but still she couldn’t help but express her contempt!

Tang Meng heard this big deal, and he could not help but twitch his eyes.

Since he was the so-called small God of Gamblers, he set the odds of gambling before the natural setting, it was not blind shouting, and he carefully observed Lingyun running posture and movement, for four laps, and happened to judge him!

As for more than five laps … … That was purely insane, without specialized training, who could carry 50 kg of sandbags for two kilometers?

Although this Xie Junyan pinched seven inches, Tang Meng quietly said: “Xie, with four times the odds, you will win over 20,000, doesn’t it remember you the time you betted on Ben Lee? ”

Xie Junyan had long been observing the movements of Tang Meng, he seemed confident, so he fainted a chuckle: “Come and do not be indecent also, last time you earned me a million, this time I get back 10,000, It’s just a draw … I do not have to take cash?”

Tang Meng chuckled: “I believe it, but thank you big, Zhao Lei, accounting, Xie Junyan placed five thousand yuans, on a bet of four laps!”

“Good!” Tang Meng’s younger brother Zhao Lei rushed to the small book.

Before he finished, Tang Meng forced a breath, and casually shouted around: “There is no gambling?

“I bet a thousand yuans, bet from five to ten laps!” Cao Shanshan shut her lips, the voice was a clear-cut.

“Ah ?! … …” a lot of students blankly looked at Cao Shanshan, her face was incredible!

And even Xie Junyan listened, his face slightly embarrassed….

How could she be so sure that Lingyun would run more than five laps!

Among them, especially in Ling Ling and Ling Ling Yu even!

“Shanshan, you will not be a cheater, right? You look at Lingyun that way, he is not even able run twice on the field ah, but five laps?” Zhang Ling anxiously pulled up on Cao Shanshan’s sleeves and hurriedly persuaded her.

“Cao’s big school bet a thousand dollars, gambling on Lingyun for five to ten laps! Win with a compensation of five thousand dollars!” Tang Meng’s grinned, this was to lose money for sure!

In fact, the problem wasn’t the amount of money, he just thought how a high school student was casually throwing away one thousand dollars, in the future she would boost Tang Meng’s capital, and he would have a dreamy amount of money.

Ning Ling Yu and Shan Shan at this time looked blankly, but also felt that they have not heard it wrong!

Can Cao Shanshan even think so much of Lingyu’s brother? It was this morning rumors …

Tang Meng grinned quickly to his little brother Zhao Lei on the account, but did not want to take Cao Shanshan’s money, and then he suddenly raised his hand towards the playground.

“Students, look at the momentum of this fat man, he’s certainly using his fat to run, but in a few minutes, classes will resume -” Here, he glanced at everyone, and continued: “If you believe that I am fair in my betting, I will send Tang Meng to go to the playground, to count Lingyun’s laps!”

“As for everyone, you should go back to class, at the end of the next class, I will tell you how many runs Lingyun did in the end!”

“Of course, if you worry about the bet, you are free to skip class and come with me to count the laps!”

Tang Meng said it in a very high-sounding voice, once he finished, he put his eyes on Xie Junyan face.

It was very obvious, Xie Junyan casted the biggest note, he wouldn’t go back to class, and would personally go the to the playground to count the laps.

Xie Junyan smiled, shaking his head “Who do not believe that Tang Meng is fair when betting is involved? Counting the number of laps, I am not interested … … ”

Finished, Cao Shanshan smiled, nodded her head, she had to accompany Zhuangmei back to the classroom.

Tang Meng Gang wanted everyone to disperse, but a cold voice shouted:

“Slow down!”

The students just wanted to go back to class, but suddenly their interest arose, they stopped to sight-see the source of the sound.

They saw Ning Ling Yu micro-wrinkles, gently moving forward a step, cutting Shuang Hitang Tang Meng’s steps: “Tang Meng, since you use my brother to open gambling, I would also like to gamble, OK?”

Tang Meng boldly thought he could take people’s brother to gamble, he didn’t think people’s sister would also come, he really was little embarrassed, he secretly liked Ning Lingyu for this action!

Tang Meng was a bit guilty, he did not naturally scratch his head, he lost his smile: “Hey, Ningling, do not misunderstand, in fact, I’m merely playing, I don’t have any other meaning…”

“I do not care what you mean!” Ning Ling face was still cold, she took out his wallet to directly put five hundred yuans, she raised her hand and handed them to Tang Meng.

“You listen closely, five hundred, I bet my brother can run more than ten laps!” Ning Ling Yu did not hide her anger in the eyes, she knew her money wouldn’t come back, but she didn’t care!

The crowd was surprised

“Ten laps? This … it’s impossible!”

“Yes ah ah, carrying fifty pounds of sandbags and running four thousand meters? This isn’t a fantasy novel … …”

“Is Lingyu believing in special forces … Ha ha ha … …”

For a long time, everyone noised out, speaking abundantly.

“Ning Ling Yu, Keke … … I’ll tell you first, although this is gambling play, you can lose money, the money is not refundable, you cannot hold a grudge … …” Tang Men thought Lingling didn’t know, so he did not take over the money from Lingling, and he kept advising.

Xie Lingyan also looked at Ning Lingyu: “Ning Lingyu, your brother can not run more than 10 laps, you shouldn’t throw out your money … … Tang Meng is a meat-spitting bone…. “ “ I have to say Xie Junyan is a belly black master….”

Cao Shanshan was silent, a pair of beautiful eyes, as warm as autumn, quietly looked at Ning Ling Yu, secretly admiring the courage of the girl.

A very discordant voice cynical sounded: “I said that Xie Junyan, right? People are willing to take money for her brother to play, you know? Even grandmother threw in two thousand … ”

In this case, if not for Xie Junyan power, Zhuangmei Na would have already shouted for the abuse!

Ning Ling Yu ignored Chuang Mei Na, she put the five hundred dollars in the heavy Tang Meng’s hands, and turned around to go to her classroom.

Seeing to her favorite chick with eyes red from anger and resentment, Tang Meng could not decide, he looked uncertain, ready to put the five hundred dollars thrown into his hands to Zhao Lei, he impatiently said: “I’m going to the playground, I want to see it by myself!”

Regardless of Zhao Lei, he went to the stairs.

He wanted to see for himself, the number of laps Lingyun could run.

“Bells … …”

Tang Meng went out of the classroom building, he heard the school bell ringing, but skipping lessons was a daily routine for him, he didn’t care.

How long will Lingyun last? Can he run some laps?

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