Chapter 2 – Su Xiaoxiao’s Heart Shattered Into Pieces.

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Chapter 1 - Only A Dragon Crosses The River
SS Chapter 3

Translator: JD & Toomuchnoob

Peyia, oh Su Peyia. You left just like this, leaving all these responsibilities for me. How can I face your family?   


Xiao Bing let out a deep sigh and gently knocked the door.




The person who opened the door was a seemingly twenty-year-old young woman. Her outfit, which consisted of a short white jacket, jeans, and slippers, gave her a skimpy appearance. Her features somewhat resembled Su Peiya’s, but temperament was completely different. Su Peyia was passionate and unrestrained, whereas Su Xiaoxiao was cold.


Xiao Bing looked at the girl and asked: “You are Su Xiaoxiao?”


“You are?” As the girl looked at the man who was wearing dirty clothes but faintly carried a bearing of soldier, her two big, beautiful eyes revealed slight vigilance and resistance.

Xiao Bing felt uneasy inwardly before he deeply sighed and said :  “I am Su Peyia’s leader, also her friend and battle partner…….”   


Su Xiaoxiao’s face suddenly changed before she pushed the door, wishing to lock Xiao Bing outside.


Xiao Bing didn’t expect such a big reaction from her. He was quite astonished. Hastily resisting the closing door, he loudly said: “I’m really your older sister’s friend. What are you doing? ”


“Get out, I have no older sister! “ Su Xiaoxiao emotionally said “If you don’t release the door, I’ll immediately call the police!”


“You can call the police, but I’ll still tell you that when your older sister was alive, she always talked to me about you.  When you were in junior-high, there was a guy in your class who always tried to follow you home, and your sister used to fend him off. You favourite food is osmanthus cake and your favorite drink is milk tea….”


Xiao Bing could clearly sense Su Xiaoxiao’s strength on the door unceasingly decreasing. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he continued : “She also said- In her lifetime, the one she loved the most is you, her younger sister. You are more sensible compared to her. Although you’re smaller in age, you understand more to be considerate of your parents, understand taking care of the family…”


“Everytime she talked about you to me, I always saw that expression in her eyes; you, her younger sister, always occupied the most important place in her heart, possibly you may not persuade her as your older sister. You can say that you don’t have an older sister, but do you understand how bitter and agonized your sister would feel?  ”


Su Xiaoxiao suddenly opened the door once again and dragged Xiao Bing inside with soft, petite hand. Xiao Bing didn’t even have the time to change his slippers before he was dragged inside a room by Su Xiaoxiao.


The room looked quite clean and tidy. It wasn’t luxurious, but comfortable enough. Above the bed hung a wedding picture, presumably of Su Xiaoxiao’s parents. While on the opposite side of the wall hung a  black-and-white picture of Su Xiao Xiao’s father. Suddenly, an ominous feeling welled inside Xiao Bing..


Su Xiaoxiao pointed at the bed with red eyes and said : “This is my parents’ room. My father and mother always slept on this bed. Since two months ago, there is only person who can sleep on this bed. My father died in a car accident. On his deathbed, his only desire was to see my sister, but we simply had no way to of contacting her. You know my father died with an unfulfilled last wish!. ”


A ringing filled Xiao Bing’s mind, and guilt filled the depths of his heart. Two months ago, Xiao Bing was carrying out a mission in Africa with Dragongate members. According to the rules, in order to protect their family from exposure during a mission, the members involved can’t have any contact with the family, so much so that Su Peiya didn’t know the affairs of her family even when she died.


Su Xiaoxiao enduring her tears, sneered and said :” now you understand why i hate her so much? During her college years she choose to serve the country. 5 years completed, she merely visited home and almost called dozens of times.She came back twice, when she came back only stayed for 2 nights. When she made Telephone call which also made from public booth, to contact back even she didn’t leave her phone number  behind.”


We completely understand her and know that she is serving the country. We were proud that she was able to enter the army. However…….no matter how admirable you may be,  you  have to look after your family, and even more so look after your father and mother! Where was she at the time of my father’s accident? And where was she when my father wished to see her face for the last time?”


“No matter how special your job is, when she was living for the country, could she not have spared a bit of consideration for her own family?! From the moment my father died discontentedly, this world ceased to have my elder sister!”


Xiao Bing sighed and said with a grim face: “you hate her, but she is already dead, Everything should be balanced each other out……   ”


Su Xiaoxiao body trembled, and her gaze shifted downwards from Xiao Bing’s face, eventually falling on the funerary case in his hand.  Her face turned deathly pale before she forced her mouth open and spoke in a trembling voice said: “You’re lying…..  who are you?…… you are surely lying to me…… ”


Seeing that she would have to suffer another blow at such a young age, Xiao Bing suddenly start to feel a bit of self-loathing, He shouldn’t have come here at such a time and shouldn’t have informed them immediately,  but it was too late for regrets. Xiao Bing looked at Su Peiya and forced out the words :” 5 days ago, she was carrying out a mission in Africa. The result was unfortunately …… At her last breath, she asked me to take back her ashes back and gave me your home address”


Su Xiaoxiao throat choked and heavy tears rolled down her cheeks. She, who was thin and weak, pushed at Xiao Bing like a furious lioness. With a tearfully cracking voice that could make one tremble on the inside, she said : “I don’t believe it!”


“I don’t believe it!!”


“I don’t believe it!!!”


