Chapter 16 – Brother And Sister

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Chapter 15 - Cutting Corners Is Not My Style
Chapter 17 - The Beaten Little Gambling God

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After leaving his sister, Lingyun returns to his dormitory, Lingyun realizes that his throat is really dry. His body’s got completely dehydrated.

He quickly drinks half a pot of water. He then shuts the curtains and gets undressed. “I’m all wet, I’m going to take a shower, I smell horribly.” He goes straight to the showers.

Lingyun frowns, takes all the bath supplies and goes straight to the water room.

Fifteen minutes later, Lingyu finally finishes washing himself. He takes off his clothes to the basin to soak and comes back to the dormitory wearing slippers.

He realizes that the pants he has washed the previous night have yet to dry…

“I’m screwed…”

He looks for something, rummaging through the boxes to find it, he remembers that while searching for money he saw a sky-blue colored cloth.

“I know there is always a way” Ha Ha. My memory is powerful ah!

Lingyun finally takes out from the closet that set of uniforms which have not been worn for a long time. He looks through them and they are all clean. He directly puts them on.

This is probably the legendary uniforms, right? Martial art mark ! it’s a bit small….

He puts his last seventy yuan in his pocket, and he leaves the dormitory to meet Ning Lingyu downstairs.

After getting out of the boys’ dormitory. He gives a casual glance at the girls’ dormitory, and there is amazement in everyone’s eyes.

So beautiful !

Ning Ling Yu has also just come out from the dormitory building.

It has been ages since Lingyu had something to eat with her brother, but when he spoke to her in the playground, she felt like nothing at all had changed.

His eyes are still loving and protective towards her. He is still a little lifeless when he speaks to her, but he is trying to be more funny now.

Today Lingyun has even invited her to have something to eat together, and to Lingyu that means that things are going back the way they were six years ago.

So she’s taken the most real, the most beautiful, the most lovely dress. She wants to be at her absolute best with her brother.

She’s taken a bath. She thinks of not wanting to wear the daily routine dress so she dresses up with white shirt and blue pants.

Today the weather is nice, the sky is clear without a hint of clouds, the sun is warm and bright. Ning Lingyu comes out of the girls’ dormitory, in the dazzling sun that shines toward Lingyun.

The sunlight shines on her, making her look like a goddess descended from heavens.


“Brother? Brother!”

Lingyu reaches out for Lingyun, who has been staring at nothing, then she shakes her hand in front of his face.


“What are you looking at?” Lingyu makes a rhetorical question.

“Nothing…” Lingyun feels embarrassed, and blushes.

“Do I look good?”

“You look good, gorgeous…”

“Even better than Cao Shanshan?”

“Whoever this Cao Shanshan is, you are a thousand times more beautiful than her…”

Ning Lingyu laughs, satisfied, and reaches out for his brother’s arm. Then, they head to the canteen together.

“Brother, why are you wearing the uniform? Nobody wears it anymore,” she asks.

Lingyun is feeling the scent and the strength emanating from her body, and he can’t stay focused.

“Is that Ning Lingyu’s boyfriend? Look at the way she holds his arm.”

“No, he’s her brother, the guy who ran ten laps in the playground with a sandbag on his shoulders!”

“But they are not actually brother and sister, aren’t they? They have different parents…”

“Hey,  have you seen Lingyun and Ning Lingyu?” The two guys who are talking suddenly hear a loud voice from behind their back, so they turn around and see a hardy boy.

Tang Meng has just withdrawn the ten thousand yuan.


“Boss Tang, they entered the canteen just a moment ago.”

Lingyun certainly doesn’t want to tell his sister about the car crash of the night before. He has come up with a plausible explanation: last night, after his self-study lesson, he went running, and he found somebody who fell in the water. Having to help that person, he carried him home and gave him his jacket to shield him from the cold. Everything makes sense.

Lingyu is suspicious: “If you did a good deed, and everybody is saying mean things about you, why don’t you justify yourself?”

“Justify? No, justifying myself is not my style. The only person in the world I have to justify myself with, is my little sister!”

“Then, brother, when we’re done eating, give me all your dirty clothes and I’ll wash them for you; you never clean them properly,” says Lingyu.

“Brother has only a couple of outfits, I have to save some money to buy him more clothes” she thinks to herself.

But then she remembers she has given her last 500 yuan to Tang Meng, and she regrets it. She will have to borrow some money to her classmates. Of course she won’t tell this to Lingyun, because she is afraid he might get angry. In regards to the chances of winning, she didn’t even consider it possible.

She is thinking about all of that, while looking at her brother.

“Sister, why did you bring me here? The food is not great here.” Lingyun is browsing the chaotic canteen with his eyes.

“I don’t have money issues, let’s go to the second floor” there is a nice restaurant on the second floor.

“Roasted meat, ribs with sweet and sour sauce, chicken with mushrooms…” listening to all the dishes Lingyu has ordered, Lingyun feels a bit worried.

He doesn’t have the money for all of that!

But he doesn’t want to let his sister down, and besides he likes as well all the dishes she is ordering.

“Surely Lingyu brought some money too…”

“I have to find a way to earn some money, or I won’t survive much longer…”


The bell rings, signaling the beginning of the last lesson. At the same time, Tang Meng has just reached the second floor. He usually eats there, the waiters know him well.

“Hello Tang Meng, welcome, what do you want today?”

“I’ll tell you in a minute.”

Tang Meng goes straight to Lingyun’s table.

“Hey, fatty, today you really impressed me. You ran 4,400 meters with a 50 pounds bag. Are you possessed or something?”

Chapter 15 - Cutting Corners Is Not My Style
Chapter 17 - The Beaten Little Gambling God

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