Chapter 1 – Only A Dragon Crosses The River

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Chapter 2 - Su Xiaoxiao's Heart Shattered Into Pieces.


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“Brother Bing, protect my little sister and my family. These past six years, being able to fight by your side and accompany you through fire and water, I have no regrets at all…..”


No regrets !


Thinking of Su Peyia’s remark before her last breath, Xiao Bing silently  clenched his fist. His tiger-eyes were wet. In his heart, he secretly made a resolve. Until he found the traitor of Dragongate, he would certainly protect the family of Su Peyia and surely get the justice she deserved.


Xiao Bing never felt love for Su Peiya as a woman, but she was in fact his only close female friend.


The airplane smoothly landed. Xiao Bing unfastened his seatbelt. His gaze fell on the funerary case in his hands before he let out a long sigh, “This is  Jiang city. Peyia, you’ve arrived home.”


Xiao Bing walked out of the airplane with a heavy heart and quickly left the airport. Suddenly, he heard a shrill sound of brakes being pressed. When he raised his head, he saw that outside the airport was a fifty years old cleaning worker laying beside car wheels. The man’s elbows and face were stained with blood. Even his knee had a huge, bloody wound.


The Bmw X5 parked beside the body  of the cleaning worker was still fuming off smoke.. An extravagantly dressed young man was the first to come out of the car. Following behind him were two men wearing sunglasses chanting, “young master…young master.”


Watching the worker struggling to get up, the young man frowned and asked,  “Are you hurt?”


“ I’m fine….. Completely fine …. “


Looking at the worker’s whole body in a mess, the young man somewhat ignorantly said, “Since its nothing, watch out next time.  Do you even know which car is this? Had you damaged or smeared my car, even you selling yourself wouldn’t be enough compensation. ”


Old sanitation worker, barely holding in the pain, repeatedly nodded and said in a scared voice, “I’m….I’m sorry….. I’m sorry.”


A pair of long and beautiful legs came out of the car. It a 23 or 24 year old beautiful female. Be it the long skirt she wore that was revealing her curvy figure, or the collar exposing the fair skin, or the slim waist extending down to two beautiful legs that could dazzle one’s eyes-  her whole body brimmed with enticement. Beside from her glamorous looks, her conduct was also high.


She glanced at the old cleaner and impatiently said, ”Xie Gucheng, just for the sake of street sweeper,  you are wasting my father’s time ”.


Xie Gucheng panckly said, “Eh? Look at me. I almost forgot business because of a stinky old man. I will accompany you to the airport’s lounge to pick uncle up right away.”


The beautiful female’s face eased a little. From behind a forty plus middle age man with bronze-color skin softly whispered, “Miss, master is going to land soon.”


“Ah, “ beautiful lady nodded, “Let’s go.”


Xiao Bing frowned slightly and blocked their path in quick steps. Xie Gucheng hastily stopped his feet, or he would have been rant into Xiao Bing.. As he looked at Xiao Bing appearance, the latter was dirty and wearing an old, soldier uniform from African. He immediately flared up, “Are you blind? Haven’t you heard dogs shouldn’t block path?”


Xiao Bing pointing at the injuries of the old worker and somewhat bitterly said, “Human life is priceless. Did you not notice how serious this old man’s injuries are?  If he suffers from some internal injury upon returning home, who will be accountable? ”


Xie Gucheng asked, “He already said that he is fine. What do you want me to do?”


Xiao Bing said, “I want you take old man to the hospital for a checkup and once more apologize for your behaviour just now. This elderly person is old enough to be your father. How can you insult him like it’s nothing?”  


Xie Gucheng sneered and said, “I see,. you are both partners, and this is just a scam for money”


Xie Gucheng take out the wallet and casualty pulled out a pile of cash. Then, he turned whole pile of cash and smashed at the old man face. The cash sprinkled down and fell by the old man’s feet. All the other people blankly stood there before their faces turned as white as snow.


Xie Gucheng proudly said, “I have a lot of money. These few thousand yuans are enough to see a doctor, right? Take the money and get out of here! Again, don’t say that I didn’t compensate you.”


Old sanitation worker got down and picked up money one by one from the ground. He then stood up and tried to present the money before Xie Gucheng.  With teary red eyes, he said in a trembling voice, “This money….  This money…. I don’t need… I’m not a scammer…. not a scammer.”


He’d collected the money back, but his heart was in pieces.


Xie Gucheng looked at the dirty hands of the cleaner and slapped him. The cleaner was quite old. He tumbled and directly fell down.  Xie Gu Cheng spat towards him with a disgusted face and shouted, “F**k! Get away from me you street sweeper! You fuck, wretched bastard!”


The old man astoundedly looked at his saliva and money sprinkled all over his body; the color of his flickering in between green and white.


The anger in Xiao Bing’s heart could no longer be contained. Xie Gucheng  still being recklessly complacent, said:  “A few thousand notes should be enough for your expenditure, right? Don’t go asking a mile for a foot, otherwise you’re asking for troubles!”


Beautiful women glanced at her watch. She about to speak when all of sudden she saw a heavy punch coming towards Xie Gucheng’s face. Bang! Xie Gucheng immediately flew off. Blood sprinkled out of Xie Gu Cheng’s mouth along with a few teeths, seeming extremely miserable.


