SE Chapter 6 – Yang Family Assembly

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SE Chapter 5 - Yang Family Assembly
SE Chapter 7 - Thunder In A Clear Sky

‘Father’s Qi-craft cultivation base is far above mine.’

As soon as he was enveloped by the light-screen, he could sense his father’s profound and bottomless Qi-craft, indeed worthy of his eighth stage expert’s reputation.

Although he’d gained a fifth stage cultivation base after cultivating [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], compared to the eighth stage of ‘Qi Transformation’, one was above the sky and the other was under the ground.

The realm of Qi-craft was divided into nine stages. Every stage was as different as heaven and earth. Especially after the fifth stage, every step signified a tenfold increase in one’s battle strength.

‘But if I can refine the lightning elephant inside, I’ll probably not be too far behind father. When the time comes, I can lead the charge myself and revive the clan, and wash away the shame I’ve brought to the clan.’

He moderated his aura and simply stood by his father. Although he was under his father’s protection, he could feel the entire hall’s deathly stare on his body, including gazes that carried disdain, hatred, and even contempt.

Almost all of the clan heads were present in the hall.

Yang clan originated in Yan city a few hundred years ago. These branches in Dawn Dew city, Whitestone city….and so on, were later established in different cities to avoid being completely wiped out if some accident were to occur.

As the time passed, the members of the Yang family increased, but the core always remained in Yan city. Only the leader of the Yan city’s Yang family was considered as the clan leader. He had the authority to decide all the post assignments. He could go in any branch family and order appointments and dismissals, and at the same time, every branch family had to pay thirty percent of their profits to the clan leader. This was the power of the clan leader.

Clan leader was the king, and the branches were his subjects.

Of course, above the clan leaders, there was a group of elders- a few very elderly members of the clan. However, these elderly members wholeheartedly focused on cultivation and lived in secluded areas. Only if there was a matter of grave importance to the clan did they express their stance. Usually, all the power belonged to the clan leader.

All of the branch families strived for the elders’ support to seize the position of the clan leader.

Yang Qi provoked a huge disaster and made the clan suffer such big losses this time. All the branch families saw this as an opportunity and immediately assembled together. They had already written a letter to the council of elders, requesting to remove Yang Zhan from the position of the clan leader.

After experiencing the deception, Yang Qi had begun to mature. He understood these affairs with crystal clarity.

Once his family loses power, who knew how miserable their conclusion would be?

“Haha, you’re protecting this little bastard even now?” Seeing that Yang Zhan was protecting Yang Qi with his Qi-craft, Yang Shi, who was sitting loftily in his chair with his gold-dotted cloak and leather boots, raised a question. One could see ice crystals flickering in the air around him.

A chill suddenly permeated the assembly hall.

Those with a weak body started to shiver in cold. The youths’ faces slightly changed before they begun to employ their individual Qi-crafts to resist the cold.

Although they were circulating Qi to resist the cold, they were quite inwardly excited. They knew a good show was about to begin. The master of Whitestone city, Yang Shi, had begun to create trouble for Yang Zhan.

His best excuse was the former’s unfilial son, Yang Qi.

“If my son is a little bastard, then I am old bastard?” Yang Zhan indifferently said, “Yang Shi, are you indirectly cursing me?”

“Humph!” Yang Shi snorted and stood up; the cold air around his body becoming denser and denser, “This time our Yang family is confronted with such a huge compensation, all due to your son. Such an offense will not be written off even if he is slit into thousand pieces. Today, in front of everybody, there must be a justification. Yang Zhan, you failed to educate your son, and thus shall be held responsible as well. You absolutely need to a write a letter to the council of elders, stating your resignation. We’ll re-appoint the clan leader.”

“Eh? Re-appoint the clan leader? So this was your real intention,” Yang Zhan’s body didn’t even budge, as steady as a statue, “If I’m not the clan leader, who will it be? Don’t tell me you, Yang Shi, will be the clan leader? Can you really handle the responsibility?”

“Yang Zhan!” Yang Shi suddenly erupted. Both of his hands joined to form a circle, and all the cold air suddenly condensed into a crystal lance; its entire body veined. In an instant, an ice-cold chill spread everywhere, and the originally scorched summer apparently turned into freezing winter.


The crystal lance left his hand and shot towards Yang Zhan, spiraling and cleaving the air.

Yang Zhan’s pupil constricted before his big hand made a clutching movement, and a could of scorching steam appeared before him. The crystal lance penetrated the steam and started to melt, suffering immense resistance.

“Flaming Wave,” Yang Zhan indifferently looked at the stopped crystal lance and said three words

The scorching steam, which could melt iron, immediately melted the crystal lance on the spot!

Crack….under the influence of Yang Shi’s aura, numerous cracks appeared in the marblestone underneath his feet.

This was a duel between two eighth level experts of Qi-craft.

However, the outcome of the battle was immediately decided. Yang Zhan’s skill was evidently a notch above, and Yang Shi still lacked maturity.

“Yang Shi, surprisingly your Qi-craft has reached eighth stage, but if you wish to contest me over the position of clan leader relying on this power, it’s still a bit lacking.” Yang Zhan loftily said.

