Chapter 13 – Deafiting Tiger

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Chapter 12 - A True Man!
Chapter 14 - The Return Of The Hero

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Right now Lingyun was not even 50 meters into the fifth lap, and Li Lei had enough time to stop him.

He believed that if he pushed Lingyun now, he would certainly fall to the ground and not come back up.

He got on the track and waited calmly for Lingyun to arrive.

Lingyun felt like he was running ever more easily, the sandbag on his shoulder feeling lighter than ever.

That’s why he was running faster and faster, and he approached the position where Li Lei was.

Seeing that Lingyun was running easily, Tang Meng felt surprised, but he felt relieved as well, because he knew that Lingyun will definitely be able to complete the fifth lap. And if he completed the fifth lap, Xie Yanjun would then lose!

But when, following with his eyes the way Lingying was advancing, he saw Li Lei, looking much more imposing in comparison, Tang Meng’s eyes burned with anger!

“It’s all over!” That were his first thought.

The proverb said that out of ten bets, nine were rigged. The small-time expert gambler Tang Meng was well aware of that, but today he had been surprised so many times by Lingyun, that he couldn’t think straight anymore.

That’s why he didn’t think that, was Xie Junyan to lose, he would certainly find some way to turn things around.

And Li Lei is his Plan B!

“Li Lei, don’t you dare!”

With this in mind, Tang Meng cried out and ran furiously towards the position of Li Lei.

But now it was too late, Lingyun had already arrived in front of Li Lei!

Li Lei first turned to look at Tang Meng who was rushing towards him, and he laughed with contempt; then he smiled toward Lingyun that was coming to him, and slowly rose his strong, muscular arm.

“Buddy, you’re not tired? Get some rest!”

Li Lei rose his arm and went for Lingyun’s shoulder while he passed him by!

No one thought that, at this stage, somebody would come and dare push Lingyun to the ground, so everyone was very surprised.

“That person is really bad! Lingyun even spat blood, but he kept on running, and now this guy comes up to push him…”

“Right, how could he do that? If Lingyun fell, he would get hurt pretty badly!”


Lingyun’s sight was now clear, and his mind focused, so as soon as Li Lei smiled, he already knew that he had bad intentions, so he was prepared.

Seeing that Li Lei actually wanted to push him, Lingyun laughed, and moved one foot, in one second he passed by the arm of Li Lei, just moving to the side.

“I have always been the one pushing other people, being pushed myself is really not in my style!”

“We’ll settle this later!”

In a moment Lingyun went past Li Lei, and he even turned back and mocked him with a smile, as clearly realized by everyone!

“Wow, he’s fleet of foot!”

“Amazing, he spat blood, and he could still dodge that!”

Seeing the agility of Lingyun, all the girls in the playground admired him with bright eyes.

“Shit, how did he do that? He was about to be tackled! How is it possible?”

Tang Meng had closed his eyes when Li Lei had raised his arm, but when he opened them and saw that Lingyun was already a few meters away, his face filled with amazement.

Li Lei was even more amazed. He felt that his hand was about to touch the shoulder of Lingyun, how could he slip away?

Li Lei remained stunned for a moment, but despite the looks full of anger and the furious yells of the girls towards him, he pushed away a guy who was standing beside him and began chasing Lingyun.

He was already compromised, so at this point he couldn’t allow Lingyun to complete the fifth lap.

Moving on with a steady pace and hearing the cries of the girls behind his back, Lingyun couldn’t know that this beefy boy was running after him.

He sped up a bit, tilted the sandbag slightly with his right hand, and conjured up his energies with the left hand.

Li Lei faced Lingyun once again, he wanted to grapple him with both hands and throw him to the ground, that was what he was about to do!

He got right behind Lingyun, and stretched his arms under his armpits.

Lingyun was waiting for that moment, he bent forward, swiftly lifted his left arm, grabbed the bouncing sandbag with both hands, and by turning his torso he hurled the bag behind him!

Lingyun did not hold himself back, he put all of his strength in this move.

Pah! The bag hit Li Lei precisely on the shoulder, and as he was not anticipating that at all, he got thrown to the ground.

Li Lei’s face impacted the ground, blood coming out from his nose, and he was not able to lift himself up anymore!

If it had been someone else, he would have already fainted.

“Wow, Lingyun is soo cool!”

“Good job! He asked for it!”

Lingyun did all of that in just one motion, without even stopping running.

The bag drew a complete circle in the air and returned on Lingyun’s right shoulder, who, after he threw Li Lei to the ground, took a deep breath and continued to run with the rhythm he had before.

Now Tang Meng had run to Li Lei and he began throwing kicks at him.

“Fuck you, you wanted to ruin my bet, are you tired of living perhaps?!”

Who was Tang Meng? The son of the vice president of the provincial police. He didn’t even care about Xie Junyan, so he cared even less about one of Xie Junyan’s men.