Su Xiaoxiao repeatedly pushed against on Xiao Bing’s body. Xiao Bing didn’t dare exert strength to resist for the fear of injuring Su Xiaoxiao. As a result, he had to continuously move backward until his own body hit the wall and he could no longer move back.


“You are big liar! My sister can’t have anything happened to her!”


Su Xiaoxiao started crying, Xiao Bing’s eyes also reddened a bit, He lowered his head and took out an envelope. Su peyia wrote a letter before she died. Su Xiaoxiao snatched the letter. As soon as her gaze fell on the letter, her body suddenly lost strength. Xiao Bing immediately supported, embracing her..


In the letter, Su peyia apologized to the family and entrusted Su Xiaoxiao to take care of their parents. Despite being separated for a long time, Su Xiaoxiao immediately recognized the writing of her elder sister.


Xiao Bing tightly pulled her in. Feeling her soft and slightly trembling body, he could apparently feel her broken heart. Xiao Bing’s nose soured, but he spoke with an exceptionally steady voice, emphasizing every word: “Believe me, Xiaoxiao- although your sister is dead, I’ll help you take care of your family, I definitely will!. ”


In the living room, the phone started to ring without cease. Su Xiaoxiao, who was still sobbing in Xiao Bing’s embrace, found an excuse to get away from him and stumbling charged into the living room. Xiao Bing sighed and followed after her..


Over the telephone, a somewhat panic voice of some middle-aged woman could be heard : Xiaoxiao, you have to come here quickly. The shop has been smashed by some people. Your mother has an heart attack, and she is quickly losing her breath.”   


Voice from the telephone almost made Su Xiaoxiao collapse. In the recent few years, the family’s economic condition had begun to improve after her mother started a noodle shop. Noodle shop’s business was increasing day by day. At present, it had already moved nearby the city university. Afterwards, her father died in a car accident. Su Xiaoxiao was worried about her mother’s heart condition, and thus asked her to  rest.Unfortunately, her mother didn’t listen. If not for situation of emergency. If the situation had not been critical, that woman who worked there part-time wouldn’t have spoke in such a manner.


As Su Xiaoxiao was answering the telephone, Xiao Bing, who was beside her, was also able to hear the conversation with clairty. In the blink of an eye, Su Xiaoxiao rushed out the house in panic, not even closing the door. Worried about Su Xiaoxiao, Xiao Bing also hurriedly chased after her.


After rushing out of the neighborhood, Su Xiaoxiao reached  to stop a taxi. Xiao Bing was also about to enter but was resolutely pushed out by her. Helpless, Xiao Bing could only stop another taxi. He said to the driver: “Follow the taxi ahead, don’t lose it!.  ”


“Sure thing, what, is it a spouse fight?”.


Xiao Bing wasn’t in a good mood. He fiercely glared at the driver. The driver shivered all over his body and hurriedly closed his mouth, and chased ahead in a well-behaved manner


Su family’s noodle shop was in the neighbourhood  of the city university, but today was a holiday for the students. Therefore, the business would be more bustling than usual. By the time Xiao Bing caught site of the noodle shop, Su Xiaoxiao was also preparing to come out and go help. However, the shop turned turned out be trashed beyond recognition without a single customer present inside.    


By the time Xiao Bing rushed over, Su Xiaoxiao was crouching on the ground while loudly wailing,”Come on mother, hold on. Ambulance is on the way.”


A woman about fifty 50 years old was lying on the ground. Her outfit was quite was quite ordinary and consisted of an apron at her waist. Her appearance somewhat resembled Su sisters’, but

her face was pale-white like paper. She could hardly breathe, seeming as if she could die at any moment.


Xiao Bing hadn’t expected to see her mother’s condition so grave. If he’d not hurried over in time, she might not have preserved until the ambulance came. A faint killing intent roused in Xiao Bing’s heart as he said to Su Xiaoxiao, “Let me see first.”   


Su Xiaoxiao nervously looked at Xiao Bing, “You…… You’ll treat her?”


“I’ve learned some simple first aid measures at my friend’ Aunt is losing her breath,. We can’t just stupidly wait here. Let me try, ok?”


Anyone could see that mother Su was inhaling more and more and exhaling less and less.. Su Xiaoxiao didn’t dare hesitate and promptly nodded.”


Xiao Bing asked: ”Did she took any medicine after the heart attack?”


A forty-year-old middle aged woman standing beside them replied, “When sister Li fell ill just now, I fed her the fast-action heart pill, but the result was all the same.”


Xiao Bing lifted his head and gratefully looked at the woman. If not for the fast-action heart pill, mother Su would have already ceased to exist. Lacking the time for exchanging pleasantries, he directly said to Su Xiaoxiao,”I’ll tell you the steps for the emergency treatment. First undo her dress and also take off her apron.”


Xiao Bing narrated, and Su Xiaoxiao performed.


“Aim your left hand’s middle finger at the depression of aunt’s neck, and place your palm at the center of her chest. Place your right hand over your left hand and intertwine your fingers. Now raise your palms, that’s right….and slowly press down. Then relax it a bit….alright, just like this. Now continue with this force and speed up a bit, aim for a hundred times in a minute.


At the time when everybody was frantic, Xiao Bing’s voice exuded a calm feeling; confident and unperturbed. This confidence slowly began to influence the others around him. Su Xiaoxiao’s two trembling hands eventually stabilized.

Chapter 1 - Only A Dragon Crosses The River
SS Chapter 3

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