Chapter 8

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A gorgeous stage was present.

Luxurious feast was prepared and champagne flutes were handed out freely.

Wandering around in the splendidly decorated dance hall were colorful and fashionable dresses and fine quality tuxedos complete with the tailcoats.

It was well-known throughout the world that socializing was formed at this one venue. In turns, it could not be made light of.

If I had been an ordinary child, I would have been overwhelmed at first glance of the dazzling lights. Or had I been a simple-minded person and improperly frolicking about.

However, I was a genius.

Now, I must make it known that I differed from those type of children.*

As per my duty as an element to this dazzling venue, I, Christina Noir, would shine and show off my existence. For that purpose alone, I gracefully pulled one of my legs inwards and back, gently bending the other one’s knee and with both hands pinched and lightly lifted the hem of my skirt, then bow.

“It is my first time meeting you.

I am the firstborn of the Noir family, Christina Noir.”

I had already done it multitudes of times, yet still I performed a perfect curtsy without a trace of distress in front of a well-built male while giving out a broad smile.

“This was very polite of you. I am Istal family’s, Augustine Istal.”

“Istal family’s Augustine-sama…… oh my!” My father had a relation to Augustine-sama during his student times.

For children at my age to fluently engaging an adult in conversation was unusual. But, generally it was limited due to predetermined phrases. Being able to correctly guessed familial relationships just by hearing the name; I must have been a real genius after all.

Seeing the little girl before him was able not to only smoothly carried out greetings, but also had initiating small talk, Earl Istal was also surprised.

“That is right. However, I’m pleasantly surprised. You have such an elegance and loveliness. Yet to possess such intelligence, refinement, and experience, then to actually conducting yourself no less than an adult, it was just simply very impressive. I’m envious of Sir Noir for him to be blessed with such a wonderful daughter!”

“No, no, there is no such thing. Not, really. Right, Christina?”

My smiling father who had answered Earl Istal, for some unknown reason twitched slightly.

I wondered why.

After I, the perfect lady, caught my father’s eyes, he perfectly performed a greetings then offering a topic of discussion.

Christina? For really? That’s terrible.

Being ignored like that by her own father, the daughter would very much be wounded. Instead, I gracefully casting my eyes down, taking advantage of father’s modesty by acting embarrassed.

“Yes. I have only begun to study. I cannot help but to worry if I’ve properly performed my etiquette. According to Augustine-sama’s eyes, how was my performance?”

“A lady beyond Christina Ojou-sama cannot be found even in those of age ladies! Your father here, who is not quite ready for his daughter’s debut, actually used the excuses of ‘her unlady-like side cannot be cured’, but that has been cleared out now, oh my. When your modesty is so great, it can also be seen as sarcasm, Miss Noir!”

“ha ha ha……”

I watched over my father who was laughing feebly at the previous broad evaluation. Then I deepened my ‘ojou-sama’s smile even more.

“That’s wrong Augustine-sama. There is no mistake in my father’s words. As I expected, comparing this formal place and the mansion, it is different. I’m shameful to say that, while in the estate, I only frolicking around a little bit……”

While father’s eyes seemed to want to voice out his opinion on the “a little bit” part, however his smile refused to budge.

“No, no. I’m relieved to hear that. While carrying the elegance of an adult, there is also some childish side. Being able to made use of it properly, distinction had to be already been mastered ne.”

“Oh my! Please stop. To be praised that much, I’ll be bursting with excitement!”

“HaHaHa! Still carrying such modesty, what a wonderful Ojou-sama.

“From now on, please treat me well.”

“Of course. By all means.”

Lightly grasping his hands, our mutual friendship finally blossomed. And so, I saw Earl Istal off with an elegant smile.


I was a perfection.

Christina noir would definitely be engraved as the perfect Ojou-sama on Earl Istal’s mind. If that was so, then the day I would be known as a lady in high society was not far ahead. In other words, it appeared to be close to the day Mariya got respected.

While the urge to laugh was building up, but everything would spoiled if I were to laugh loudly in this venue. Swallowing and suppressing down the urge, I held back to saving face.

“Hey, Christina.”

After Earl Istal left, no-one else came with greetings, hence I had a small break. In a voice that would be lost in the friendly chattering in our surroundings, father spoke to me.

I wonder what could it be?

Equipping my ‘ojou-sama’ face, I quickly glanced and reacted.

“You are Christina, right?”

I, at last, heard my father’s voice.

I would have said that father’s past evaluation of me had regrettably very disappointing.

I was a genius, a child who could do what they set their minds on. Above all, I was an ojou-sama who would not feel embarrassed no matter the place.

Even if it came from a relative, I could not permit such an ill-spoken words. Let’s just settled with a little bit of punishing. To be extremely hurt by his distrust towards his biological daughter, I decided to fan my father’s anxiety by snickering through closed lips.

“Oh? Have you not realized it? I am not Christina. I am a fairy drawn into Mishuly, the cutest angel in the world. To be with archangel Mishuly who had descended to this world. Your biological child Christina, has been secretly replaced with a changeling.”

Being threatened by a fairy with a sweet smile, father sighed with relief.

“Oh, good. It is certainly Christina, yeah.”

“How did you find out?”

For my flawless motive and lies to be discovered so easily, I secretly pressed my lips into a thin line.

Chapter 7
Chapter - 9

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