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Chapter 9 – Astonished Four Thrones
Confronting the Yang Kui’s eagle claw assault, Yang Qi’s state of mind quickly calmed down.

Amidst the fierce Qi currents, his body remained steadfast like a reef at the seabed. In the anticipation of the descending force, his body suddenly twisted and unceasingly circled about like a fish in water. If his opponent was an eagle striking from the sky, he’d turned into a fish gliding into the depths of shallow waters.

Qi currents rampaged everywhere as Yang Kui loftily and viciously clawed down without cease; his palm exuding a vivid portrayal of an eagle’s claw. Shadows of claws descended one after another with an oppression like that of a mountain, seemingly bound to seize Yang Qi in a matter of seconds.

Everybody had their eyes at the center of the hall. Yang Kui soared in the air like a hawk, repeatedly striking down with a frightening fierceness.

On the other hand, Yang Qi was like a fish, moving about amidst Qi currents, repeatedly facing dangers while facing eagle claws but managing to evade every time by a hair’s breadth and causing Yang Kui to unceasingly waste true Qi without any gains.

It was not that the hawk wasn’t robust and powerful, but that the fish was too crafty and slippery.

“This kid’s movement technique is so astute, how tough his body must be to be able to exhibit Aquatic Dragon Hundred Transformations to such a degree?”

The spectators were repeatedly shocked.

The movement technique used by Yang Qi was a high-grade technique of Yang family. Ordinary experts could also learn it, but even experts of the sixth and seventh stage were hard-pressed to take it to the level displayed by Yang Qi due to this technique’s excessively high demand from one’s body.

The current level displayed by Yang Qi- causally twisting and turning, hardening his body as if iron one moment then turning it flexible and tenacious like a bowstring the next, as soft as cotton, as hard as steel, as flexible as a bow……such a realm was indeed not achieved by many.

“Nice……” As of now, Yang Zhan’s eyes only contained elation and his eldest and second son who were lying on the stretchers next to him had also awoken. Although their bodies were still affected by ‘shadow poison’, their consciousness had returned. Upon witnessing the battle between Yang Kui and Yang Qi, both of their eyes revealed profound astonishment.

“Father, wasn’t third brother’s Qi sea destroyed?” The eldest one forced out a question.

“Your third brother had an extraordinary fortuitous encounter in addition to that,” Yang Zhan said, “The heavens didn’t end our bloodline. Before the collapsing sky and sinking earth, a glimmer of opportunity has presented itself.”

“Even with the fortuitous encounter, the gap between Qi-craft’s fifth and sixth stage is too big, wouldn’t it be…”

“What’s the harm? Your third brother’s breaths are even and true Qi is almost unending. Yang Kui won’t be able to continue his berserk assault for long due to heavy true Qi consumption. Worst case, your third brother will have to settle for a tie.” Yang Zhan’s eyes shined like torches.

If Yang Zhan could see this ending, Yang Kui who was actually involved in the battle sensed it even more profoundly. He’d used his Frantic Demonic Qi-craft to teach Yang Qi a lesson, but after suffering one failure after another, he felt like a man who had seated himself on the back of a tiger and couldn’t get off even if wanted to. His true Qi was being rapidly consumed, and if the situation continued, he truly might have to suffer defeat.

A sixth layer defeated by a fifth. He would lose all his face and would never be able to raise his head in the future.


Steeling himself again, he bit his tongue, shooting out a mouthful of blood which turned into a blood arrow and rushed above his head. Under his hurried Qi-craft operating, it suddenly exploded with a bang, causing a bloody mist to diffuse about his body along with the reek of blood spreading everywhere.

Inside the bloody mist, the might of his attacks suddenly doubled. The swift true Qi between his clawed five fingers took shape of a hooked fingernail. A mere scratch from it caused a deep hole in the ground.

“Blood Sacrifice Qi-craft!”

Witnessing this scene, all Yang family experts stood up, “Actually forced to use Blood Sacrifice Qi-craft. This is a method that will twist one’s meridians, burn Qi sea, and harm cultivation base. It’s a desperate move.”

“A fifth layer forcing a sixth layer into such state. Even among the geniuses, it’s the first time I’ve seen one so talented.”

“Yang Zhan has profited from a disaster this time. To have such a son….Once the people from the council of elders find out, they are sure to cultivate him with vigor.” Some Yang family experts who belonged to neutral factions pondered.

“Since it has come to this, even Blood Sacrifice has been used, this kid Yang Qi can’t not lose.”

Yang Shi’s eyes flickered with killing intent. Yang Qi’s outstanding display actually gave birth to killing intent in his heart. If he allowed Yang Qi to develop in this manner, the aftermath would be unimaginably horrendous.

However, as soon as his killing intent was aroused, Yang Zhan’s gaze followed him like shadow closely follows the body, causing him to tread the waters with proper care.

“Fall for me, Yang Qi!”

A roar erupted from the center of the hall. Yang Kui, having used Blood Sacrifice, descended from the air. His clothes expanded, and his five-fingered hook issued a silver slash, unleashing a Qi field which completely confined Yang Qi’s movements and forced him to confront him directly.

“All out!”

At this instant, Yang Qi forgot love, hate, and everything else. Knowing that the moment of life or death and success or failure was upon him, the Qi-craft inside his body began to operate frantically, unexpectedly connecting with the lightning elephant. He punched out, meeting the eagle claw.


