Chapter 18 – Being Noticed by The Most Beautiful Girl In School

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Chapter 17 - The Beaten Little Gambling God
Chapter 19 - I Can Take Care Of This Sister Of Mine

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Looking with one eye at that beautiful girl and at her perfect body, strengthened by the comparison with the fat silhouette of Lingyun, Tang Meng hit the table with his hand and said: “All right!”

He did so firmly and certainly.

The situation had already taken its toll on him, but so be it; as long as he faced defeat with stoicism, the beautiful girl in front of him would be impressed and she would notice him.

“Brother …” Lingyu pulled Lingyun’s sleeve, her white teeth biting her lips. Now she was totally speechless.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t understand her brother’s behavior! Their mother taught them to be humble, and not to take what didn’t belong to them.

Taking somebody’s else money, he did it so naturally…

However, she found her big brother behaving like that to be really funny…

Ning Lingyu was very confused, she didn’t even know herself what she was really thinking.

But Lingyun knew what he was doing.

The money, he had to take it.

But he also wanted to ask Tang Meng two more things.

He wanted to know what really happened, why Lingyu won all that money. Furthermore, he wanted Tang Meng to tell him the name of the boy who tried to stop his race, and from what class he was from.

You’re not a real man if you don’t avenge the wrongs done to you! Lingyun was definitely not the kind of person who let these things go.

“Good morning, gentlemen, what would you order again?” The waiter approached them and asked politely.

Tang Meng realized that he finally had a chance to have lunch with that beautiful girl. He sat down comfortably in his chair, saying: “The best and most expensive food that you have, bring everything you have, today I’ll treat to everybody!”

He sent the waiter away, and he was not even thinking about the money he lost anymore.

In the end, today, he only lost a thousand yuans, didn’t he?

Lingyun was very pleased with Tang Meng’s attitude, so he nodded to Tang and got ready to have a good meal. He had to make up for the energies spent and the blood he spat earlier in the morning!

Third year, class six.

The last lesson had just finished, but Zhang Ling and Cao Shanshan had not been paying attention to what the teacher said from his chair. They had different thoughts in their minds.

Zhang Ling couldn’t figure out how a fat guy like Lingyun, that had always been a weak man, managed to change radically in one night, and even did something so incredible!

How was it possible? Lingyun used to be out of breath after running a hundred meters, so

how could he run for 4,000 meters with a sandbag on his back? How did he even finish the very first lap?

Moreover, she was still angry about the thousand yuans Cao Shanshan lost. Her friend lost a thousand yuans inexplicably, it was something that she couldn’t accept.

She was waiting for Cao, so that they could go to the canteen together.

Cao Shanshan, on the other hand, was calmly tidying her desk up, as if the thousand yuans were not even hers.

“Shanshan, do you really want to give those thousand yuans to Tang Meng, that bastard?” Zhang Ling felt wronged.

Cao Shanshan smiled, her beautiful eyes looking at Zhang Ling. She knew her friend was worrying for her. She stood up slowly, and said: “I lost, and I have to pay. Tang never forced me to bet, I made that mistake, so I have to give him the money.”

“But … But …” Zhang Ling wanted to reply, but she couldn’t think of anything to say.

Cao Shanshan took Zhang’s hand and said, laughingly: “It’s OK, no “buts”, it was me who wanted to make that bet, I didn’t think that guy would really be able to run for 11 laps…”

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the canteen’s second floor and I’ll treat you to something to eat. How about some spicy fish soup?”

“Really? Shanshan, you’re too kind, let’s go! ” As soon as Zhang Ling heard about fish, she couldn’t wait to eat it.

The two girls left the school building, and when they reached a quiet spot Cao told Zhang: “Zhang Ling, before we go to the canteen, I have to make a phone call. I’ll be back in a second.”

Zhang knew that Cao didn’t phone a lot, and that when she did, it ought to be

something important. So, she nodded, and walked away without saying anything.

Once Zhang Ling went away, Cao Shanshan pulled her brand new iPhone 5 out of her pocket, she browsed for the correct number and started the call.

“Hey little girl, the exams are approaching, how come you thought of your brother? What, is there some bastard who made you angry? You know kung fu, why do not you just show him?”

