SE Chapter 4 – Qi Eruption Realm

By | June 26, 2017
SE Chapter 3 - Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power
SE Chapter 5 - Yang Family Assembly

“I actually surpassed my original realm so fast and attained the fifth stage, the realm of Qi Eruption.”

After breaking the tree with a punch from a hundred steps away, Yang Qi blankly stared his palm. As he felt the boundless basic Qi inside his body, he momentarily lost himself.

In one day, he’d experienced a transformation like going from hell to heavens. First, he stole the Dragon Subduing Pill and suffered betrayal from Yun Hailan. Then he was crippled and struck by lightning.

Afterward, he gained an enormous fortune from the lightning. He learned [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] and further received basic Qi replenishment for his cultivation base from the lightning elephant, and at this moment, he’d even attained the fifth stage,  the realm of“Qi Eruption”.

Above all, he felt his Qi-craft far more richer and sturdier than expected at the beginning stage of Qi Eruption realm.

When ordinary experts entered the Qi Eruption realm, although they could project their Qi-Craft outside their bodies, the most they could do was to make a big tree sway with the fist winds. It was impossible for them to be so fierce as to break trees with one punch.

If one was at the peak of the fifth stage with a deep cultivation base and ready to step into the sixth stage “Qi Arms”, where Qi could be condensed into a weapon, only then [Hundred Step Godly Fist] would have such a terrifying explosive power.

His body in particular felt several times more powerful compared to yesterday. These transformations were simply as if he’d been born anew. As he skimmed over the ground, the explosive Qi energy cracked open the mountainous rocks under his feet.

“Those who mocked me and wished to turn into a laughingstock couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams that not only I didn’t turn into a cripple, but instead progressed even further! Three days later, clan assembly will be held, and a lot of people are going to make attempts to take down father’s position. I have to increase my strength more.”

Yang Qi decided inwardly.

However, he himself also understood that even though he’d attained the Qi Eruption realm and had entered among the ranks of experts, compared to some experts of the Yan City, his strength was still shallow. For instance Luo Hun who crippled him; his cultivation base had at least attained the seventh stage of Qi-craft, the realm of Qi Manifestation . With  his Qi-craft, he could create various kinds of images, soar in the sky, ride waves, even combine water and fire with but a punch.

“Hiding strength is also important! I can’t reveal [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] and will have to work with Yang family’s Qi-craft. When it comes to the question how can I make such a quick recovery, I’ll just pass all the responsibility to my aunt’s name.”

As his thoughts arrived at this point, Yang Qi recalled his aunt. A scene from ten years ago entered his mind; a girl with two ponytails, slightly older than him, teaching him how to write.

His aunt’s real surname was not Yang. She was an orphan adopted by his grandfather. Although he called her aunt, she was only three years older than him and was more like his elder sister.

They used to played together as kids. But ten years earlier, one day a strange man took his aunt away with him as he was passing through Yan city without informing them at al. It was only later they found out that this man was actually an elder from Feng Rao continent’s overlord-like sect, Heavenly Throne Academy.

After his aunt entered Heavenly Throne academy, there was some exchange of letters at first. However, for the last five years, there had been no news from her. However, even so, everybody in Yan city was aware that Yan family had such a big personality.

Heavenly Throne Academy was a leading figure of Fengrao continent and was second only to the continent’s ruler, Sheng Zu dynasty.

Sheng Zu dynasty governed according to the feudal system. Instead of centralized power under the emperor, there were separate feudal vessels who individually governed their cities and had their own laws. As long as they payed tribute to Sheng Zu dynasty to express their allegiance every year, Sheng Zu dynasty allowed them to rule by themselves.

Yan capital city was precisely one such minor feudal vassal. The city master could naturally do as he pleased. He controlled everything. The aristocratic families in the city suffered strict supervision from the city master. A few small towns, villages, marketplaces, and counties outside the Yan city were also under Yan city master’s control.

In fact, Yan city could also be called a small kingdom.

His aunt was the reason Yang Qi wasn’t killed on the spot after he stole the Dragon Subduing Pill. Her presence made Yan city master somewhat apprehensive of killing Yang Qi.

“Golden Toad Swallowing Moon!”

“Ferocious Tiger Across Stream!”

“Tearing Heart, Wrenching Gut!”

“White Tiger Clenching Corpse!”

Employing his profound Qi-craft, Yang Chi trained his skills one by one. His body turned into a shadow, appearing everywhere at once. The pace of his Qi-craft operating inside his body became quicker every passing moment. At the same time, bit by bit, the power of the Lightning Elephant residing in the depths of his Qi Sea also unceasingly fused with his body, resulting in even more basic Qi.

The essence of his vitality incessantly increased and strengthened.

His body slowly toughened, muscles and bones turned rock-solid.

After his physical strength received lightning’s tempering, his endurance had reached unimaginable heights.

He incessantly punched; the wind generated by every fist went past a hundred steps. Every tree or rock these winds struck disintegrated into pieces.

Even if ordinary experts of Qi Eruption stage could struck a stone from afar, they couldn’t issue so many punches. The basic Qi inside their bodies simply wouldn’t keep up.

Yang Qi, however, was different. He cultivated [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]. To achieve the feat of suppressing all kinds of demon gods and devils of hell as stated in legends, not only this technique had to be exceptionally powerful, it must be extremely endurant as well.

