SE Chapter 3 – Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power

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”Stand up after the fall, become peerless under the heavens!”

As the little golden figure between his eyebrows unceasingly chanted these eight words,Yang Qi also tried to communicate back through his thoughts.

This golden figure, which entered between his eyebrows straight from the lightning and took shelter there as if a divine spirit, gave him an overall profound, mysterious, and unstoppable feeling.

This was a supreme expert, a tyrannical existence!

He’d seen Yan city’s city master who had attained the ninth stage and was referred to as  ‘Qi Ancestor’, but even his suppressive force was far incomparable to that of the little golden figure.


The moment his thoughts connected with the little golden figure, boundless characters and pictures transferred from its body to his consciousness. These characters and pictures actually constituted a cultivation technique.

[Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]

“With Qi, attract the divine; with the divine, create the image. Eight hundred and forty million miniature particles constitutes the entire human body. If their potential is awakened, each little granule will have the power of an elephant, and if every single one of them is awakened, it could rival divine elephant; overturning rivers and toppling seas, shooting down stars with a roar, plucking moon and swallowing the sun, with but a thought…..”

As the techniques’ characters entered Yang Qi’s mind, he almost jumped in fear.

“What is this technique? So excellent! Our Yang family’s Qi-craft cultivation is hundred folds inferior compared to this!”

Yang family’s Qi-craft was actually extraordinary as well. His father Yang Zhan’s cultivation was at the seventh stage. In  Yan city, if one were to overlook the city master, his father would be considered a peak-level expert.

“Divine Elephant? Divine Elephant? In the legends, there are remote continents to the far west outside of Fengrao continent. The climate there is scorching hot, and elephant is treated as divine spirit. There is also boundless hell in the west; people rely on divine elephant to guard the hell. This [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] is probably a western peak-level technique.” Yang Qi thought.

Actually, he was not some rich, spoiled brat, but a talented youngster. He’d read a lot of books, and his cultivation base before was also not bad, only a step below the fifth stage- the realm of “Qi Exposure”. He would have soon been able to execute long range attacks. Unfortunately, emotions made him commit a small mistake and landed him in his current predicament.

His knowledge was not shallow either.

The technique he’d received from the body of the golden figure was completely different from ordinary Qi-craft techniques. Ordinary techniques required condensing Qi and circulating it through the meridians. However, this [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] regarded the body as eight hundred forty million minute granules. Awakening every granule was equivalent to awakening the power of an elephant. The combined power one could obtain was simply limitless. A roar would be enough to bring down stars.

“Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power; divine elephant guards the boundless hell completely relying on its own power. How mighty?!” Yang Chi was extremely excited, “I have profited from this disaster. With this godly technique, once I gain some achievements, I would be standing far above my previous level. Stand up after the fall, become peerless under the heavens!”

Thereupon, he began to cultivate according this technique at once.

Boundless Yuan Qi roamed through his body.


As he cultivated according to the technique, the lightning elephant inside his dantian also began to get excited. Strands of Yuan Qi came out of its body, condensing together and entering Yang Qi’s fleshy body, transforming it.

Yang Qi, who had his eyes closed, could clearly sense the creaking sounds his body was producing. All of his broken meridians were being restored and Qi Sea inside his dantian had also begun to condense again, moreover becoming much sturdier and spacious than before.

Generally speaking, a peak-level technique like [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] should have been extremely hard to cultivate. Even an ultimate genius wouldn’t be able to make progress in the absence of enlightenment. However, due to being struck by the lightning, a divine lightning elephant had been condensed inside his body. Every time he operated his Qi-craft, a part of the divine elephant merged with his body, enabling him to make an extremely fast progress. His one day of cultivation was equivalent to others’ ten years of bitter cultivation.

Gradually, the muscles in his body turned taut, rippling with power, and his mind also became completely clear, “In the legends, there are supreme experts who could trigger celestial occurrences while cultivating, and summon lightning strikes upon themselves. Is it possible that an ultimate expert was struck by lightning, turned into this little golden figure, and entered between my eyebrows? And this lightning elephant is a part of him, formed from his Qi-craft’s fundamental power?”

As his Qi-craft began to recover at a lightning fast speed, Yang Qi’s mind also turned increasingly alert. He began to think why he would undergo such a transformation.

He incessantly tried to communicate with the little golden figure between his eyebrows, but the latter remained dormant.

This little golden figure was something that lay in between matter and basic Qi, something like a divine spirit. It was not something Yang Qi could control. After imparting [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], it went dormant, as if recuperating.

After several failed attempts of communicating with it, Yang Qi gradually became habitual of failure and wholeheartedly immersed himself in tempering his fleshy body in accordance with the technique he’d recently obtained and refining the lightning elephant inside his body.

The lightning elephant contained a frightening amount of power. If he were to refine and absorb all of it, even he didn’t know what level his Qi-craft cultivation base would reach.

“Young master, are you awake?”

