SE Chapter 2 – Making Profit Out Of Disaster

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Sage Emperor Chapter1 - Swayed By Emotions
SE Chapter 3 - Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power

Yang Qi was discouraged.

All of his Qi-craft had been wasted by Luo Hun’s one punch. He was left without hope regarding cultivation for the rest of his life.

However, he never imagined that he would be struck by lightning afterward.

The blinding explosion and lightning’s suffocating aura, which seemed to be ripping the air, made him close his eyes, “Death is it? That’s all right, it would spare me of the remaining of my half-dead life and save from other’s ridicule.”

As the berserk lightning entered his body, he felt an unprecedented pain and torment, as if countless small knives were slicing his flesh and cutting through his bones.

But he didn’t die. The lightning transformed into a berserk force and roamed through his muscles’ gaps, bones, and meridians, leaving them thoroughly shaken. It eventually transformed into a whirlpool and concentrated into his dantian where his Qi sea lay.

The Qi sea, which had been destroyed, suddenly underwent a miraculous transformation. The spiraling lightning inside his Qi sea seemed to have taken shape of an enormous elephant. This dragon-like elephant made a terrifying sight.


Lightning continued to pour down as the big tree burned amidst raging flames.

In the end, inside the deepest parts of lightning, Yang Qi saw something like a little, gold-colored being. It suddenly flew in through the space between his eyebrows. His willpower completely crumbled and he lost consciousness.

“What now?”

Meanwhile, the few imperial guards outside the woods were tongue-tied. They saw the lightning struck down, and by chance, falling on the tree Yang Qi was tied on, roasting him alive. His body rolled down in the mud, seeming to be dead already.

“He was struck by the lightning, that has nothing to with us,” One of the guards immediately shouted, “You, quickly go back to the city and inform senior Luo Hun. Although even the death won’t atone for his crimes, he is, after all, Yang family’s young master. If such a death is not handled properly, I’m afraid capital Yan will be in some turmoil.”

The other guard immediately sped towards the city like a mad horse.

However, he was only able to move five hundred meters before he was lead back by a steel giant.

“Senior Luo Hun.” The previous guard let out a frightened cry and cold sweat broke out on his back as he saw the incoming person clearly. He then immediately knelt down with a plop sound of mud.

“Actually struck by lightning,” Luo Hun, who looked like a giant steel beast, reached out with his hand and sent a stream of Qi into Yang Qi’s body. He didn’t find anything unusual and only discovered broken meridians, destroyed Qi Sea, and a completely burnt body.

“His body suffered a lightning strike; gravely injured, meridians and Qi Sea completely wasted, but still not dead.”

“Is that so?”

As Luo Hun was inspecting Yang Chi’s body, several men dressed in exquisite robes walked out from behind his body. They were evidently high-ranking figures of the Yan city. Among them was an old man dressed like a butler. He distantly looked at Yang Chi’s body and faintly nodded, “Since it’s like this, don’t take this kid back for questioning, no need to bring the troubles of his death with us. Take him back to his family, and also convey City Master’s order: This kid stole Hidden Dragon Pill, even if Yang family goes bankrupt, it shall compensate for the loss.”


The guards lifted up Yang Chi and sped along the road, heading towards the Yan city. The color of the sky brightened, and the night passed.

The number of men, beasts, and trees that last night’s rainstorm harmed was simply uncountable. Even the Yan river outside the Yan city surged with rising floodwaters. However, currently, sun shined brightly up in the sky, exhibiting the scorching heat of midsummer.

One of the Aristocratic families of Yan city, Yang family.

At this moment, Yang family had a tense atmosphere; multitudes of servants were running about, guards had vigilant eyes, maids, attendants, and nannies were quietly whispering in corners.

“Something big has happened in our Yang family. Did you hear about it? Yang Qi, that smaller son of the family head Yang Zhan, stole a treasure from the city master mansion. He was beaten half to death, Qi-craft was crippled, and was even tied on a tree. Then he was struck by lightning before finally being carried back last night. At this moment, he is lying on the bed, holding his last breath. He could die any moment!” An old woman servant with pointed teeth and sharp mouth said bustling with liveliness. Although her voice was muffled, she couldn’t stop the schadenfreude in her heart from leaking into her voice.

“That’s right! Moreover, city master mansion issued a clear-cut ultimatum; within three days, Yang family has to provide their plan for stolen treasure’s compensation, and within a month, they have to pay completely pay it off. If this happens, Yang family will at least lose half of its assets!” An earnest servant worriedly said.

The maids and servants around immediately went in an uproar, “Lose half of their assets? Doesn’t this mean the decline of Yang family?”

“This is like cutting a chunk of one’s own flesh….”

“Especially when there are Chen, Wang, Li, and Hong families in the city. These families already don’t like our Yang family, they certainly won’t hesitate to strike us when we’re down.”

“Seems like Yang family is in big trouble. That spoiled brat Yang Qi really can’t allow us to rest easy, bringing such a disaster to the family. Hehe, in my opinion, even his father’s position as clan leader is not stable now.”

“Yesterday, I heard from a friend in city master mansion that Yang he stole that treasure for the sake of a woman.”

“Pah! Spoiled brat, troublemaker, scoundrel” A servant cursed in secret, “With his Qi-craft wasted, even if he lives, he will only be a cripple.”

Some servants derived schadenfreude, some felt anxious for Yang family’s future, and some venomously cursed Yang Chi.

At this moment, in the heart of the courtyard- after passing going through nine long, roofed, and bent corridors which seemed like a series of maze- a tall and sturdy man wearing an exquisite robe stood in the center of the Yang family’s spacious assembly room, listening to a report.