Hundreds of kilometers away, in a chinese military training camp, a 1.83m tall, bulky and handsome man was asking a lot of questions at the phone.

“Cao Tianlong, I saw somebody who has beaten your record!” Cao Shanshan used to call her brother simply by his name, so Cao Tianlong felt a bit puzzled.

Of course, he really loved his younger sister.

“Somebody beat my record? Which record? “Cao Tianlong set too many records in the army, he didn’t know which one Shanshan was talking about.

Cao Shanshan laughed: “Of course I’m talking about that famous record that allowed you to enter the secret service department.”

Although Cao Shanshan was usually a very cold girl, she behaved like a child when she talked to her brother.

Cao Tianlong tensed up, opened his eyes wide and shouted: “You mean that time when I ran 4,000 meters carrying a weight of 25 kilograms?”

Cao Shanshan nodded: “I remember that time you hurt your own leg with a knife in order to finish the tenth lap, am I right?”

Cao Tianlong felt ashamed, his sister always remembered the worst things about him. He faked a cough and said: “Uh, I don’t really recall the details. Who beat my record? What were you doing visiting our troops, shouldn’t you be in school?”

Cao Tianlong thought to himself: silly me, I went past my own limits in order to beat that record. I would really like to know the guy who beat me!

Cao Shanshan replied: “Troops? I’m calling you from the school.”

“What? Are you telling me that a student from your school has beaten my record? You’ve got to be kidding me! ”

Cao Tianlong’s face filled with contempt. Unless they came from an ancient family practicing kung fu, or from one of those sects that lived secluded in the mountains, an ordinary high school student could never pull off such a thing!

Cao Shanshan said with a serious voice: “I’m not lying, this guy used to be considered a duffer, but for whatever reason today he went way beyond his limits and unleashed his potential. However, he spat blood during the fourth lap.”

Trying not to destroy her brother’s self-esteem, she adds: “Of course it took him much longer than you. He ran 4,4000 meters in 90 minutes.”

Cao Tianlong stayed silent for a moment, then he asked: “What happened after the race? Did he go to the hospital?”

He knew his sister was not so bored that she would phone him just to play a prank on him.

“He ran this morning, when he finished he stayed there standing for 3 or 4 minutes, then I had to go back to class and I haven’t seen him since.” Shanshan answered.

Cao Tianlong reflected seriously and said to her sister: “Sister, surely this person has exceeded the limits of his own body. From now on pay some attention to him, he must have an infinite potential, do you understand?”

“By the way, how does he look?” Tianlong knew that usually her sister never eyed for any boy.

“He’s as tall as you, and he weighs at least 200 kilograms. Okay, enough chatting now, I’ll go have lunch!”

Cao Tianlong pondered in his mind: “For somebody weighting 200 kilograms, that’s some impressive endurance; but I’m certainly still beating him in attractiveness! Ahah!”

While Shanshan was making the phone call, somewhere else in the school Xie Junyan was pouring his anger onto Li Lei.

“Tell me, how could a strapping guy as you are fail at stopping Lingyun? And you even practice fighting; aren’t you ashamed of yourself!?”

“That fat idiot had already run 4 laps, he must have been dead tired, how stupid do you have to be not to be able to stop him?”

“And you have been humiliated like that by him?”

“And then, when that bastard of Tang Meng was beating you, you couldn’t get up and kick his ass, either?!”

Xie Junyang was getting angrier and angrier. He looked nothing like the polite boy he usually was.

“I don’t care about the 5,000 yuans, but how am I supposed to behave in front of Tang Meng from now on?”

“Come on, tell me! Speak, you goddamn moron!”

After yelling at Li Lei, Xie Junyan felt better, and after some thinking he told Lei: “Regarding Tang Meng, you certainly can’t do anything to him. But you have to teach Lingyun a lesson!”

“I want him to spend these two final months of school at the hospital, am I understood?”

Li Lei knew that if Xie Junyan said so, Lingyun was in real trouble this time.

“Yes, I understand.”

Chapter 17 - The Beaten Little Gambling God
Chapter 19 - I Can Take Care Of This Sister Of Mine

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