SE Chapter 7 – Thunder In A Clear Sky

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SE Chapter 6 - Yang Family Assembly
SE Chapter 8

The old housekeeper’s words fell like a thunderbolt in a clear sky, falling down right into one’s face. Not only Yang Qi, even an expert like Yang Zhan felt a buzz inside his head and their faces immediately paled.

“Where are they now?”

Yang Zhan asked in a trembling voice.

“Elder young master and second young master released the signal for help. I immediately rushed over with a few experts and saved them. However, the assassin has already disappeared by then. At present, the two young masters have already been carried back. It’s just that….” The old housekeeper’s voice again trailed off.

“What is it?”

“It’s just that elder young master and second young master have suffered grave internal injuries. Their meridians have been damaged and their bodies have poisonous Qi inside. Even after recovering, their Qi-craft will recede and won’t be as good as before.” The old housekeeper forced out the truth.

“What….” Yang Zhan hurriedly retreated a few steps back. His body seemed to have aged a decade. Yang Qi’s fists clenched and killing intent surged inside his heart.

“Elder, bring my brothers here. Father’s Qi-craft is profound. He might be able to dispel the poisonous Qi from their bodies and treat their injuries.” Yang Qi calmly said and took two steps forward.

“Yes, third young master.” With a wave from the old housekeeper, a few hurried footsteps sounded outside. A few guards entered inside carrying two stretchers. A young man around twenty-five or twenty-six years old and a youngster around twenty years old lay on the stretchers. Their bodies were covered in bloodstains and their faces were ashy, surrounded by a deathly aura. They were evidently infected by some kind of poison, moreover there were several palm imprints on their bodies. They had suffered heavy hits from a Qi-craft master, resulting in broken bones and ruptured meridians.

Even if their lives could be preserved, their Qi-craft cultivation could no longer progress.

“Elder brother, second brother!” Yang Qi advanced in huge strides, shouting their names. However, they had long since lost conscience and couldn’t hear his cries.

“Who is it? Who injured my brothers?” Yang Qi had matured a lot. Although he was furious inwardly, he quickly calmed down.


Right at this moment, Yang Zhan moved. With a wave of his hand, a strand of milky-white Qi came out of his body and condensed into two human figures. These two human figures shared a complete resemblance with him and were actually true Qi humanoids.

The two true Qi humanoids flickered like lightning and suddenly entered the bodies of Yang Qi’s brothers. The latter’s bodies immediately issued crackling sounds as the strands of poisonous Qi began to come out and meridians began to be restored.

“Humanoid true Qi!” Almost every expert of Yang family felt shaken as they astoundedly looked Yang Zhan, ‘It’s actually humanoid true Qi- human image condensed by the body’s true Qi. This feat can only be achieved if one’s cultivation has reached the realm of Qi Ancestor.’

“Qi-craft’s ninth stage, the realm of Qi Ancestor signifies the shaping of true Qi into humanoid shape, which can freely move and possess some intelligence of its own. Yang Zhan has actually cultivated to such a realm. Although his true Qi humanoids don’t possess wisdom, they are exceptionally nimble, extremely close to the ninth stage, the realm of Qi Ancestor.”

“So powerful….”

‘Father can even condense true Qi into a humanoid shape. Although it lacks some wisdom, it’s still extraordinary.’ Yang Qi was stunned as well.

However, as the two true Qi humanoids expelled the poison out of his brothers’ body and repaired their meridians, new poisonous Qi slowly started to develop.

This was a special poison, one that couldn’t be dispelled.

“Shadow poison!”

Yang Xu suddenly shouted, almost shivering in cold from head to toe.

Shadow poison was some sect’s signature skill. The poison wasn’t fatal, but it was like a shadow. It would follow the victim throughout his life. There was no way to remove it, and the infected person would suffer throughout his life.

“It’s actually shadow poison. There is no way to remove such a poison. In rumours, it is said to be the signature skill of the Shadow Poison Sect in the west. Even an expert in the Qi Ancestor realm can’t contend against the invasion of this poison. Only the Fate Stealing realm experts of the legends can deal with it.”

“Seems like these two are also crippled like Yang Qi and wouldn’t be able to cultivate in Qi-craft throughout their life.”

“This Yang Zhan just said that none of his sons are trash, and all of them turned into trash in an instant. Haha, three trash.” A youngster couldn’t help but whisper.

Although his voice didn’t sound loud, it felt extremely ear-piercing.

This was like one heavy downpour after another. Everybody knew Yang Zhan was finished. Once the elders learned of these events, they would certainly not allow him to be the clan leader. His successors were all crippled, how would they inherit the family?

To become a clan leader, having a capable successor was foremost; strength and Qi-craft came later. If some clan produced a genius, the father’s position in the clan would also rise. After all, a genius had boundless prospects.

Originally, all of Yang Zhan’s three sons were talented youngsters. The eldest son stepped into the Qi Eruption merely at the age of twenty-two. The second was currently twenty years old and was already at the fourth stage and could breakthrough any moment, and the third son was even more talented and was close to breaking through into the fifth stage merely at the age of eighteen.

As of this moment, his third son Yang Qi committed a huge blunder. His martials arts were crippled whereas the clan faced a huge disaster. The elder son and second son had shadow poison flowing inside them and would suffer throughout their lives.

