Chapter 20 – The most beautiful girl of the school got angry.

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Chapter 19 - I Can Take Care Of This Sister Of Mine
Chapter 21 - Apologizing Furiously

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Tang Meng’s expression could not hide the embarrassment and anger he felt, he was really shocked! This was how Lingyun really was, he definitely did not expect it! Still, he could not stop himself from looking at this fat boy, who was wrongly wearing his uniform in a way which made him look funny and ridiculous. Apart from the face, Tang Meng realized that the biggest change in Lingyun was the gaze. In Lingyun’s eyes there was no cowardice, low self-esteem, excessive caution, but instead showed a hint of arrogance and proudness, it was pretty damn cool. It was a clear and transparent gaze, sometimes careless, sometimes a little self-deprecating, but with a kind of bottomless tolerance. As if changing the vicissitudes of life would not count much for him. Tang Meng could not find other words to describe it.


If Tang Meng truly wanted to understand Lingyun’s transformation, he would have discovered that Lingyun’s aura was very attractive to others who wouldn’t be able to manage without him. But Lingyun, feeling superior, firmly desired to keep people away. This contradiction would have – without doubt – made people despair.


<< This guy…… >>, Tang Meng whispered to himself.


He did not say a word, but silently understood.


Lingyun found Ning Lingyu a bit different from usual.


After being surprised for a moment, he put down the chopsticks in his right hand and, with a faint smile, wiped the tears from her face with his clean right hand.


<< Laughing and crying will make you grow up! You’ll understand it one day…… >>.


The heart of Ning Lingyu warmed up, and the girl smiled through her tears.


Zhang Ling was shocked, will that loser of Lingyun be in our class? Every word and every action of the bully Tang Meng could make Ning Lingyu cry.


If Lingyun was not so fat, he would have been the most beautiful brother in the world to the girl’s eyes.


When Cao Shanshan sat down in front of her, Zhang Ling did not notice it.


<< What are you thinking about? What’s up with you? >>, Cao Shanshan shook her white hands in front of Zhang Ling, and interrupted her thoughts.


The girl quickly straightened, pointing her index finger on her left.


<< I met Tang Meng before, he often eats here, it’s curious…… “, Cao Shanshan broke off.


Unexpectedly, Lingyun was sitting at his right.


Absurd, look at them! Lingyun! What’s going on today, Ning Lingyu coming here to have lunch and… also Tang Meng?!


Cao Shanshan got even more confused after seeing her sitting next to Lingyun.


Who was he? The one who ran with five pounds of sandbags over four thousand meters was unexpectedly sitting here to eat lunch? And what about Cao Tianlong? Wasn’t he in a coma for two days and two nights?


Several laughter arose nearby, someone was talking loudly on purpose, perhaps to attract the attention of the two school beauties, perhaps waiting to see a good show on the war about the Spring and Autumn period……


<< What have you got? >>, asked Cao Shanshan to Zhang Ling.


<< Boiled fish, and Fuqifeipian….. >>.


<< Wait a second >>, Cao Shanshan shook her head and stood up, drawing all eyes on her with her beauty.


Cao Shanshan did not care the looks of the others, holding her beautiful bag she directly went to Tang Meng’s table and shouted: << Get out, you idiot!!! >>


What wickedness! How much arrogance! Tang Meng moved out without crying, but with sadness in his heart.


Basically, he did not hurt anyone, however, he was still one of the four bullies of the campus.


Nevertheless, he decided to listen to her after he remembered having heard from many that those who dared to provoke Cao Shanshan ended with their nose bleeding or, at worse, in a hospital.


Tang Meng did not speak, he withdrew silently, with chopsticks in his hand he went in the corner.


But inwardly he thanked Cao Shanshan, because he could finally see the genuine Ning Lingyu! Then, he began to fantasize on a light dinner candle with her.


Unfortunately, Cao Shanshan was not going to let him go. From her Louis Vuitton bag, she took out the elegant wallet and placed on the table a thousand of yuan saying to Tang Meng: << Look at this, your thousand of yuan! >>.


