No SE For A Few Days

By | July 3, 2017
Hello world!

My laptop ran into some weird bug last week. Every time I resume it from a sleep or do a reboot, the wifi is just gone, simply gone.  I’ve tried everything I could over the past week to rectify the problem, but nothing seems to be working. In the end, I’m sending it over to the customer care tomorrow. So it may take a few days before I can translate again. However, upon resuming we’ll be doing seven chapters a week, and I’ll also open patreon for SE soon as well.

Hello world!

One thought on “No SE For A Few Days

  1. Tim Lam

    Thank you for these translations. I really like this web novel, and It’s pretty cringe reading off of google translate. I’m very grateful for you translating seven novels a week, it makes people like me super happy.


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