Chapter 7

By | April 3, 2017
Chapter 8

I just tried to translate one chapter. Hope you like 🙂

On the morning of the day I headed to the royal palace to participate in the ball, I paid a visit to Mishuly’s room.

It was common for me to go to the room of Mishuly, and nobody was around in the building at the moment. We used to read books, and Mishuly really enjoyed it. Her room was right in front of the servant’s room.

While entertaining Mishuly, I also planned to build up my strength by looking at my sister’s smile, in order to survive the ball.

Mistrey suddenly looked at my face.


I looked at that cute angel’s eyes, staring at me from below.

What was it? – I wondered whilst staring back at the little girl’s blue eye. It can happen to stare at something that you find particularly beautiful, but Mishuly didn’t seem to be looking at my face for that reason.

“What is it, Mishuly?”

“Hey, are you OK?”

At those words, I suddenly felt like crying. I tried to smile, not to show that I was unsettled, yet my mouth was stiff.

“Well, no… It’s nothing, Mishuly”


Although she was totally convinced, Mishuly wasn’t old enough to question my answer and push any further. I caressed her head for a while. Mishuly was smiling happily and looked like an angel. I relaxed my cheek and managed to make a huge smile, and at the same time I stiffened my body because of the pain running through it.

“… …?”

“It’s nothing.”

Mishuly immediately raised her head. She was truly sensitive to the changes in the people around her.

In order to live, you have to know how to be a proper lady. Mishuly was not part of the social scene, part of all that unreasonableness. It was pointless to reject it, completely pointless, so from that day I was just going to swallow it and learned how to elegantly pretend nothing had happened.

Mary had plenty to say. The knowledge of past lives that I recalled “Labyrinth of the destiny”. Mishuly had grown up hidden among those stories. In order to live up to my role as the daughter of the High Priest, I was reluctantly going to become part of the Noir family. But, that was that.

At first Mishuly couldn’t follow the story, but as it progressed she gradually underderstood it, and in the end she could have repeated all of it herself.

I think that me being considered a genious since I was very young ended up precluding Mishuly’s glory, in a way. I wondered where was that brilliant ending for me, as I was trapped in a labyrinth with no exits.

The irrational who might be misunderstanding inevitably swallowed and the thorns that remained in Nod got caught, and I tormented my heart.

“Give me a smile, Mishuly.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“… Mishuly, do you want to be happy?”

To a sudden question, Mishuly blinked her eyes. It was the face she made when she didn’t understand something. Looking at Mishuly being puzzled made me smile. Nobody doesn’t want to be happy. It was a stupid question to ask to begin with. But it wasn’t a big deal. I wanted to change subject, but Mishuly suddenly answered.

“I am happy, am I not?”

“… Huh?”

As Mishuly spoke, a soft smile was blooming on her face.

“I have a soulmate, my sister is with me. Doesn’t that make me happy?”

Mishuly’s words enlightened me. They banished all my dark thoughts and untangled my deepest hopes.

It was true. There was no way for me to make Mishuly unhappy. Do you know destiny? I was lost in the labyrinth of my destiny, standing at that intersection in Missouri. But I made Mishuly happy. With no hesitation, I embraced Mishuly, believing in the present happiness from the bottom of my heart.

“You are really cute, Mishuly!”

“Hey, YOU are the cutest in the world!”

Those two sisters, cute and cool but so strong when together, hugged for a while. The feeling of clinging onto each other satisfied the purpose of coming to Mishuly’s room.

Everything was alright.

I felt fine.

Chapter 8

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