Chapter 19 – I Can Take Care Of This Sister Of Mine

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Chapter 18 - Being Noticed by The Most Beautiful Girl In School
Chapter 20 - The most beautiful girl of the school got angry.

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Now all the students were having lunch in the cafeteria, and the first floor was very chaotic. Some people went to the second floor as well, but not as many as on the first floor.

Those who had money to always eat here were definitely from wealthy families, so they all knew Tang Meng since they were children.

“Hey, look, isn’t that good old Tang? And who are those two sitting in front of him?”

“Are you stupid or what? That fat guy is Lingyun, the one who just shocked the whole school. And the girl, you should really recognize her.”

“Are you telling me that’s Lingyu, one of the three most beautiful girls in the school? Didn’t she have a ponytail?”

“Yes, it’s her, and this means that Tang Meng wants to steal her heart, competing for her against Xie Junyan.”

The person speaking was really into the school’s gossip.

“This is going be interesting. Who will eventually manage to impress Lingyu the most?”

“Haha, I can’t wait to find out.”

“Look, Zhang Ling arrived as well. She is always with Cao Shanshan, will she also come soon?”

Ning Lingyu, Cao Shanshan and Zhuang Meina. Those were the three most beautiful girls of the school.

Usually Ning Lingyu ordered lunch and then ate it back in the dorm, while Cao Shanshan had her lunch sent her from home. Only Zhuang Meina was often seen in the canteen.

Now Ning Lingyu was on the second floor, and if Cao Shanshan arrived as well, then the three girls would all be in the same place!

All the people on the second floor now kept on instinctively looking at Tang Meng’s table.

Ning Lingyu only wanted his brother to regain some of the energies spent in the morning, she didn’t want to attract people’s attention, so she had picked an isolated table near the corner of the room.

But now that table had become everybody’s center of attention.

Fortunately, she and Lingyun were sitting with their back to the entrance, and her brother’s large body partially hid her.

She didn’t like that situation.

Lingyun, on the other hand, was at ease, as if nobody except for him was having lunch there.

Some guys tried to approach Tang Meng, but they were all sent away by his intimidating gaze.

Tang Meng had spent a fortune to have dinner with Lingyu, if someone dared to disturb them, they would not get away with it!

Zhang Ling quickly ran up to the second floor, and seeing that almost all tables were already occupied, except some around Tang Meng’s, she sat at one of those.

She knew that Cao Shanshan appreciated silence and didn’t like to be stared at.

“Lingyun?” as soon as Zhang Ling sat down, she noticed Lingyun at the nearby table.

“Ning Lingyu?” Zhang Ling was shocked.

Cao Shanshan would reach her soon, and she would end up sitting close to Lingyun.

And remembering what happened that morning, in her heart she was begging her friend for forgiveness.

At the same, some laughter from the other end of the canteen could be heard.

Tang Meng was furious after seeing Zhang Ling sitting right next to them.

But there was nothing he could do about it. Although Zhang Ling was not as powerful as Xie Junyan or Cao Shanshan, she still came from a wealthy family, and she was not afraid of him.

“Some spicy fish soup, and octopus slices sauteed with lots of chili pepper!” Zhang Ling immediately ordered to the waiter who came to her table.

After ordering, she also gave Tang Meng a contemptuous gaze.

With all those people, the canteen couldn’t prepare and serve the orders right away; nothing had been brought to Lingyun’s table yet, while he felt so hungry and was in a hurry to eat.

Meanwhile, he could only drink some tea; Lingyu promptly filled his glass up whenever he emptied it.

Tang Meng was weeping inside. His glass had been empty for a while, but Lingyu wouldn’t even think about filling it.

All of a sudden, Lingyun said: “By the way, tell me, how come you lost 10,000 yuans to my sister?” He asked his question in a very casual tone.

Zhang Ling pricked up her ears and paid particular attention to that conversation.

Tang Meng was on the edge, and thought to himself: I made a bet on you, I skipped two lessons to count your laps, I stopped Li Lei, and I gave you 10,000 yuan. After all of this, you seriously still don’t have a clue?

Then, staring at Lingyu, he calmed down and said: “You know who I am, don’t you?”

“I heard my sister calling you Tang Meng before, but apart from that, I know nothing about you.” Lingyun spoke openly.

He only wanted to know what happened.

“What? You… you…” Tang Meng finally felt irritated by Lingyun’s complete lack of regard for him, he pointed his finger at his own face, and haughtily introduced himself: “My name is Tang Meng, Tang as from the Tang Dynasty, Meng meaning “strong man”, and people call me the “little gambling king.” Do you remember me now?”

Lingyun was not at all impressed by Tang Meng, and still answered him in a calm tone: “No, I don’t remember. I don’t care who you are, I only want to know what happened, so cut the story short! ”

With Lingyun behaving like that, Tang Meng didn’t know what to do anymore.

Since he was very young nobody ever downplayed him, and not even Xie Junyan ever dared to speak to him like that.

Ning Lingyu kept her head down, her face was red and she hardly resisted laughing out loud.

Tang Meng leaned back on the seatback, sighed and explained: “This morning I was running in the sports field, and I made a bet on you, on how many laps you could run. If you made it past the 10 laps, the quotation for winning would be 1 to 20. Lingyu was the only person to bet that you could have run for more than 10 laps, so she won 10,000 yuans. Do you get it now?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Meng clenched his fist, preparing for a possible fight with Lingyun.

But, unexpectedly, Lingyun turned towards Lingyu and scolded her.

“Little sister, what you did was right, you ought to always believe in your brother, so keep on! However, if you believed in me so firmly, you should have bet tens of thousands of yuans, not 500!”

Ning Lingyu was worried and didn’t even look at his brother, but she didn’t expect him to say something like that.

She lifted her head and stared at his brother, totally puzzled: “Huh?”

Zhang Ling, at her table, was laughing like crazy. How comes, in three years, she never noticed that character before?

Tens of thousands? Then they would have turned into millions of yuans! There was no way Tang Meng could pay that. After thinking that, he felt a shiver running down his spine.

Luckily, the first dish of chicken has arrived, and the tension was relieved.

“Little sister, if you feel like laughing, just laugh. Let’s eat quickly, we have classes later.”

Lingyun took a chicken leg and laid it on Lingyu’s plate, then took another one and began to eat it.

No longer able to hold it back, Lingyu laughed out loud. Her beauty still amazed Tang Meng.

Tang Meng picked up his chopsticks and, imitating Lingyun, he also wanted to give Lingyu a chicken leg.

But Lingyun stopped Tang Meng’s hand, and said: “I can take care of this sister of mine, she doesn’t need anyone else.”

Tang Meng would hit Lingyun in the eyes and throw his chicken dish at him, were it not for the presence of Lingyu.

And after hearing what her brother just said, Lingyu dropped the chicken leg, which fell down into her plate.

Her eyes were filled with tears and she couldn’t hold them back.

The tears in this girl’s eyes, who was usually so strong, were extraordinarily enticing.

Chapter 18 - Being Noticed by The Most Beautiful Girl In School
Chapter 20 - The most beautiful girl of the school got angry.

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