As Yang Qi had barely sat up crossed legged and began circulating Qi, he was startled by the little maid outside who was astoundedly looking him. In her eyes, when Yang Qi was being carried inside yesterday, he was already half dead, merely hanging onto a slither of life. However, at this moment, he seemed exceptionally healthy and full of vigor despite the fact that white bandages coiled around his entire body.

“What is it, little Yan? Your young master hasn’t died yet.” Yang Chi uninterestedly said.

“Young master, Lord instructed you to see him as soon as you can get up.” The maid little Yan was barely twelve years old. She was pretty and delicate, and also sharp and witty. She’d been serving Yang Qi for a long time. In her eyes, her young lord was usually a good person who never bullied her and was one of the outstanding young talents in Yan capital city. But this time, he suddenly caused such a gigantic catastrophe to descend upon them. The entire clan was on the verge of collapse and he himself was also crippled.

“Alright, then I’m off to see father.” Yang Qi stood. The aching in his body had completely disappeared and it was instead brimming with energy. However, he’d put on a weak and timid appearance.

“Young master, I heard your Qi-craft is completely gone…..” Little Yan anxiously said, “Without power, isn’t it…?”

“Don’t worry, Little Yan. When did your young master ever let anyone bully him? Those who create trouble for me, I’ll make them suffer, and also revive the clan!” Yang Qi momentarily stopped.

“Yes, young master. I believe you.” Little Yan heavily nodded.

Yang Qi moved through the maze-like courtyard, keeping his ears sharp the entire way. Hearing everybody’s condemning words for him- blaming him for the clan’s troubles and calling him a spoiled brat, he felt quite disapproving.

If his martial arts had truly been crippled without any of hope of restoration, perhaps he truly would have lost his will power. However, as of now, after cultivating [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], not only the restoration of his martial arts seemed quite promising, his progress was way faster than before. In fact, he was sailing on high clouds.

His despair had been replaced by expectations, anticipating the day he’d cultivated [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] to the peak, when he would wash his disgrace away and revive his clan.

He arrived into the Yang family’s large assembly hall and saw his father’s tall figure standing in the middle of the room like a mountain.


He knelt down and said, “I am an unfilial son who created such a big trouble for the clan. Please father, punish me!”

“You’re here? Your injuries recovered so soon?” Seeing that his son still had some signs of life and wasn’t completely dispirited, joy appeared on Yang Zhan’s face, “I already know why you stole the Dragon Subduing Pill. It was for Yunhai city master’s daughter, wasn’t it? She encountered a bottleneck in her cultivation and needed this pill to breakthrough, which she must to enter Heavenly Throne institute. I don’t blame you for this event. Who isn’t swayed by emotions in their youth? You should mature after experiencing this event. Father will help you deal with this matter. No matter what, father will also help you regain your skills. Your mother left you early to cultivate, yet you’ve been quite sensible these years. Just once, you were swayed due to emotions, and everybody is condemning you and asking for punishment upon you, but your father understands you.”

“Father, I’ll certainly let you see me succeed and revive the clan!” Yang Qi felt warm upon hearing his father’s words, ‘You just see father.’

“Mm… your elder brother and second brother have been informed of this affair and will be returning soon. Furthermore, I’ve written a letter informing your aunt who has been away for ten years. We’ll certainly get past this calamity. You don’t need to be concerned, just focus on recuperating without worries. After this calamity is over, I’ll think of a way to restore your Qi Sea.”

Yang Zhan dismissed him with a wave of his hand.

Yang Qi stood up and withdrew; his fists were clenched, ‘Just wait until my cultivation base has some good improvement, I’ll give a pleasant surprise to father. For now, the information about [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] can’t be leaked outside. I’m afraid such a technique will lead to an enormous amount of bloodshed. If it’s out in open prematurely, it would be extremely disadvantageous for the clan and father.”

Yang Qi was neither a fool, nor a spoiled brat. His mind was clear. Although he made a mistake, it was due to not being sensible under the effect a hot-blooded impulse of his youth. After his mind calmed down, the realization matured him a lot and increased his experience.


Crystal-clear blue sky, and brightly shining moon.

Yang Qi stood atop a hill, silently cultivating, executing one stance after another and tempering his [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]’s Qi-Craft.

With his every move, one could clearly see a stream of Qi surging like a river inside his body. His muscles seemed as if made of iron, giving off a jade-like crystal-clear feeling under the moonlight, completely devoid of any burnt-marks left behind by the lightning strike.

In a blink of an eye, his aura changed to that of a furious elephant; terrifying and awe-inspiring.


Every punch he unleashed was swift and powerful, and was producing air-cleaving sounds.

All of his Qi-craft concentrated and condensed on his fist. One could vaguely see a quickly-spinning Qi vortex on his fist.

“Hundred Steps Godly Fist!”

Yang Chi issued a muffled roar, and his Qi-craft exploded outwards like a stone ejected out of a cannon. A hundred steps away, a tree as thick as a bowl’s mouth snapped with an explosion, leaves and branches fluttering everywhere in the sky.

“Project Qi-craft outwards; Hundred Steps Godly Fist, break trees and stones!” Yang Qi knew he’d broken through into the realm he’d been yearning for so long.


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