<< Hey, I finally see her money >>, Tang Meng did not doubt that Cao Shanshan’s  is a school beauty or her family had tons of money, but this is his small gambling principle.

but before he could finish extending his hand, a plump one quickly grabbed the money.


<< HEY……!!!”, Tang Meng shouted, << Those are my money! >>.


<< Brother…… >>, murmured Ling Ningyu resentfully.


<< You…… >> Cao Shanshan was startled, << What is the difference between you and a theft?! Don’t you have any moral?! >>, Zhang Ling was stunned, she looked at Cao Shanshan, wanting to see what would happen, maybe a fight. Lingyun did not care: he put the money away and then quietly picked up the chopsticks, continuing to eat. Tang Meng was about to speak, but then he saw he was surrounded by the two princesses of the school and ultimately decided to keep quiet.


<< Brother! You cannot take this money, this money belongs to Tang Meng’s family, Tang Meng has given some to me, and we already have a lot…… >>, Ning Lingyu was very anxious, if people knew, how could she still be seen around? Suddenly, in front of Tang Meng she burst into tears and, finally, her brother broke his silence.


<< You’re right, we stole Tang Meng’s money >>, but, immediately changing the subject, he said: << But, I should be rewarded >>


Tang Meng stiffened: << Reward? Which reward?! >>.


Lingyun replied very cheerfully: << You made me betting horse, and then I ran, you should give me some money, shouldn’t you? >>.


<< Unbelievable! >>, Tang Meng went mad altogether! << YOU decided to run, it was not my request, OK?! Having chosen on your own I do not owe you anything, fat man, do you understand?! >>, Tang Meng was furious, Cao Shanshan and Zhang Ling looked at Lingyunv, puzzled, how could someone be shameless to that point?!


After having listened to his brother’s words, Ning Lingyu did not know with whom to agree anymore: even though she knew that her brother was a bit irrational, he was still her brother!


<< If you are not satisfied, you can go to the playground and have a run carrying sandbags for eleven laps. I bet these thousand yuan! >>.


Having said this, he turned, continuing his lunch.


In a short time he ate the second plate, the third…… shortly after the waiter arrived with another bowlful of dish.


Cao Shanshan was really angry!


Not only because Lingyun took thousands of yuan without specific reason, but because he was completely ignoring them!


Since he sat to eat, Lingyun did not even bother to take a look!


Just to her! Her family was famous in China, she descended from a rich princess daughter of Cao!


I, Cao Shanshan, the most beautiful of the school, feel so humiliated!


She felt a knot in her stomach, her breath quickened, her chest swelled, and her nose stiffened delicately.


Zhang Ling did not believe it!


Seeing Lingyun continued to eat without looking at her, Cao Shanshan recovered. She had just become a raging lion, she just wanted to yank Lingyun.


<< Lingyun! So, what do you mean?! >>, she asked, so loudly that the entire second floor of the canteen heard it! Everyone turned toward them, every eye focused on them.


Tang Meng could not help but feel a burst of pride.


<< You are so shameless that you pretend to be superior, then? You dare to offend the most beautiful girl in school, right? Then as soon as someone looks at you…! >>


Lingyun slightly frowned his eyebrow; now that he could finally eat freely they were disturbing him with these piercing screams, how so?


He distractedly glanced Cao Shanshan, seeing her so agitated, he did not even look at her face.


<< Pretty, properly high, big tits…… >>, murmured Lingyun chewing.


<< What did you say ?! >>, Cao Shanshan clearly heard those vulgar words.


Since she was a smart girl, Cao Shanshan did not even want to know what Lingyun had just said, in order to prevent it from spreading to many people!


<< It does not matter what I said, the question is, if I can, who are you? Some kind of…… I dunno…… oh, Tang Meng, right! Is she your girlfriend? >>


Lingyun was not a fool, in his memories he could clearly recognize Lingyu and his mother, he also had a vague memory of the bully, but the faces of the others and those who had mistreated him were not in his head anymore, just a few names were resonating in some familiar way to him.


A fight that would leave everyone half-broken was about to burst!


The dining room of the second floor was in turmoil, everybody went from here and there.

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