Chapter 17 – The Beaten Little Gambling God

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Chapter 16 - Brother And Sister
Chapter 18 - Being Noticed by The Most Beautiful Girl In School

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Tang Meng didn’t hold back, he directly placed his seat in front of Ling Yun and spoke out loud.

Ling Yun seemed to remember the arrogant long-haired boy in front of him.

Back then, he was holding onto a sandbag to help him recover from falling on the ground, he turned his head back and watched the scenery of Tang Meng trampling a boy.

Ling Yun lifted his arm, palm faced up, his forefinger picked on him three times.

“Get up!” His voice was calm yet cold.

This was a seat meant for his little sister, although that boy offered to help him, Ling Yun didn’t even want to accept it.

Tang Meng was stunned for a while, seeing Ling Yun behaving like that.

Even Xie Jun Yan didn’t dare to boss him around like that, but a fatty loser like him had tried to calmly command him to get up.

“Are you nuts? Do you know who I am, and you dare tell me to get up?”

Tang Meng was there to bring money, the amount of the money was a really “scary” ten thousand Yuan, though he was polite toward Ning Ling Yu, but that didn’t mean he could act the same towards Ling Yun.

He still felt a slight admiration to the fatty.

“I don’t care who you are, I told you to get up so just get up!” Ling Yun frowned a little, he wondered why that boy was so furious.

Tang Meng was dumbfounded, the fatty in front of him could bully other people? Judging by the way he talked and acted, could he even bring peace to the bad people?

He came here for a gambling debt, but to be treated like this by Ling Yun, he felt angry deep inside.

But he casted a glance to the far away Ning Ling Yu, Ning Ling Yu glared back to him, his anger vanished, he decided to let it go to save Ning Ling Yu some face.

Then he shamelessly lied on the chair, his hair elegantly swung and he said: “I’m not getting up, so what?”

He just wanted to see what will Ling Yun would do.

Ling Yun laughed, his eyebrow slightly lifted up, he stood up and left his seat.

He really wanted to throw that jerk out.

“Damn, it isn’t real, right?” Ling Yun did something that shocked Tang Meng, both his arms were on his chest, he was protecting himself.

“Brother……Ah, Tang Meng, why are you here?”

Ning Ling Yu just finished ordering menu and she heard noises, she ran up and felt angry the moment she saw Tang Meng.

Ning Ling Yu had never acted kind to Tang Meng.

Tang Meng rarely saw Ning Ling Yu dressed like that, her long hair looked as smooth and wet as a waterfall, with a t-shirt as white as snow, with her slim legs covered in blue jeans, she looked stunning in his eyes.

He almost drooled, his face was like that of a pig’s.

Ling Yun’s face went dark, he saw Tang Meng acting like that, he suddenly realized that Tang Meng was there for his little sister.

“Hehe, Ling Yu, uhm, I came here for you……” Tang Meng softened when he talked to Ning Ling Yu.

“I have nothing to say, go away, I want to eat with my brother!” Ning Ling Yu hated Tang Meng for using her brother to open a gambling party.

Of course, she was also worried that she would be found out by Ling Yun since she used her living money to gamble on him, so she had to drive Tang Meng away.

But Tang Meng still wanted to talk to her.

“Didn’t you hear, my little sister said go away, I’ll do something bad if you try to stand there for too long.” Ling Yun coldly said.

Tang Meng went speechless for a moment, how comes these brother and sister are so rude? I’m the son of someone rich okay?

But since it was the afternoon after school, the students were all dashing into the canteen, the canteen reverberated a loud crackling noise.

Tang Meng thought that he could never let this seen by any other beauty, he hurried up and tidied his stuffs to not let the school find out about the thousand Yuan he was about to give to Ning Ling Yu.

About Ling Yun, hm, he would wait until Ning Ling Yu wasn’t there.

“Ling Yu, I came here to give you some money, did you forget……”

Tang Meng just said it and Ning Ling Yu’s face darkened, damn, why did he talk about it in front of her brother?

“I don’t want it, go away!” Ning Ling Yu shooed him away while he was taking out the money from his pocket.

“Money?! Wait!” Ling Yun was in dire need of money, damn, Ling Yu was so pure, why did she shoo somebody who came here to give money?

He let Tang Meng take a seat, he wouldn’t let Tang Meng go away if he came here to give them money!

“Please sit down, and let’s have a talk, Ling Yu, quick, tell the waiters to bring a pot of tea! Hurry up!”

Ling Yun sat down too, this time, he was like another person, he directed his smile towards Tang Meng.

“What ? …..”


Ning Ling Yu and Tang Meng were both dumbfounded.