This series of events pleased a lot of people. After all, when the family leader would fall, their chance would come.

“Who? Who said these words, come out!” Yang Qi’s ears could even hear the bustle of ants. Although that youngster’s voice was quite low, Yang Qi was able to discern that it was the tall youth standing behind Yang Shi, his son, Yang Feng.

This tall youngster was twenty-six years old, and body’s Qi-craft cultivation base had attained the Qi Eruption realm when he was twenty four years old. At the moment, after a cultivation of two years, his cultivation base was much more profound.

Previously, he was quite apprehensive of Yang Qi. If not for these unforeseen events, he would have probably broken through into the Qi Eruption realm before the age of twenty.

Hearing Yang Qi’s condemnation, he coldly smiled and stood up; standing tall and looking down. He threw a contemptuous gaze towards Yang Qi and said, “It was me, so what? Are you three not trash? Take a look, these two are heavily injured and would suffer throughout their life. And your Qi sea is broken, does that not make you crippled? Is it any better than trash? You’ll only lose our Yang family’s face?”

“Is that so?”

Yang Qi indifferently said, “Yang Feng, you say that I’m trash. Then how about we compete and see who is the real trash?”

“Qi-er, this is not the time to be showing off, come back.” Yang Zhan gestured him to retreat.

“Brother Yang Zhan, in the quarrel of juniors, you, as the clan leader, shouldn’t meddle. Your son is not willing to admit his mistakes even under the weight of such a crime. What is he relying on?” Yang Shi stood up.

“Father, I know my bounds.” Yang Qi’s gaze flickered.

Looking at his son’s gaze, Yang Zhan’s eyes brightened with joy. He seemed to have sensed something.

“What do you mean compete? Your martial arts is crippled now. I only need a finger to crush you to death. Even with your martial arts, you are not my opponent,” Yang Feng patted his hands, “But since you really wish for death, I won’t decline. With everybody here as witness, I didn’t make the first move, you were the one wishing for your own death.”

“Yeah, Yang Feng, go and let him see,” one of the youngsters even whistled, resulting in some snickers, “Perhaps Yang Qi thinks he still has his Qi-craft. He is still living in a dream.”

“Beat him up until he wakes up and realizes the truth.”

“This Yang Qi attained the peak of the fourth stage in just eighteen years. He was quite decent. A pity, his Qi-craft had been completely destroyed. But his mouth is still so sharp, if he is not taught a lesson, in the future, I’m afraid he’ll probably be killed by someone else.” A few youngsters of the Yang family started to laugh uproariously.

“Who will die, we’ll know when we fight, won’t we?”

Yang Qi stood up with his hands behind his back. He swept his gaze around, not resembling a cripple one bit, “You who are laughing so hard, I’ll keep every single one of you in my mind. Wasn’t there a competition among the juniors? We can begin right now. I’ll see if you will still be able to laugh.”

“What shameless boasting.”

Yang Feng’s eyes shrunk and body suddenly emitted rings of cold Qi. His fingers cowled together, and cold Qi closed in on Yang Qi, surrounding him.

“Heaven Sieve Cold Net!”

This was one of Yang family’s Qi-craft- one that used ice energy. Once this technique unfolded, user’s Qi-craft acted like a net, and cold Qi immediately pervaded the meridians of the victim, freezing over the latter’s entire body.

The moment Qi-energy was about to descend on Yang Qi, he moved.

As soon as he moved, all the muscles in his body started twitching and every inch of his body exploded forth; an ancient beast was revived. A fiendish aura suddenly suffocated everybody.


His body shook once and the incorporeal ice energy net scattered away as cold winds in all the four directions. Yang Qi’s body suddenly disappeared and arrived before Yang Feng in a blink of eye, seeming as if the ground between them had shrunk.

As he struck out, his footsteps trampled the floor like a giant elephant. The entire assembly hall began to shudder. A few people grabbed the pillars that were issuing rumbling sounds. Dust began to fall off the roof.

This fist from him was akin to an explosive, suddenly exploding for no apparent reason. It contained exceptional power.

Yang Feng’s face had a huge transformation. Within milliseconds, he operated his Qi-craft and blocked with his two arms as he roared, “Stream Lock!”

However, the moment his roar came out, he was struck by the fist, and his entire being soared high in the air. Demonstrating a parabolic arc, he flew straight out of the assembly hall. Both of his arms were fractured, and he spurted out a big mouthful of blood.

As he lay half-dead on the marble floor, his eyes unblinkingly stared Yang Qi. Before he could even say ‘you’, he passed out.

One fist, it merely took one fist to send the fifth stage expert Yang Feng into a state where his life and death was unknown. Even if he’d encountered a sixth stage expert, he wouldn’t have suffered so miserably. For better or worse, he would have at least been able to resist two or three moves.


Yang Shi, as if pinched by a needle, suddenly threw away the chair behind him. He stared Yang Qi momentarily before hurriedly flying towards his son. He supported Yang Feng up and injected his true Qi into his son’s body.

Everybody was almost stupefied at this moment. They simply couldn’t understand how could a person who was clearly crippled of his martial arts and struck through his Qi sea be so powerful.

SE Chapter 6 - Yang Family Assembly
SE Chapter 8

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