“Lord, young master Yang Qi’s life has been saved, but majority of the body has been burnt due to lightning; meridians are damaged, Qi Sea is destroyed, and martial arts has been completely crippled. From now on, young master can only be a cripple.”

An old housekeeper, standing with a doctor, slowly read the doctor’s report.

“Martial arts completely crippled, Qi Sea destroyed!” Yang Zhan repeated these two lines in a muffled voice.


His large palm struck down.

A huge table made of iron and wood table was smashed into pieces.

Splinters of wood flew out, madly swirling in the air before  embedding into the ground outside.

“Screw the Dragon Subduing Pill! Our Yang family can compensate for it, why they had to destroy my son’s Qi-craft? Even if they had cut his leg or hand, it would have been alright. Now he wouldn’t be able to condense Qi for his entire life. With a leg or hand missing, there would still have been Qi-craft, he could still have become an expert.” Yang Zhan bellowed.

“Lord, there is no use at this point,” The old housekeeper, Yang Cai, bowed and said, “The current problem is that city master wants us to compensate for the pill. If this really happens, we’ll lose half of our assets! I’m afraid clan elders won’t agree. They will take this opportunity to seize control!”

“Humph! Why I, Yang Zhan, could seize the clan leader’s position? Because of my body’s cultivation base of Qi-craft! You think connections and association can always let you triumph in this world? No! This is not how this world works . When all’s said and done, everything depends on how much strength you truly have!” Yang Zhan coldly snorted and said, “Go inform those elders that after three days, there will be a clan assembly to decide how to handle this affair. city master mansion has given a month’s deadline, we can still slowly raise money.”

“Yes!” The old housekeeper faintly nodded and was just about to leave, “Then what about young master Yang Qi? He’s stirred such a big trouble this time. The clan elders will certainly not let his matter rest.”

“His martial arts is completely crippled, and body even suffered lightning’s mutilation. Even the city master didn’t have the heart to investigate him, what more these elders want from him? Don’t tell me they want to kill my son? Yang Zhan furiously said, “Whoever raises the issue of dealing with my son will certainly not be spared by me. I’ll also write a letter, immediately deliver it to his aunt in Heavenly Throne institute.”

“Oh right, how could I forget about the young lady?” The old housekeeper’s eyes shined.

The young lady he spoke of was Yang Zhan’s foster younger sister and Yang Qi’s aunt- a female disciple of the Fengrao continent’s number one tyrant faction, Heavenly Throne academy. She was a high-profile figure, but it had already been ten years since she left the Yang family. Due to her extraordinary aptitude, she was scouted out by an elder of Heavenly Throne Institute and taken away for cultivation.

“How is Qi-er’s injuries now? How much time until he wakes? Yang Zhan asked, “Doctor Cao, your medical expertise is renowned throughout the Yan city. You’ll certainly be able to treat Chi-er’s injuries.”

The doctor standing beside the old housekeeper promptly said, “I have already applied ointment on his skin. With Qi-craft massage therapy, he can make a full recovery in a few days. Internal organs haven’t suffered any harm, but the meridians are completely crippled, and Qi sea is destroyed. From now on, he won’t be able to cultivate.

“Reward ten Qi Gathering Pill to doctor Cao.” Yang Zhan waved his hand, “When Qi-er wakes, tell him to see me.”

“Qi Gathering Pill.” was the commonly used currency throughout the Fengrao continent. By consuming Qi pills, Qi-craft cultivators would be able to quickly condense True Qi, attack bottlenecks, nourish their meridians, and broaden their Qi seas.

“Yes!” The old housekeeper and doctor withdrew.

“Qi-er, your mother left early, and now you’ve also met such misfortune. I’ll think of every method that could restore your Qi sea and allow you to cultivate again. In this world, one can’t be without strength….” Yang Zhan clenched his fists.

In the depths of the Yang family, inside a room, Yang Qi had already awakened. He was quietly lying on a bed.

The red carpet, expensive ancient paintings, the perfume coming from expensive copper-made, tortoise and crane- shaped incense burners- everything gave a royal outlook to the room.

The weather was scorching hot. But outside this room, cool breeze blew. Right before the room was a big indoor lake. Mist coiled around the lake, and the area was shaded by big trees. In addition, there were huge ice pots outside the room to moderate the heat. An eleven-twelve-year-old maid waited outside the room. Her head, however, made her look like a chick pecking rice as she dozed off.

Yang Qi’s body had already stopped aching. He was familiarizing himself with the changes lightning had brought to his body. As he inspected his body with eyes closed, he saw a fist-sized lightning elephant galloping inside his Qi sea. If any changes occurred outside, this elephant would immediately shrink its size, becoming a speckle.

This was also the reason that so many experts examined his body with Qi-craft but didn’t feel anything strange.

This elephant contained devastating power. Yang Qi felt that if it came out of his body, the entire mansion would crumble.

Why I didn’t die after the lightning strike, and the lightning even condensed into an elephant inside my body afterward? Yang Qi pondered with all his might, but couldn’t find a clue.

He was especially baffled by the sparkling little golden figure that would appear in the depths of his forehead whenever he tried to circulate Qi.

This golden figure would produce rumbling buzz that would shake his consciousness. The others couldn’t hear it. It was purely a spiritual fluctuation.

The sound contained ten words,

“Stand up after the fall, become peerless under the heavens!!”

Sage Emperor Chapter1 - Swayed By Emotions
SE Chapter 3 - Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power

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