SE Chapter 5 – Yang Family Assembly

By | June 26, 2017
SE Chapter 4 - Qi Eruption Realm
SE Chapter 6 - Yang Family Assembly

For the next three days, Yang Qi secretly slipped out in night to cultivate [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], while during day, he pretended to be recuperating. He remained exceptionally secretive, making everybody believe that he was still a cripple.

After all, once a person’s skill was lost, there was basically no way to recover it back.

If he were to suddenly recover and make a great progress on top, he was bound attract a lot of attention. At the very least, the experts from the city master mansion would certainly keep a close eye on him, which wouldn’t be a good news for him. If, by some chance, the information about [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] came out in open, the entire Yang family would be razed to the ground.

The more he cultivated, the more he felt this technique’s profoundness. It was simply incredible how peerless and godly this technique truly was.

Before he could reveal his recovery, he must cultivate to a higher realm.

With the cultivation during these three nights, his strength greatly progressed. His Qi-craft cultivation base turned more profound and firm. He could break rocks with a mere wave of his hand. Although he didn’t awaken the second granule and achieved the level of two ancient elephants, he was several folds stronger than ordinary fifth stage experts.

It could even be said that if ten fifth stage experts encircled and attacked the current him, death would be their only outcome.

[Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Energy]’s scariness didn’t end here.

While employing this technique, as long as he assumed restrain, he could completely dry up his meridians. Not a drop of basic Qi would be found inside them. Moreover, his Qi Sea would also completely dry up, devoid of the slightest bit of basic Qi.

However, in reality, all of his basic Qi would be concealed inside the granule he’d awakened.

His body was unfathomably deep like hell; dark and bottomless. Nobody would be able to discern the depths of his true cultivation base. This was the perfect concealment.

Strength like divine elephant’s, depth like hell’s.

This godly technique was simply too frightening.

During the cultivation of these three days, Yang Qi’s grasp on his Qi-craft improved a lot. By using this technique’s perfect concealment, he could completely conceal his aura. Even if an expert were to investigate the depths of his meridians using their Q-craft, he would still come out a cripple.

After going through this unforeseen turn of events, he’d thoroughly understood the importance of concealing one’s weakness.

If he continued cultivating in this manner, he would soon attain Qi-craft’s sixth stage, the realm of Qi Arms- where one would be able to condense Qi into weapons and one’s Qi would turn substantive. One would be able to discharge sword Qi, which could even pierce through armor.

The sixth stage was several folds more powerful compared to the fifth stage. The destructive power one would gain in the sixth stage was simply incomparable to what one would have in the fifth stage. There were many fifth stage experts that failed to enter the sixth stage throughout their lives. Even exceptional geniuses needed a bitter cultivation of at least ten years before they could condense their Qi into weapons.

Yang Qi was a talented youngster, but he had yet to experience the might of sixth stage for himself.

During these three days, he also tried to communicate with the golden figure residing between his eyebrows via thoughts. However, the golden figure gave no response and completely ignored him like a divine spirit.

Although this golden figure was between his eyebrows, it seemed as if it resided in a completely different dimension. Only his thoughts could connect with it, and others, regardless of how powerful they might be, had no way of seeing it.

“Where is this divinity from? It took shelter in between my eyebrows, and can impart a godly technique such as [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] to me, it ought to be living, right? Why is it ignoring me? Could it be my realm is still insufficient to connect with it?” Yang Qi couldn’t tell.

But since this golden figure ignored him, he’d no other choice and could only powerlessly stare at the fortune right before him.

Sitting upright inside his room, Yang Qi again entered a deep meditation, trying to understand the mysteries of [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power].

Dawn of the third day.

Rows of carriages and multitudes of caravans appeared at all the eight entrances of the Yan city, all hasting towards the Yang family mansion inside the Yan city. This made many gazes turn in the direction of Yang family.

“What happened? Why are so many caravans going towards Yang family? Who are these people?”

“I guess you don’t know. These are Yang family’s other branches outside the city. Look…that carvan is Yang family’s branch from Dawn Dew city; Yang Zhen, family master Yang Zhan’s younger cousin, is Dawn Dew city’s city master. That caravan with white tiger embroidered on it, that’s their branch family from Whitestone city; their leader is Yang Shi….”

“During these three days, a huge incident has occurred in Yang family! It was family master Yang Zhan’s son. He stole an important treasure from the city master mansion. That kid Yang Qi was crippled of his martial arts, and now Yang family is also forced to pay the compensation. That treasure was extremely costly; Yang family is simply unable to afford the compensation. So now they have arranged a clan assembly to discuss this matter.”

“Compensation? Will those elders in Yang family agree to pay compensation for this matter? There will be a good show in Yang family this time. Not to mention they would lose a chunk of their estate to compensate city master mansion, they will also have to suffer internal strife. I’m afraid this is the beginning of Yang family’s decline.”

“Who asked Yang Zhan to give birth to an unfilial son?”


The friction between the steel wheels of carriages and the surface produced a sharp, ear-piercing sound.

A caravan with a white tiger embroidered on its flag stopped outside the Yang family’s mansion. The luxurious carriage’s curtains pulled open, and two mighty and dignified leather boots stepped on the ground.

The owner of the boots was a middle-aged man. Covered in a big cloak decorated with small gold dots, his figure stood straight like a spear.The sun was shining intensely and the weather was scorching hot, but inside a perimeter of hundred steps around him, cool winds blew.