After kicking Li Lei as if he were a dead dog, Tang Meng was stopped by sports students, including Cheng Zhi.

“Tell me, who told you to do that? Why did you want to hurt Lingyun without a reason?” Tang Meng spoke really bluntly, wanting to know the instigator of that action.

“Brother Tang, you misunderstood me, I heard that last night that guy tried to rape Cao Shanshan, so …” Li Lei couldn’t obviously say that Xie Junyan gave him the order, so he had come up with a random excuse.

“Raping my ass! Enough with your lies, somebody will certainly come and settle score with Lingyun about what happened last night, but that has nothing to do with you. Tell me, was it Xie Junyan, that bastard, who gave you that order?”

Tang Meng was really angry now, he was the only one in the school who could afford to call Xie Junyan a bastard.

“Brother Tang, you really misunderstand, really…”

Although Li Lei was a really tough fighter, he had to pick who he was going to fight with, and he really didn’t feel like messing with Tang Meng, so he stayed there on the ground, lying like a dead dog, just babbling.

Tang Meng spitted in his face, and slowly said: “Li Lei, do not put your trust in Xie Junyan’s protection, you’re not untouchable. I’m telling you, this doesn’t end here! If you dare to try and touch Lingyun again today, I will have you excluded from your final exams, am I understood?”

Li Lei knew that Tang Meng was being serious, and knowing that when that bully said something he always put his money where his mouth was, he got all pale and tried to explain himself.

“Look! Lingyun completed the fifth lap!”

“He’s still running!”

“This is supernatural! Supernatural…”

All those who were watching the scene turned around, because in the meantime Lingyun had already finished the fifth lap!

At that moment, Tang Meng felt like a weight had been lifted from his chest, he gave a menacing stare to Li Lei, and then went away.

Remembering how certain Cao Shanshan looked when she made that bet, Tang Meng shook his head a bit. What a foresight that beautiful girl had!

Hearing that Lingyun had completed the fifth lap, Li Lei paled, knowing he definitively failed!

Xie Junyan would surely scold him severely, and he even made enemy with Tang Meng. He deeply regretted getting in that situation.

Unfortunately, he forgot about his greatest enemy, Lingyun.

He was still not considering Lingyun of any importance.

Seeing that Lingyun managed to finish the lap even with that intervention, Ma Tianfeng was even more impressed. What kind of magical substance had been eating that guy, who ran even better after spitting blood?

Sixth lap!

Seventh lap!

In the park the screams, applauses and shouts of support all mesh together and resonate in the sky. Everyone was going frenzy for that guy that ran like a madman!

When Lingyun began to run the eighth lap, the bell ending the third hour rang!

All the students who were doing lessons were also attracted by the cries in the sports field, and once the bell rang, they rushed out immediately. Even if they did not know how many laps Lingyun did, they knew that Lingyun was still running!

They were not satisfied with talking about it in the corridors, they all came down to the playground.

The students of the first and second year were the fastest, and they lead the crowd.

The fastest among those of the third year, of course, are those from the VI class, that of Lingyun.

After every students already left, Cao Shanshan packed her things in her backpack and stood up, her sinuous body naturally taking an S-shape, and with a smile on her face she told Zhang Ling that she couldn’t wait to go downstairs: “Let’s go out to see what is going on.”

She seemed in a very good mood.

She was very curious to find out if it was thanks to her that Lingyun became like that after a single night.

But his change was huge indeed.

The two girls left the class but they didn’t head downstairs. Instead, they found a place with a nice view, and watched the playground while leaning on railings.

“Wow, how many people!”

Uttered Zhang Ling, while watching with amazement the multitude of people flowing quickly to the playground!

“He usually shows nothing of himself, but when he does, he sure surprises everyone … this guy is still running!”

Listening to Zhang Ling speaking with so much surprise, Cao Shanshan watched Lingyun running like crazy in the playground, and she got lost in her thoughts.

“Shanshan, considering how long he’s been running, how many laps do you think he completed?” Zhang Ling suddenly began to worry about Cao Shanshan’s 1,000 yuans.

“I do not know if he took a break, but I think he has done at least four laps …” Cao Shanshan closed her rosy fist while looking at that silhouette running on the track.

“He must have certainly rested, or he would be dead already, nobody could have so much energy!” Zhang Ling smirked.

In this moment, the field is permeated with great enthusiasm, and some girl shouts:

“Eight laps!”



Cao Shanshan and Zhang Ling were both completely astonished.

“But is he still a human? Does he want to run to death?”

Zhang Ling’s question was one many other people were asking as well.

She didn’t notice that Cao Shanshan, standing next to her, had a strange light in her eyes.

Only she, in the whole school, knew, that Lingyun had managed to run nine laps because he had released the energy hidden inside him

Chapter 12 - A True Man!
Chapter 14 - The Return Of The Hero

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