No one thought that Xiao Bing would punch right away completely disregarding Xie Gucheng’s bodyguards. Xie Gucheng’s two bodyguards charged towards Xiao Bing. The latter with single hand, grabbed their heads struck them against each other. They smoothly fell down and lost consciousness.


Xiao Bing walked in front of Xie Gucheng and slightly bent down. He then  looked at Xie Gu Cheng and said, “We have no need for your money. If money is truly an issue,. I can pay the it from my own pocket. What we want  from you is to apologize; apologize to this elderly person!”


Xie Gucheng strugglingly stood up. A few teeth came down, and his mouth seemed to be leaking air as he vaguely said, “In your mother’s dream! Do you know who I am? I’m the young master of Xie family. It is my father who is in charge of the family. You are dead!”


Xiao Bing slightly let out a sigh and crushed the knee of Xie Gucheng with his leather shoe. Xie Gucheng screamed like a pig. With a plop sound, he suddenly knelt down. His kneecap was broken, and the pain almost made him faint.


Xiao Bing’s stepped on his other leg and stared him. Suddenly, a trembling, female voice came from behind. “ Stop…… do you really know who is he?”


Xiao Bing faintly laughed, “He is from Jiang city’s Xie family, and The head of the Xie family is his father”.

Beautiful woman was stunned for a while. He obviously knew Xie Gucheng’s family background, but still acted as if he didn’t care. Her beautiful pupils shrank as she asked, “Who are you?”


“I am just an ordinary person from outside.”


The beautiful woman let out a sigh of relieved and faintly nodded. She regained her high-pitch, “Then you do know the consequence an ordinary person has to suffer when they offended the Xie family? Not to mention you’re just an ordinary person, even if you really have some status outside, you might have heard these word.”


Xiao Bing asked, “What words?”


“A strong dragon does not repress local snakes!”


Xiao Bing nodded his head, but his right foot had no sign of stopping. Xie Gucheng screamed and fainted due to extreme pain. His foot not only caused Xie Gucheng to faint, but also shattered this beautiful woman’s self-confidence and pride.


Xiao Bing turned and looked at this woman with beautiful and alluring appearance .His eyes were abnormally calm, completely devoid of aggressiveness.These calm eyes displayed his strong self-confidence.


“I think you might have heard this phrase as well.”


The beautiful woman gnashed her teeth and said, “Which phrase?”


“Only a dragon dares to cross the river!”


After that, Xiao Bing no longer care about the stunned beauty. He turned around and walked up to old man. He then picked up the money from the ground and stuffed them into the old man’s hand, “Elder, let’s go. I’ll take you to the hospital to check.”


Old sanitation worker received the money, contained his tears, and shook his head, “No need, there is really no need.”


“Come on, really. I will take you to the hospital for a checkup.” Xiao Bing said. Without giving the old man any chance, he helped up the old man up and was ready to leave.


The beautiful woman suddenly asked, “What is your name?”


Xiao Bing’s body momentarily paused. His tone actually contained a pride that was permeated to his bones as he said emphasizing each word, “Xiao Bing.”


When Xiao Bing had walked afar while supporting old man, that middle-aged with bronze skin who was standing her suddenly exclaimed, “Miss, this person is ruthless. With these two stamps from him, Xie family’s young master probably won’t be leaving bed within the next six months.”


The beautiful woman turned around and gave somewhat of an annoyed glance to the middle-aged man, “Uncle Li, why didn’t you do anything just now? Even though the person he struck was from Xie family, he is after all together with us.  Hitting him is the same as smacking our Ye family’s face..”


Uncle Li bitterly laughed and shook his head, “Because I did not wish to drag miss in trouble. That man is very strong….I am not his opponent.”


The beautiful woman revealed a shocked face upon hearing uncle’s words. Uncle Li was after all a man who had truly attained the master level. He was far above those two bodyguards of Xie Gucheng. Still, uncle Li said…


Uncle Li looked at the retreating figure of Xiao Bing with a fearful gaze and with a lingering fear“And he carried reek of blood….he has certainly killed a lot of people. Miss, I think it would be best if you stay far away from such a person.”


The beautiful woman did not expect her uncle to give such a high evaluation to that man. She couldn’t help but reveal a thoughtful expression. At this moment, she no longer cared about the face and revealed wisdom and ambition of a successful woman. She turned around and looked at the fainted Xie young master and his two bodyguards. A cunning expression flashed in her eyes, “Send people to bring them to the hospital. We’ll first pick up my father and return back home. Then, I will personally go and explain uncle Xie….”


Uncle asked, “Young miss’s meaning is?”


“If he is chased to death by Xie family, it has nothing to do with me. If he is really as strong as you say, as long as he can overcome this hurdle named Xie famil…..this world has nothing like eternal friends or eternal enemies. I can rope him in for my own use, no?”


Uncle let out a sigh of relief and admiringly smiled, “Miss is wise.”


This beautiful woman slightly smiled; her eyes shining. The eyes of this beautiful woman actually concealed an intense ambition. If one were to say that the Xie Gucheng was merely a spoiled son of rich parents, this beautiful woman was truly a beautiful snake.


After Xiao Bing carried the old man to the hospital and ensured he was completely fine, he took a ride to the address that Su Peiya had given him before her death. As Xiao Bing stood outside Su Peiya’s house, his mood once again began to turn heavy.

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Chapter 2 - Su Xiaoxiao's Heart Shattered Into Pieces.

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