This man’s ice Qi-craft had reached an extremely high level.

He was the leader of Yang family’s branch from Whitestone city, Yang Shi.

“Father, our chance has finally come. Humph! Yang Zhan has already lead the family for more than ten years. This time, I’ll make sure he’s no face left. Would he still be able to continue sitting on the family leader’s position then?”

After Yang Shi stepped out, a young man and woman followed after him from the carriage behind. This young man and woman were his son and daughter and were both quite good-looking. Their breaths were long and steady, eyes bright and clear, and cultivation profound.

“We’ve already arrived at the family’s door, if you’ve something to say, say it inside.” Yang Shi waved his hand, putting a stop to his son and daughter’s mockery. As he looked at the huge statue of the lion, which stood taller than at least five individual’s height combined, standing right outside the Yang mansion, his eyes turned sharp.

“Yang Shi, looks like you also wish to try your hand for clan leader’s position, huh?” An indistinct voice sounded. Another caravan stopped outside the mansion, and another middle-aged man walked out. However, this man’s body was covered in armor. This armor seemed like jade; it was actually the rarely-seen soft-jade armor which could resist any godly weapon and could even be infused with Qi-craft.

This man was the head of Dawn Dew city’s branch of yang family, Yang Zhen.

“Before toppling Yang Zhan, all talks are useless” Yang Shi pointed his finger, and a beam of energy shot out from his fingers. Amidst glistening blue light rays of ice-crystals, a small, honeycomb-like hole appeared on the surface made of marble. Layers of ice condensed inside the hole under the scorching sun.

“Excellent ice Qi-craft. You’ve cultivated to such a degree? Seventh stage?….or Eighth stage? Let me warn you though, don’t be careless. Yang Zhan’s cultivation base had long since attained the eight stage- the realm of Qi Transformation.” Yang Zhen, who was wearing soft jade wearing, shivered as if intimidated by Yang Shi’s ice Qi-craft.

As he steadied himself, a gentle breeze hit them in the face. The layers of ice on the ground dissolved one after and another.

“What are you two discussing here for? Talk inside lest we become a joke for outsiders. Let’s go.” Another caravan stopped on the plaza outside Yang mansion’s gate. A scholarly man walked out holding a folding fan.

Yang family mansion had a grand entrance. The plaza outside was enormous, large enough to hold several thousand people. The shiny uni-marble floor was washed by servants every day and was devoid of a single speck of dust.

“Yang Xu!” Yang Shi’s body slightly quivered, as if itching for a fight.

“Our Yang family has suffered enormous loss and our face is in crisis, all because of that bastard son of Yang Zhan. Who knows how many people are laughing at us. To resist outsiders, we must first establish internal peace.” Yang Xu opened the fan with a swoosh, “And to resolve our internal strife?…..we’ll first bring Yang Zhan to account.”

“Let’s go,” Yang Shi’s face eased a little. With his head high, he strode forward and entered the mansion.

Subsequently, caravans of the Yang family’s external branches unceasingly arrived outside the mansion. Every single expert of Yang family arrived, even the few elders of Yang family who had gone outside to cultivate.

This time’s clan assembly was truly a gathering of dragons.

In Yang mansion’s one of the rooms…

Yang Qi was sitting in meditation, lost in cultivation. Suddenly, the maid little Yan hurriedly rushed in, “Young master, it’s bad. Quite a few branch families’ experts have arrived in the plaza. They are overbearing and are going inside to question the lord . Lord has asked you to come to the assembly hall at once.”

“They’re here, huh?” Yang Chi suddenly up and headed outside, “The moment of truth has come.”

“Young master, you’ve to be careful.” Little Yan immediately said.

Yang Chi faintly nodded. He again arrived in the spacious assembly hall located in the center of the mansion.

In the hall, more than thirty people were already seated. In addition to this, handsome youngsters stood behind the people that were seated, more than hundred altogether.

Fortunately, the assembly hall was wide enough to easily accommodate several hundred people. It was exceptionally spacious.

However, the atmosphere in the hall was extremely stifling. The air was so heavy that it could ooze water any moment.


As Yang Qi stepped past the doorsill and entered the hall, more than a hundred eyes turned towards him, intently staring at him, almost burning him alive. Among these eyes, some belonged to powerful Qi-craft masters. Their had exceptionally strong consciousness. Their vision could kill, and mere glance could make one crumble apart.

However, when this mental pressure fell on Yang Qi’s body, [Hell Supressing Divine Elephant Power] began to circulate in the depths of his body, completely dissolving the pressure.

Divine Elephant suppressed hell, suppressing countless devils and fiends. Although Yang Qi had only taken a minute step forward, it was still sufficient to deal with the pressure of these people.


At this instant, Yang Zhan, who was seated foremost in the hall, coldly snorted. His majestic Qi-craft suddenly erupted, and formed a protective shield around Yang Qi’s body.

Subsequently, before Yang Qi could even react, his father was already standing by his side.

“My son’s Qi-craft has already been crippled, you people are pressuring him altogether?! Do you want to kill him?” Yang Zhan’s voice resounded throughout the assembly hall.

SE Chapter 4 - Qi Eruption Realm
SE Chapter 6 - Yang Family Assembly

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