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SE Chapter 6 – Yang Family Assembly

‘Father’s Qi-craft cultivation base is far above mine.’ As soon as he was enveloped by the light-screen, he could sense his father’s profound and bottomless Qi-craft, indeed worthy of his eighth stage expert’s reputation. Although he’d gained a fifth stage cultivation base after cultivating [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], compared to the eighth stage of… Read More »

SE Chapter 5 – Yang Family Assembly

For the next three days, Yang Qi secretly slipped out in night to cultivate [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], while during day, he pretended to be recuperating. He remained exceptionally secretive, making everybody believe that he was still a cripple. After all, once a person’s skill was lost, there was basically no way to recover… Read More »

SE Chapter 4 – Qi Eruption Realm

“I actually surpassed my original realm so fast and attained the fifth stage, the realm of Qi Eruption.” After breaking the tree with a punch from a hundred steps away, Yang Qi blankly stared his palm. As he felt the boundless basic Qi inside his body, he momentarily lost himself. In one day, he’d experienced… Read More »

SE Chapter 3 – Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power

”Stand up after the fall, become peerless under the heavens!” As the little golden figure between his eyebrows unceasingly chanted these eight words,Yang Qi also tried to communicate back through his thoughts. This golden figure, which entered between his eyebrows straight from the lightning and took shelter there as if a divine spirit, gave him… Read More »

SE Chapter 2 – Making Profit Out Of Disaster

Yang Qi was discouraged. All of his Qi-craft had been wasted by Luo Hun’s one punch. He was left without hope regarding cultivation for the rest of his life. However, he never imagined that he would be struck by lightning afterward. The blinding explosion and lightning’s suffocating aura, which seemed to be ripping the air,… Read More »

Blacksmith V – 4 C – 5

Editor: DM (Kururi > redhead comrade > carrot (pie) Mikal naming) The situation resolved without Iris getting angry. I was calm because she seemed to get along with her family, and even the Prince had breathed a sigh of relief in finding her. The latter, subsequently called by Rail, disappeared somewhere, leaving unsuccessful the work… Read More »

Sage Emperor Chapter1 – Swayed By Emotions

Qi, the source of all life. Qi-craft, was the cultivation of life’s very source. Cultivate to the absolute peak, and gain various kinds of extraordinary abilities. Masters of Qi-craft could ‘break rocks with bare hands’, ‘hear the bustle of ants’, ‘tread waves’, ‘spit azure fire from mouth’, ‘defy all swords and spears’, ‘breathe through clouds’,… Read More »

Blacksmith V – 4 C – 4

Editor: DM “Why do you feel so down, prince?” I spoke to the prince who was grieving at the entrance of the school. He was obviously depressed. It was unbelievable. All of his efforts had lead to an accident that made the mother of a girl he loved faint. “Huh, I screwed up.” “You did.”… Read More »

Chapter – 61 Old Fox’s Quick Wits

Chapter – 61 Old Fox’s Quick Wits   The Reclining Moon blade that was shining with a radiance like that of the scorching sun suddenly chopped down, and countless rays of light expanded around within an instant, engulfing the four tenth layer experts ahead. The four entangled individuals suddenly felt an extremely strange sensation. Under… Read More »

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Chapter – 60 One Blade’s Might

Dawn descended; a strip of rosy-red color was slowly stretching in the clear blue sky.  Twilight’s cyan color passed through the steep mountain passes, the lush of trees, even slipping through underneath the fallen leaves, covering every corner, dressing the earth to welcome the splendor of the approaching sunrays. Outside the Xu castle, the tyrannical… Read More »

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