Upon receiving the strike, the lightning elephant suddenly erupted. A thick, intensely flickering lightning cloud appeared around Yang Qi’s body, coiling around his body like a lightning dragon.

Under the influence of the powerful lightning, Yang Kui’s Blood Sacrifice Qi-craft abruptly dispersed, and his entire being was sent flying, ramming straight into a big pillar. His body was completely roasted when it fell down, and he was painfully groaning.

After a momentary flicker, the lightning on Yang Qi’s body also disappeared without a trace.

As he quietly absorbed all the standing spectators’ astonished gazes, a feeling of complacency welled up inside of him.

Even if he’d made a much bigger blunder, would it have mattered? Strength could make up for any deficiency. The strength is paramount; this was the eternally invariant principle of this world.

“Lightning containing Qi-craft? Our Yang family never had such a Qi-craft, no? Among thousands of sects, only an extremely few have Qi-crafts that can absorb lightning and refine its essence into true Qi. How can he use it? Is it really possible that his body has undergone a transformation due to being struck by lightning?”

It took quite a while before everybody could recover. Yang Xu flew over and supported Yang Kui up. As he examined the latter’s body, he discovered that there were only a few minor burns caused by the lightning. However, the body’s true Qi consumption was dangerously high, and it wouldn’t recover before ten or fifteen days.

He looked at Yang Qi as if looking at a freak.

Yang Qi remained completely unmoved. He was inspecting his internal body with his eyes closed. He discovered that the lightning elephant had again loosened somewhat and was releasing a bit of life essence, which was slowly pervading his meridians, flesh, and bones. The second granule was also showing signs of loosening.

He began to meditate, imagining himself to have turned into eight hundred and forty million minute granules, scattered in the universe. Every granule contained the might of a star. These stars constituted a galaxy which looked like a giant elephant, bobbing up and down in the starry sky of the cosmos. Every star contained the embryo of a giant elephant within, ready to be awakened.

“Excellent! The second granule is ready to be awakened. My true Qi will become twice as vigorous, and I’ll gain two ancient elephants’ power. Then I’ll soon be able to go from the qualitative change to quantitative change and enter sixth layer’s realm of Qi Arms, and surprise everybody once again.”

Today he’d already made everybody’s eyes almost pop out. How would Yang family members react if they were to suddenly discover that he’d suddenly advanced into the sixth layer just after a few days?

To advance from fifth layer to sixth layer, one had to bitterly cultivate their Qi-craft for at least twenty years. To make it in a few days? It was simply impossible.

In today’s huge battle, the battle of true Qi had allowed him to refine the lightning elephant a little more again. This was the only reason he hoped to leap over to the sixth layer so fast.

Clomp clomp clomp…. A youngster walked out of the crowd with steady footsteps before Yang Qi and patted him, ”Cousin Yang Qi, it’s really astonishing that you’re able to defeat a sixth layer expert with a fifth layer cultivation base. Your name as genius is indeed not without a cause. I’m easily excited by watching others, and so wish to have a round with you. What do you think?”

“So it’s elder cousin Honglie. You’ve long been our young generations’ genius! You entered the sixth layer way back, and at present, your cultivation is most likely to be in the seventh layer, right? But aren’t you more than ten years older than me?”

Yang Qi’s opponent turned out to be the number one genius of Yang family’s young generation, Yang Honglie. He was ten years older than Yang Qi and had entered the fifth stage when he was merely fifteen years old. Ten years later, his cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds, and at present, he was an expert of the seventh layer of Qi manifestation realm. He could give shape to true Qi and condense it into a substantial entity. He was not to be underestimated.

Yang Honglie was quite likely to enter the eighth layer of Qi transformation realm.

A thirty-year-old eighth layer expert was considered a genius anywhere in Fengrao continent.

At present, Yang Qi knew that he was not a seventh layer expert’s opponent. He’d recently been able to defeat Yang Kui, a sixth layer expert, only relying on the power of lightning elephant and suddenly erupting with lightning true Qi. Moreover, Yang Kui was not a peak sixth layer expert.

Seventh layer and sixth layer were as different as day and night.

However, with [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], Yang Qi would quickly be able to surpass Yang Honglie and become the number one expert among the young generation of Yang family.

“Qi-er, your today’s performance is already enough to bring glory to your father,” Yang Zhan waved his hand and again sent out a light screen, bringing Yang Qi back to his side, ”No need to try to be brave now. Your cousin Honglie is ten years older than you. His cultivation base is bound to be deeper than yours. You have no choice but to accept this fact.”

“Why? Yang Qi, weren’t you arrogant just now and even struck your uncle? Now that you’re before a member of the same generation, you don’t dare to fight?” A youngster provoked.

“A competition between youngsters, exchanging pointers, is obviously reasonable.” An old man gloomily said.

Although they knew that Yang Qi was already a genius with his present accomplishments, his momentum was too extensive and needed to be repressed a bit.

“Yang Qi, you said that Honglie is ten years older than you. You are not thinking to compete with him ten years later, are you? Ten years later, he would still be ten years older than you. This excuse won’t work.” Someone said with a hearty laughter.

“No need for ten years, three months are sufficient.” Yang Qi coldly said while looking at the crowd around him, “Yang Honglie, three months from today, we’ll have a match. In any case, three months later, it will be time for our Yang family to leave for Black Corpse mountain range. We’ll decide the winner and loser then, what do you say?”

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