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Blacksmith V4 C3

It was the day of the Autumn Sports Festival. On that day the students had a chance to show the results of their day-to-day training. Some people were not enthusiastic about it, while others just loves it. One of the latter was entering my room right then. “You look on fire, prince.” “Oh, I’ve done… Read More »

Blacksmith V4 C2

“I see flowers.” “She’s looking at flowers.” Two stalkers looking at a pretty girl who was looking at flowers. No, the prince was the one real stalker, I was just his guard. “Oh, I feel uncomfortable.” “It shows.” “Is it because of that harassment we witnessed to before?” “No, I am probably hungry.” The prince… Read More »

Blacksmith V4 C1

That day I had a lesson in the afternoon. A man swiftly opened the window of my room from the outside, as I was trying to start with my daily manual labours. “Prince!?” As I turned around and tried to catch up with what was going on, I looked clearly puzzled. I didn’t care. In… Read More »

Chapter – 1

Night dark wind and the earth in silence. The silhouette of a man quickly moves in the night, and often looks back. He doesn’t reduce his speed. He jumps high, then hidden in the mansion. Followed by the two men. One of him stops and tell his companion: “No, we are in the mansion of… Read More »

Chapter 17 – The Beaten Little Gambling God

Editor: JetonS Tang Meng didn’t hold back, he directly placed his seat in front of Ling Yun and spoke out loud. Ling Yun seemed to remember the arrogant long-haired boy in front of him. Back then, he was holding onto a sandbag to help him recover from falling on the ground, he turned his head… Read More »

Chapter 16 – Brother And Sister

Editor: JetonS After leaving his sister, Lingyun returns to his dormitory, Lingyun realizes that his throat is really dry. His body’s got completely dehydrated. He quickly drinks half a pot of water. He then shuts the curtains and gets undressed. “I’m all wet, I’m going to take a shower, I smell horribly.” He goes straight… Read More »

Chapter 15 – Cutting Corners Is Not My Style

Editor: JetonS “Ah…oh Good…” seeing that Lingyun wanted to lift himself up, Ning Lingyu tried to help him, but she raised him half-way through and accidentally dropped the sandbag on the pavement. Lingyu got even more impressed, and only now did she fully realize with what kind of weight his brother just ran with for… Read More »

Chapter 14 – The Return Of The Hero

Editor: JetonS Xie Junyan had a grim face, he stood in the corridor without saying a word. He sent a message to Li Lei: “At noon, after school, come to see me!” Even Zhuang Meina had nothing to say, and she stared like a dead fish at Lingyun who was starting the ninth lap, looking… Read More »