The lightning elephant was in fact a combination of a peerless expert’s life essence and lightning. Even if a minute portion of it was refined by his body, it could strengthen his cultivation base to unimaginable extremes.

If it was fully refined, when others would have exhausted their basic Qi after striking out a few hundred-step punches, he would be able to strike hundreds and thousands of punches without making a dent in his basic Qi supplies.

This was the disparity.

However, Yang Qi himself was not satisfied. He had to become stronger. He needed to attain sixth, seventh, eighth, and even ninth stage to suppress Yan city master and make Yang family the number one aristocratic family of Yan city.

In the past, this kind of thinking was unrealistic. However, at this moment, it wasn’t necessarily impossible.


A sound like an elephant’s howl erupted from within Yang Qi’s body. As his fist technique was deployed to its peak, he suddenly withheld his Qi-craft, which immediately resulted in a ring of Qi indistinctly taking shape of a giant elephant’s figure . It immediately fell apart with a loud rumble, resulting in fierce gales that blew across the completely disordered hill. Leaves flew about everywhere, producing rustling sounds.

He sat upright and closed his eyes. The lightning elephant roamed through his meridians. He, however, began to cultivate according to the [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], imagining himself to have transformed into eight hundred forty million minute granules. Each of these granules was an unawakened divine elephant’s embroy. These granules combined and formed a divine elephant.

This divine elephant’s head was like a mountain and nose extended beyond millions of lis, engulfing the stars within.

Under the divine elephant’s feet, boundless cage of hell was being trampled on. Inside the cage, bellowing fiends and devils were stacked together as if particles of dust.

These scenes and the meditation technique both were imparted to Yang Qi by the golden figure residing between his eyebrows.

It was part of [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]’s cultivation.

As he unhurriedly cultivated, a minute granule inside his body suddenly issued an explosive sound. The aura of an ancient, primordial beast’s awakening was slowly emitted out of Yang Qi’s body.

In an instant, all the birds on the hilltop fell down from the trees while flapping their wings.

In the mid-summer, the buzz of insects unceasingly resounded in the woods. However, when [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]’s aura came out from Yang Chi’s body, the insects felt a huge threat and went completely silent, as if dead.

“Divine Elephant” was the divine spirit of many continents in the west. It possessed extraordinary strength. Since it could suppress hell, its baleful aura was also extremely heavy.  With one roar, it could make countless mystical beasts surrender.

As of now, Yang Qi had eventually awakened the first granule of his body and gained a trace of Divine Elephant’s power!

At this moment, his strength, Qi-craft, and everything exploded forth. He had almost become equivalent to an ancient elephant.

If he could awaken all eight hundred forty million granules inside his body, he could gain divine elephant’s legendary power, and he himself would be able to suppress hell.

The might to suppress hell.

Yang Qi had taken his first step forward in the cultivation of this godly technique.

After taking the first step, Yang Chi eventually realized how exceptional this technique was. If not for the assistance of the lightning elephant inside his body, not to mention attaining his current realm in one night, even if he were to cultivate for ten years, he wouldn’t have accomplished his current realm.

One could even say that the current Yang Qi was an ancient elephant in human form. Possessing an elephant’s strength and human body, the destructive power he possessed was only too frightening.

Having awakened the first granule of his body and gaining an elephant’s power, Yang Qi slowly stood up again and moderated his aura. The primordial beast’s tyrannical aura suddenly vanished, withheld back inside his body.

Immediately afterward, the trembling birds and insects inside the woods cried out, as if gaining life once again.

Yang Qi two eyes shined in the night. After concentrating his Qi-craft, his eyes could make out every minute detail in the darkness surrounding him. He could count the feathers of flying birds, and his ears could even make the sounds of two ants fighting hundred steps away from him.

“Hear the bustle of ants.”

His eyes and ears were tenfold more sharper than before, and his bodies potential had been fully brought out.

“Eight hundred forty million granules; just awakening one made me so strong, what if I awaken them all? Moreover, the reason I was able to make such a quick progress is the lightning elephant inside my body. If all of it is fused with my body, how frightening this Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power would become?”

On one hand Yang Qi rejoiced on how powerful his body had become, on the other, he felt a deep apprehension regarding this technique. He couldn’t imagine how could this world contain such a frightening technique. Is this truly something that humans could cultivate?

No, this is not a technique for humans, rather for divine spirits.

Only a divine spirit can cultivate this godly cultivate. The power of a human is simply insufficient for this technique.

Yang Qi was proud youngster, but at the same time, he was also quite smart. He used to think there was nothing in this world he couldn’t accomplish, and thus, ended up being stabbed in the back by Yun Hailan. He believed that after stealing the Dragon Subduing Pill, he would be able to escape somewhere faraway together with her. However, looking back at the whole ordeal, it seemed so stupid. Fortunately, his father forgave him.

At this moment, when confronted by this godly technique named [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], he’d turned humble from the depths of his heart.

Previously, he also used to believe that there was no technique that he couldn’t cultivate. However, before this technique, he only found himself too insignificant.

Eighteen-year-old Yang Qi slowly matured.

SE Chapter 3 - Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power
SE Chapter 5 - Yang Family Assembly

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