Tang Meng went nuts! He was treated coldly before, but now? How did he change his facial expression so fast!

Ning Ling Yu showed a puzzled face, her brother said pride was number one, but now, when he heard Tang Meng came to give money, he just turned into another person?

What was that for, to tell the waiters to bring a pot of tea.

Ling Yun glared at Ning Ling Yu, “Why are you still standing in there, hurry, the tea pot.”

Ning Ling Yu couldn’t even understand, her brother changed a lot today, she didn’t want him to get angry so instead she glared at Tang Meng and went away.

Ling Yun smiled while looking at Tang Meng, carefully staring at him.

Tang Meng felt that this fatty was staring at him like a hunter looking at a prey.

“How much is it?” This was what Ling Yun cared the most, if he wasgoing to give him lot of money, he would treat him with love and let Tang Meng give the money to him.

If it was just ten or twenty yuan, he would throw him away.

“One thousand and five hundred yuan.” Ling Yun shivered so much after he heard the amount.

Tang Meng couldn’t understand Ling Yun anymore.

The moment a person couldn’t read the other people’s mind, they would usually feel unconfident about themselves, and feel shy.

Ling Yun staggered, he almost fell down under the table.

“Hehe, my bad, my bad!” Ling Yun took his seat, he straightened his body.

He stretched out his hand in front of Tang Meng. That was so straight forwarded, meaning ‘just give him the money.’

Such an insane amount of money, of course he needed it. Once the money would be given to Ling Yun, nobody should even dream about taking it away from him.

“You don’t even want to know how she got such an amount?” Tang Meng was curious, he was so unlucky today.

“Maybe some other time, we’ll talk about it, give me the money first.” Ling Yun lifted his hands.

“I can’t give the money to you, these are for Ning Ling Yu……” Tang Meng saw a student on the second floor, he tried his best not to be seen, but it still happened.

He hated himself for not having hair long enough to cover up his face. His nickname “little gambling god” will be polluted!

“It’s the same, Ling Yu, what are you doing right there, come and take the money……” Ling Yun was burning with anxiety, he even yelled at her.

Ning Ling Yu knew that his brother already knew everything, she couldn’t lift her shameful face, she slowly approached them.

Ling Yun stood up, he let Ning Ling Yu sit on the seat next to the wall, and said something to his sister: “Ling Yu, see……your friend here came to give you money, and why did you hide?”

Ning Ling Yu’s face went red like an apple, she looked down without saying anything.

Tang Meng took one thousand out, and then another five hundred, he stacked it together and placed them in front of Ning Ling Yu, he said: “Ling Yu, this is your winning money, one thousand and five hundred yuan of total, you can count it first.”

Tang Meng could afford to lose!

But she just took the five hundred yuan, she didn’t even take a second look at the one thousand on the table.

“I was just angry before, I didn’t mean to take your money, I can’t have these, you can take it back.” Ning Ling Yu said.

Tang Meng felt his heart crushed by what she said!

He gave out one thousand yuan just like that, to be honest Tang Meng felt really sad to give his money away!

But he was willing to lose the gambling, if he needed to pay, he would pay. If he lost the gambling, he should pay the money to the winner, because if he didn’t, it wouldn’t be his style!

Such an amount of money was placed on the table, in front of the most beautiful beauty, she didn’t even stare at it!

Right at this moment, Tang Meng had his heart filled with Ning Ling Yu, she had a really really unbounded high position inside his heart.

The silence went for a while, then the big fat hand of Ling Yun snatched the money on the table, he quickly put it inside his pocket.

Those rapid hands of Ling Yun’s, why his little sister was so dumb, why didn’t she take the money? Tang Meng came here to give it, we didn’t even have to rob him. Not wanting the money that was delivered to our house? That was not Ling Yun’s style! That was not!

The two-people showed a puzzled face, only Ling Yun felt so much joy and satisfaction, he had a strong sense of righteousness and said: “Alright, this friend, the money you lose to my sister, I officially take it under her name, looking at you being so kindhearted, let me treat you for today.”

“…….” Tang Meng showed an expressionless face at this moment.

What was that, trying to act kind and treating us to a meal?

I just brought the money okay?

There were many shameless person, but to be this shameless…… Tang Meng thought really hard and he never met anybody more shameless than Ling Yun.

He really hated the fatty in front of him.

If it wasn’t for Ning Ling Yu…… Hm! Oh right!

He just gave out one thousand yuan, was it still not enough to treat Ning Ling Yu a meal?

This was the rarest chance he would ever get!

Chapter 16 - Brother And Sister
Chapter 18 - Being Noticed by The Most Beautiful Girl In School

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