Behind Yang Zhan’s back, Yang Qi infatuatedly looked at the scene playing before his eyes. These were the true experts. With Qi-craft transformations, they could change summer and winter at their will and were invulnerable to swords and spears.

“Yang Zhan, I still have tricks up my sleeve. Let’s just have a proper battle today, what do you say?” Yang Shi ferociously threw his cloak. As it flew in the air with whistling sounds, Yang Shi’s battle intent surged.

“That’s enough, today’s clan assembly is not to face off each other. Yang Shi, even if you win, you won’t be the clan leader. You can only become our Yang family’s leader by gaining victory in the Clan Leader Selection assembly held by the council of elders.” Yang Xu stood up and waved the folding fan in his hands twice. A noble aura rose up and swept away the murderous atmosphere, replacing it with serenity and tranquility.

This was his “Zheng Yang” Qi-craft, pure and gentle.

(Tl: Zheng: upright, proper; Yang: from the Yin-Yang principle in daoism)

“Yang Xu, what do you have to say?” Yang Zhan returned back to his clan leader seat and said, “If you’re about to speak about punishing my son, you don’t need to do so. My son’s martial arts is already crippled, Qi sea is destroyed, and he was even struck by lightning. Even the heavens have already punished him, and he didn’t die. This means that his sins have been eliminated and the heavens have forgiven him.”

“Your son is already crippled, but he can’t escape from the crimes he’d committed. I’ve already discussed with many of our fellow brothers before coming here. First: For the loss of the Dragon Subduing Pill, we’ll not take out a single penny. This is your son’s job, everybody can’t be held responsible for it. You, Yang Zhan, have to find a method on your own. Second: You, Yang Zhan, should resign from your position of the clan leader. Third: You must hand over your son. He will be punished once again in front of everyone.”

The words that came out of scholar-like Yang Xu’s mouth were sinister and vicious. He was a man with big smiles but sinister intentions.

Yang Qi started to feel anxious. If the family declined to compensate for the loss of the Dragon Subduing Pill and his father had to compensate on his own, they would probably lose all their fortune.

Seniority-wise, Yang Xu was his fourth uncle. However, at this moment, the latter was asking for his death.

“Just these three conditions?”

Yang Zhan coldly smiled and said, “First, it was my son’s job. He is also a part of the clan; the clan is responsible for his protection. You people also have to pay. Second, I’ll not resign from the position of the clan leader. Third, my son will of course not be handed over to you. I won’t agree with a single one of your three conditions. I’m the clan leader. Anyone of you who wishes to disobey the clan leader’s command….is committing a grave offense!”

“Yang Zhan, you!”

The complexions of Yang Shi, Yang Zhen, and Yang Xu along with some other experts of the clan immediately changed, “It was your son who did this, and you want us to pay? You really think you can disregard everything and do whatever you please because you’re clan leader? Do you truly want to see the family splitting up?”

“Yang Zhan, you are defending your son too much,” An old man who hadn’t yet spoken said, “Your son’s martial arts is completely crippled. It’s possible to not look further into it. However, you have to pay the compensation yourself. As for the matter of the clan leader, we don’t have that authority. However, a letter to the council of elders has already been sent. The news will be arriving soon. We can just wait here for the time being.”

“Since third uncle has spoken, I’ll take a step back. The compensation will be from me, and the position of the clan leader will depend on the elders. If I’m not needed, I’ll step down. For my son Yang Qi, I’ll certainly help him recover his skills.” Yang Zhan’s face also wavered somewhat. He’d been unyielding a moment ago only to retreat now. He also knew that these people will certainly not agree to let family compensate for the Dragon Subduing Pill.

“Now we have an agreement,” Yang Xu waved his fan, “Yang Zhan, your son Yang Qi turned out to be a disappointment, but you still have two more sons. Their cultivation is also said to be quite good. Presumably, they are also coming for this time’s assembly, right? That’s fortunate; during every family assembly, there is a competition among the young members of the family. Elites are picked and rewarded by the council of elders. After all, after ten-twenty years, it would be them fighting over the next generation’s clan leader.”

“Alright, in the clan assembly, there must be an assessment competition among the young disciples.” Yang Zhan nodded, “Chong-er and Long-er could be here any moment. None of my, Yang Zhan’s, sons are trash.”

As these words sounded, a sound of hurried footsteps suddenly came from outside. That old housekeeper hurriedly rushed in; his body carrying a few blood stains. One could tell at a glance that something big had occurred.

Yang Qi’s heart indescribably twitched.

Something big has happened.

“What happened?” Yang Zhan also seemed to have anticipated something.

“Lord….” Seeing so many people, the housekeeper couldn’t help but hesitate a little.

“Hehe, what happened now? What, you don’t want to tell? What are you afraid of? Everybody here is a member of Yang family.” Several branch family members started to laugh. They had also anticipated that Yang Zhan had some trouble again.

“Butler, you can speak.” Yang Zhan’s face was grave.

“Lord, elder young master and second master suffered a surprise attack on their way back. Their body is gravely injured!” The housekeeper again brought a grievous news!

SE Chapter 5 - Yang Family Assembly
SE Chapter 7 - Thunder In A Clear Sky

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