Chapter 14 – The Return Of The Hero

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Chapter 13 - Deafiting Tiger
Chapter 15 - Cutting Corners Is Not My Style

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Xie Junyan had a grim face, he stood in the corridor without saying a word.

He sent a message to Li Lei: “At noon, after school, come to see me!”

Even Zhuang Meina had nothing to say, and she stared like a dead fish at Lingyun who was starting the ninth lap, looking as if she just lost millions.

They thought Lingyun was putting them in a bad light.

One lap? Two laps? He already ran over eight laps, and was beginning the ninth!

Now there were dozens of people running behind Lingyun, rooting for him. Ning Lingyu, besting her beating heart, joined the people who were running.

But her face was filled with emotion, her eyes full of tears, there was also an unmotivated sense of worrying.

“Brother, stop it, you’ve done very well, you’ve won the cheering and support of everybody, there is no need to keep on running, stop!”

This was what came out of her heart, hoping that Lingyun could feel it.

Lingyun felt the energy in his body being consumed rapidly, he knew that if he ran for three more laps, then his energy would be definitively depleted, and then he would have to stop anyway.

If he was to run after that, he might get injured.

That type of training was common in the taoist farmlands, Lingyun Disney understand why such a normal training could attract so many people.

He wanted to be noticed, but this time he had clearly overdone.

But his energy was not exhausted yet, he couldn’t stop yet, otherwise he would not reach the goal for the day.

After the ninth lap, he began the tenth lap, Lingyun adjusted his breathing, and moved the bag of sand to the right shoulder (during the ninth lap, he kept it on his left shoulder). He was bracing himself for the final push.

Among the cries full of surprise, Lingyun started to accelerate and ran with all of his strength.

Ten laps! Eleven laps!

When Lingyun began the twelfth lap, he felt that his energy had been drained.

He began to decelerate, and after running for fifty meter, he stopped.

Now everybody set their eyes on Lingyun, waiting to see if Lingyun would fall or not, or even fall down dead.

But what they saw was that after Lingyun had stopped, not only he didn’t fall, but he didn’t even thrown the bag away immediately.

He stood still for a moment, with the bag on his back, in spite of the his legs and his whole body trembling, he just stayed there with his back straight.

This scene wouldn’t be forgotten by anyone.

“Wow, he’s really strong!”

“Too good, too cool, even just at running he’s soo cool, if I were thinner I would try and get engaged with him!” A little girl whispers.

“Don’t be silly, haven’t you heard that Lingyun fancies that beautiful Cao Shanshan? Maybe he did all of this to catch her attention!”

“Yes, I heard the same, and Cao Shanshan even made a bet on him!”

On the sports field all kinds of rumors were now spreading.

Tang Meng suddenly felt like he had been betrayed, and he wanted to slam his head against a wall!

He seemed to have forgotten that he did not only bet, but also spoke the quotes.

The thing that nobody believed could happen happened!


The bell of the fourth hour rang some minutes later than it should have, all the students returned to their classrooms, their faces filled with wonder and admiration, so much that they forgot that they would be late for their lessons.

“Tonight I will probably advance to the first level, and if I’m lucky, maybe even to the second!”

After all the people left the field, and Lingyun normalized his breath, he then dropped the sandbag and sat down on the floor.

Despite the fatigue, his face was filled with joy.

“Brother…” a timid but beautiful voice came from behind him.

Lingyun turned his head and saw Ning Lingyu, he was greatly surprised!

In the farmlands there were no really ugly women, but despite having seen so many beautiful women, Lingyun had to admit the beauty of Ning Lingyu.

That face, thad body, that elegance. The girl named Lin Menghan from the past night didn’t even hold a candle to her.

Okay, Lingyun admitted that yesterday he mostly focused on Lin Menghan’s legs and bosom, and he didn’t really focus much on her face.

“Hey, why is your nose bleeding?”

Ning Lingyu suddenly saw all the blood pouring down from his chin onto Lingyun’s chest, and she didn’t know what to do. She hurriedly took out her handkerchief for him, ignoring the smell of sweat and blood coming from Lingyun, and she cleaned up his face.

Lingyun was not listening to Ning Lingyu’s words, but as she got closer, his eyes filled with wonder!

“Holy mother of god!”

That body type was very rare in the farmlands as well, and if she dedicated herself to cultivating, she could do wonders!

Lingyun approached the body of Ning Lingyu in disbelief, and sniffed loudly.

He felt that a bit of energy entered his body, and he immediately felt better, recovering a bit.

Ning Lingyu was focused on cleaning the blood on the face and body of his brother, and she didn’t notice that. Then, she looked up.

Lingyun’s face was five centimeters above her head, and he was sniffing like a pervert.

“Brother!” She felt embarrassed, even if he washer stepbrother, that was something too intimate.

She thought of Lingyun smelling her body, and she blushed.

Lingyun blushed as well, but he felt happy.

He found a treasure! Haha, he had good luck! His little sister not only treated him well, but she also had a special type of body!

Lingyun pulled back and with a serious expression asked, “Lingyu, what are you doing here, should you not be in class?”

“I’ll return to my lesson soon, it’s fine.”

Lingyu dodged the question, and after she finished cleaning his face she got up and said, laughingly : “You tell me that I have to go to class, when you yourself …”, meaning “you should be in your class as well”, but not wanting to ruin the little self-esteem that Lingyun had just built, she phrased it differently.

“You made all this mess, how could I follow my lessons quietly?” she meant one specific thing: she was concerned.

Looking at his sweet beautiful little sister, Lingyun laughed bitterly: “I wanted to keep a low profile, but I did not know that here people make such a fuss for something this small…”

“And you call that keeping a low profile?” Lingyu laughed a lot, leaving Lingyun enchanted.

“Brother, you kept a low profile until today, you were humble, with your feet on the ground, I do not know how you managed to resist!”

Her brother today had surprised everyone, and he changed everybody’s opinion of him. Ning Lingyu was really proud of him, she was so happy!

She lowered her head and looked at the bag his brother was sitting upon, she asked: “Brother, I have heard from others that this bag weighs fifty pounds, you carried it on your shoulders for more than 4,400 meters, many said that you could die!”

“What? Dying during a race is not my style!” Lingyun denied that unfounded theory.

That sentence made Lingyu laugh, and she thought to herself that after six years her brother finally became more talkative.

She looked at her brother, and realized he had some quality that she couldn’t define well. Even though he was dripping in sweat, and he looked like he was just pulled out of a river, she believed that now his brother was somewhat special.

It was something attractive and comforting.

“Big brother, if you lost some weight and got into shape, would you still have those dimples on your face?” She asked herself.

After some time of resting and absorbing the energy emanating from Lingyu’s body, Lingyun’s body was fresh and well once again.

Suddenly he felt a grumbling in his belly, he was hungry.

After such a race, it came with no surprise!

“Little sister,” Lingyun finally accepted wholeheartedly his little sister, he said: “I’m going to put this bag away, I’ll take a shower, and you go get ready as well, because later your big brother will take you to the restaurant!”

“Really?” Lingyu was surprised, almost jumping in joy.

“Of course it’s true, lying is not my style…” Lingyun boasted while standing up.

Lingyu laughed again. She realized that today she laughed more than during the whole semester. It was because her loving and caring big brother was back!

Chapter 13 - Deafiting Tiger
Chapter 15 - Cutting Corners Is Not My Style

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