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The break took a lot longer than I expected. Had to shift cities, it took quite a while. Anyway, we’ll be doing seven regular chapters now. I’ll open patreon for SE soon.


Chapter 8 – Dazzling Godly Might


“Qi-er, wasn’t your Qi-craft crippled?”

Yang Zhan’s face eventually resumed some color, and his eyes revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. He also hadn’t anticipated such a huge turn of events.

“Father, my Qi-craft was indeed crippled, but after suffering lightning strike that day, my body went through some transformation. Qi sea and meridians both have recovered, and body has also been strengthened. My Qi-craft has made a huge progress and attained the fifth stage, Qi Eruption realm.”

Yang Qi respectfully said. At the moment, with his eldest brother and second brother both seriously injured and suffering from shadow poison, he couldn’t endure. Fortunately, he didn’t truly use [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], only Yang family’s fist techniques. Moreover, he acted inside the family, thus this information would not be spreading out.

If he had used [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], Yang Feng would have been in pieces at this moment.

“Qi-er, Yang Feng’s cultivation base has been in Qi Eruption realm for quite a while. You defeated him so easily even though you’ve just entered the fifth stage…..your strength is not as simple as you say.” Yang Zhan said with a gratified smile.

“Yes father, because of the tempering my body received by the lightning, the strength of my fists is far more than an ordinary fifth stage expert,” Yang Qi knew that this was the time he needed to support his father as much as he could. He revealed his strength without hesitation, “Even against a sixth stage expert, I can hold out for a few moves.”

“Haha….heavens didn’t cut my, Yang Zhan’s, bloodline,” Upon hearing these words Yang Zhan heartily laughed and said in a completely carefree manner, “I’ll definitely find a method to remove shadow poison from your brothers’ bodies.”

“You little bastard!” Yang Shi, who was examining his son’s body, suddenly raised his head and stared Yang Qi, “How can you be so sinister even though you’re both Yang family members?”

Yang Qi patted his hands and said, “Everybody saw he acted against me first. He only has his own lack of skill to blame. Just a moment ago you people told him to teach me, but he ended taught by me instead. Now what, do you want to finish your son’s job, Yang Shi?”


Yang Shi’s anger was getting out of control, but it would indeed be quite inappropriate for him to act against Yang Qi, moreover Yang Zhan was also lying in wait for his prey. The “humanoid true Qi” skill that the clan leader revealed meant that the latter’s cultivation base was already extremely close to the realm of Qi Ancestor, and this fact caused him to feel deep apprehension.

“Kid, Yang Shi is your uncle. Is this how you speak to your elders? And you even injured your elder cousin, do you have any reason left?” Suddenly, one of Yang Qi’s uncles stood up.

There were more than thirty experts present on the scene who were Yang Qi’s uncles. Yang Shi, Yang Zhen, and Yang Xu were the three with highest cultivation bases, all already at the eighth stage.

The rest were all sixth, seventh, and some even fifth stage experts. In the Fengrao continent, fifth stage Qi-craft possessing cultivators were considered powerful, deemed capable of battling one against a hundred enemies.

Yang family had a rule. Members who had attained the fifth stage could venture out and develop their own businesses. They could marry and establish their own household.

Yang Qi’s uncle who had denounced him just now was named Yang Kui. He had a cultivation base of sixth stage and was considered as a high-level expert of the family. He was in charge of Yang family’s business in Redleaf city, situated towards east.

“What? This was a fair fight, why should I have held back? Besides, I won’t be the least bit courteous to a person who wishes to seize my father’s position. Do you not agree, uncle Yang Kui? You’ve stood up like this, could it be you wish to fight me as well? Alright, I’ll be glad to exchange pointers with uncle Yang Kui. I hope you’ll be able to teach me a few moves.”

Yang Qi lightly said; neither cold nor heated. Yang Kui’s face turned shades of red and green.

“You!” With a flicker, Yang Kui’s body arrived in the hall’s center, “Very well, I’ll teach you kid who can’t even differentiate between elders and juniors.”

“You’re welcome to try,” Yang Qi’s body suddenly turned bolt upright, truly intending to face Yang Kui.

Yang Zhan’s brows twitched. He wished to speak, but didn’t do so and calmly watched the scene playing before his eyes. He wished to see how much of a surprise this unfilial son of his would give him today.

“Is this Yang Qi really going to face a sixth-stage expert?”

“What is he relying on? Doesn’t he know the difference between a fifth layer expert and sixth layer expert is ten folds? Even fifteen fifth-stage experts wouldn’t be able to defeat a sixth-stage expert. Does he want to die?”

“What fortune….his martial arts were clearly crippled, but he actually made a profit out of the lightning strike. He is a bit too arrogant though, wishing to battle someone above his rank….”

A spirited discussion again aroused among Yang family experts, while a few talented youngsters of the family looked at Yang Qi with keen interest.

Among Yang family’s elder generation, Yang Zhan was the number one expert.

However, as far as the younger generation was concerned, the cultivation base of Yang Qi and his two brothers only lay in the middle. There were several talented figures among the young generation of the branch families.

“Yang Zhan, your son wish to fight me, what do you think?” Yang Kui was forced into action, but his eyes were on Yang Zhan.

“It’s fine if you give him a few pointers regarding his cultivation base.” Yang Zhan expressionlessly said, evidently in approval.

“Fine. Fists and kicks have no eyes; don’t cry if I hurt your son.” He clenched his fists and mobilized his Qi-craft. One of his palms slashed, bursting out a strand of sharp-edged Qi which condensed into a long blade’s illusionary image and slashed at Yang Qi, “Frantic Demonic Qi Blade!”

