Chapter 15 – Cutting Corners Is Not My Style

By | April 3, 2017
Chapter 14 - The Return Of The Hero
Chapter 16 - Brother And Sister

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“Ah…oh Good…” seeing that Lingyun wanted to lift himself up, Ning Lingyu tried to help him, but she raised him half-way through and accidentally dropped the sandbag on the pavement.

Lingyu got even more impressed, and only now did she fully realize with what kind of weight his brother just ran with for more than 4400 meters.

Lingyun stretched his arms and legs for a moment, and seeing the lovely expression on his little sister’s face, he kindly said “Leave it to me!”, and he bent to pick up the bag.

“Lingyun, you have hidden your true self well! Even I was wrong in judging you!” Ma Tinagfeng was right there just behind, he was smiling at both brother and sister.

“Good morning, teacher Ma Tinagfeng!” the beautiful face of Lingyu blushed slightly, she felt a bit embarrassed.

She never missed a lesson before, and now she was here during school time; even if Ma Tinagfeng was only a Physical Education teacher, he was still a teacher!

Ma Tianfeng smiled and nodded to Lingyu, and then he talked seriously to Lingyun: “Lingyun, I know that your grades are not good, but I’ve seen your performance. Would you like to train with me for two months, and then sign up at the University of Sports Science as a student-athlete?”

At first Lingyu was worried for his brother after hearing Ma’s words, but when she understood he was calm, she calmed down as well.

She didn’t want her elder brother to break down in pieces, once again sinking down.

He was right, with those grades, his brother would definitely not be able to enter the University, so it was not a bad idea everything considered.

But Lingyun’s answer shattered the hopes of both of them: “Going to the University of Sports Science would be like cutting corners, and I’m not interested in doing that!”

Ma Tianfeng was surprised of Lingyun’s negative answer, because the day before that boy wouldn’t have even dared to stare at his face. But, knowing about Lingyun’s incredible talent, Ma didn’t give up.

“Lingyun, don’t you look at it that way, you’re really talented as an athlete. Even though two months are not a long time, I’m sure you could make it; weight lifting, shot put, discus throw, judo, you could easily do any of those!”

He had seen the potential of Lingyun, who was 1,80 meters tall and who weighed over 100 kilos.

But he didn’t know that Lingyun’s goal was already that of losing 30 kilos.

“Brother, teacher Ma is right…” Lingyu said in a serious voice.

“No, I will not cut corners, it’s not my style… I want to get into University the normal way…”

“The normal way?” Ma Tianfeng laughed.

“With your grades, you hope to be admitted to the university? Even if you want to dream, you have to face reality.”

Hearing Linguyn saying “not my style” one more time, Lingyu felt like laughing, but then she didn’t, afraid that her brother might read that as a mockery.

She studied like crazy, and every single time she got the highest mark in the class, because she wanted to be admitted to the best University. That way, she would find a good job and make her mother proud, and she would be able to take care of her brother.

She wished for his brother to be admitted at the University as well, but she knew very well that going from being the worst student of the school to entering university in only two months was pure daydreaming.

Ma Tianfeng understood that Lingyun wouldn’t pay attention to him, so he shook his head and said: “I’ll give you three days to think over it, and then you will tell me your final decision.”

He then winked at Lingyu.

Lingyu blinked as well, and she nodded her head.

Lingyun grabbed the sandbag and put it on his shoulders, drawing a long curve in the air.

Seeing Lingyun’s agility in that movement, Ma’s determination to have Lingyun enter the world of professional sports grew even more.

“Where should I leave the bag?” Lingyun asked Ma.

“The students will bring it back to the gym once the lessons are over” Ma replied.

Lingyun then let the bag fall to the ground.

“Thank you teacher Ma, we’ll be going now!”

At the opposite corner of the playground, there was someone else looking absent mindedly at the two students.

“Ning Lingyu looks really happy today. How beautiful she is …”

“Surely it is because Lingyun won ten thousand yuan?!”

“Look at Lingyun, look at that fatty laughing!”

Tang Meng was experiencing a lot of different emotions all at once; concern, anger, remorse…

He suddenly turned towards Li Lei, and asked him: “How much money did we make with today’s bet?”

“We received 9,500 in total, but it’s really only 3,500, because we have to give 6,000 to Cao Shanshan and Xie Junyan.”

“9500, and I still owe 10,500 to Ning Lingyu. I lost a thousand yuan! Damn it!” (Editor Note : what ? 9500 – 3500 – 10500 = – 4500? How is he losing only 1000yuans)

He never lost until today!

As soon as he stopped complaining, Tang Meng broke into laughter.

“Boss, why are you laughing now?” Li Lei thought Tang Meng had gone insane.

“When you lose, you also receive something! Learn that!”

“Don’t you understand! You see, when I’ll give all that money to Lingyu, don’t you think she will be happy? And if she feels happy, won’t she look at me in a different way?”

“Let’s go withdraw the money from the band, it’s only ten thousand yuan, I don’t even care…”

“Do we have to climb over the gate again?” Li Lei whispered to Tang Meng.

“Let’s hurry. Lingyu will be so happy, that she will surely ask me out on launch!”

The light behind Tang Meng’s eyes turned cruel, and he spitted on the ground.

“On the way back, tell Xie Junyan that if he dares to do anything behind my back ever again, I will need to have a word with him!”

“Brother, I think teacher Ma’s proposal is really good. I heard that he graduated at the University of Yan territory, he will definitely manage to have you accepted there. Then I will enroll in the same University, and we will be staying in the same city!”

Once they got closer to the dorm, Lingyu repeated that to Lingyun one more time.

“Is the University of Yan territory really the best one?” Lingyun asked.

“Sure!” She was certain to be admitted at the University of Yanterritory, so she spoke with a hint of pride.

“So be it, I will enroll in that University as well!” Lingyun took that decision in his mind.

If he had to go to the University, he had to get into the best one; that was Lingyun’s opinion.

Saying it in his own words, going to a worse place would not be his style!

“Brother…” Lingyu seemed concerned “Didn’t the race exhaust you too much?”

She was the best student of the whole school, so being admitted at the University of Yanterritory wouldn’t not be an issue for her. But her brother was the worst of all the students, there was no way he could make it by just studying like crazy from that moment on, with only two months left.

“I’ve not gone crazy, don’t you worry. At due time, I’ll prove it to you.” Lingyun said smiling.

Although right now he lacked the energy, his soul was that of a Cultivator, and in the past he achieved things far greater than passing a state exam! Thanks to his memory, he could certainly learn all the necessary subjects. His growing prospects were even greater than those of many other Cultivators!

“Go get yourself ready, we’ll meet here in half an hour, I’ll take you have something really good to eat!” Lingyun said lovingly.

“Yes!” Lingyu replied with a face beaming with joy.

Chapter 14 - The Return Of The Hero
Chapter 16 - Brother And Sister

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