Yang Kui cultivated Yang family’s “Frantic Demonic Qi-craft” and excelled in fighting with savagery. Once Frantic Demonic Qi Blade was used, it slashed anywhere and everywhere like a frantic, demonic blade. The berserk aura on the edge of the blade could wrest away one’s heart and soul. Those with weak mental fortitude would be immediately terror-stricken at its sight.

However, Yang Qi remained exceptionally calm.

His feet moved, and he dodged it! His body wriggled like a snake, moving back and forth like a fish in water. The technique he’d used was precisely the most traditional movement type martial art of Yang family, “Aquatic Dragon Hundred Transformations”

Yang family had a lot of martial arts, every single one of which was profoundly mysterious. Even a seemingly modest one would turn mystical if cultivated to an extremely high level.

Pushing this Yang family’s martial art to the peak by the means of [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]’s peerless Qi-craft, Yang Qi could avoid danger in fraction of seconds. Even before, he had a decent body and a cultivation base that excelled among his peers. After the cultivation of these few days and the maturity he’d gained, his martial arts had made a significant improvement.


Seeing that Yang Qi was able to evade past his Frantic Demonic Qi Blade, his hand again closed, and Qi energy shot out from between his five fingers; a meter long and exceptionally sharp beams as if flying swords. Such a Qi weapon could slice iron as if mud. A mere touch from it could chop a person into two halves.

Everybody knew that Yang Qi was in a dire situation. This technique called “Five Petals Blooming” was Yang Kui’s killer move. It was extremely taxing on the user’s true Qi in the body, but at the same time, it was stealthy and indistinct; extremely hard to dodge.

“Hundred Steps God Fist”

Yang Qi issued a muffled roar. His body unceasingly retreated as he struck out several tens of punches in succession. Every fist was followed by a spiraling current in the air, striking on the five flying swords.

There was an enormous difference between the fifth stage and the sixth stage. The extent of Qi-craft’s denseness in the two stages was as different as soil on the ground and clouds in the sky. However, even a ferocious tiger can’t fend off a pack of wolves. Yang Qi’s speed was too quick. In a split second, he’d unleashed an excessively high number of Hundred Steps God Fists. The Qi swords were battered by Qi currents. Eventually, this Qi weapon was pushed back in the air. With a buzz, the swords began to crumble.

Surprisingly struck down by the Hundred Step God fists.

“What? How can he unleash so many Hundred Step God fists in a split second? Qi Eruption realm can’t have such a prolonged true Qi sustenance.”

Upon witnessing this scene, Yang Shi, Yang Zhen, and Yang Xu- the three experts almost had their eyes popped out. Yang Qi was simply defying their understanding of cultivation with his freakishly vigorous true Qi..

Although the quality of his true Qi was far incomparable to Yang Kui’s which could be condensed into a weapon, its quantity was too much. A Qi weapon simply couldn’t resist unceasing battering of several dozens of Hundred Step God fist’s Qi currents.

Moreover, Yang Qi’s Hundred Step God Fist was ten folds more ferocious compared to the usual fifth stage one.

“What vigorous true Qi,” As his Qi weapon was struck down, Yang Kui’s complexion changed. His body repeatedly trembled before he immediately erected a Qi-shield before him.

Peng peng peng…..

The moment Qi-shield was erected, it was battered by Hundred Steps God Fist like a tempest, causing it to repeatedly ripple, sway, and produce sounds as if iron grinding against each other.

Yang Qi who had grabbed his chance, battering his opponent with long-range punches and striking more than a hundred in one breath.

Every fist led to a Qi current, causing the air in his surrounding to ripple as if flowing water. The rustle of wind resounded throughout the main hall. Everybody in the hall could sense that this was an ancient beast that had gone berserk.

“He… a monster! This can’t be human. Even if his body has sufficient true Qi, the meridians can’t endure such a frantic Qi Eruption. Doesn’t he care his meridians will rupture?”

“This can’t be meridians of a human. Over a hundred punches, every one of which giving rise to Qi-eruption…..even a demonic beast won’t be able to do this.”

“How tenacious his meridians and Qi sea must be to endure this? Even if his body was made of iron, it might not have been able to endure this. Does being struck by thunder truly makes one this powerful?”

Eventually, some people couldn’t endure and started shivering. Yang Qi’s successive hundred punches were indeed too appalling. Even after witnessing with their own eyes, they couldn’t believe it.

Yang Kui unceasingly retreated.

Under such a high-speed assault, he no longer had the option of counterattacking and could only draw his true Qi into his shield. To avoid taking a hit from Yang Qi, his body’s true Qi was being rapidly consumed.

“Is this kid human, or a demon? With such frantic Qi-eruptions, a normal person would have died long ago, how come he is still full of energy? My sixth-stage Qi-craft is far less vigorous than his. If this continues, my true Qi will be consumed and I’ll be struck by him,” Yang Kui pondered while moving his Qi-shield about himself. He was also a veteran of many battles, how could he lose so easily? His gaze sharpened!

Frantic Demonic Explosion!

Staking everything on one move, he suddenly poured all of his true Qi into his Qi shield. The Qi shield instantly expanded and transformed into a giant sphere. It exploded in the sky, sweeping away all of Yang Qi’s Qi-currents.

Yang Qi was forced to retreat unceasingly. The Qi current of Frantic Demonic Explosion rendered him incapable of even finding his footing, much less to issue Hundred Steps God fists.

“Just fall, kid!” Yang Kui flew over as if a huge bird and pounced down. His fingers assumed the shape of a hook, and the glow of Qi flickered in and out. It seemed as if an eagle’s claw was striking down on an azure wolf.

SE Chapter 7 - Thunder In A Clear Sky
SE Chapter 9

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