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Chapter 10 – Three-Month Agreement


Yang Qi’s three-month declaration again stupefied everybody.

Yang Honglie’s eyes shined, “Yang Qi, are you serious?” He didn’t believe that with Yang Qi’s present cultivation base he would be able to surpass him. This was simply a fantasy.

Even if a peak expert forcefully channeled his Qi-craft into Yang Qi’s body, it would still be impossible. If it was that simple, nobody would have to cultivate. One could simply leap over realms without having to tread every step with caution.

“I’m serious,” Yang Qi resolutely said, “Today, before so many elders, we can make an agreement. Three months later, at the time of the autumn hunt, we’ll have a duel. Regardless of the winner and loser, we’ll fight to our heart’s’ content. What do you say? Do you dare accept?”

“Haha,” Yang Honglie heartily laughed, “Cousin, you are too arrogant. Since it was you who proposed, what reason do I have to not agree?”

Subsequently, the two individuals made an agreement before all their elders. The winner and loser will be decided three months later during Yang family’s autumn hunt.

Yang family’s autumn hunt was an imitation of the royal hunt of Fengrao continent’s Sheng Zu dynasty where the experts of the royal clan gathered together and hunted demons to hone their skill and keep the clan flourishing.

Basically, every big clan kept a close eye on which family member had a powerful cultivation base, who could gain fame, power, authority…and so on.

In Yang family, almost every time during a clan assembly, a competition between the family’s young members was held. Whichever branch’s disciple showed outstanding performance, that branch’s leader bathed in glory and his position in the family also improved.

“Qi-er, are you really sure?” When Yang Zhan saw this agreement, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows before sending a strand of Qi into Yang Qi’s ears.

“Please be at ease, father. I am certain of the victory” Yang Qi replied back with his voice condensed in Qi.

“Good. After this assembly ends, we’ll talk about our future plans and discuss how to treat your brothers.” Yang Zhan nodded. He then swept his gaze through the main hall and unhurriedly spoke, “Gentlemen, you’re here to discuss the important affairs of the clan. Out of the three points of the agreement, two have been concluded. First: I, Yang Zhan, will compensate for the Dragon Subduing Pill. Second, my son has profited from the disaster and his Qi-craft has shown great improvement. He is not a wastrel, but a genius of the clan. As of now, there isn’t anybody who wish to seek punishment for him, is there? As for the clan leader’s issue, let’s wait here for the message from the council of elders.”


Just when he’d barely finished speaking, a loud screeching sound resounded before an eagle which was even bigger than a horse appeared in the sky. Bathing under sunlight, its whole body seemed to be cast in gold. It landed in the courtyard, setting off a strong gale.

“Clan’s golden eagle.”

Some older experts stood up and arrived in the courtyard. This eagle had extraordinary origins and was the mount of a Yang family’s elder.

Amidst ripples of wind, an individual descended from the eagle. It was an elderly man who, from his completely white hair and beard, seemed in his nineties, close to hundred.

“Great uncle,” Upon seeing this person, even Yang Zhan immediately struck out a greeting.

This person was one of the Yang family elders, named Yang Zhougong. Although his cultivation base was not in the ninth stage, he was a powerful peak eighth-stage expert, which was hardly any different than Yang Zhan with his current cultivation base. Above all, he’d come to announce the will of the council of elders.

“En, I heard your son provoked a huge catastrophe. I’m here to represent the council of elders. Yang Zhan, your cultivation base is becoming more and more profound. I reckon you will enter the ninth stage in another ten years and become Qi-craft’s Ancestor.”

He came down and patted his golden eagle. With but a glance, he was able to discern Yang Zhan’s cultivation base.

“Great uncle, although my son provoked a huge disaster, he also matured as a result,” Yang Zhan recounted the recently occurred events. Even his great grand uncle was also astonished. He first looked at the Yang Feng and Yang Kui who had been defeated by Yang Qi, then shifted his attention onto Yang Qi.


He made a grabbing motion in the air, and a jar-sized palm made of azure-colored true Qi suddenly appeared and grabbed at Yang Qi.

Yang Qi had almost no time to react before he was grabbed by it. Subsequently, he could feel former’s boundless Qi-craft infiltrating his meridians.

His face remained unmoved. He’d already begun to circulate “Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], which made his body bottomless like hell. The lightning elephant also disappeared without a trace.

“Body really solid and tough, brimming with vitality. It’s close to an ancient beast’s, simply not human’s…..” Yang Zhougong mumbled.

“Even Fate Stealing experts can’t survive a lightning strike- to actually profit from it, it’s simply a miracle.” In the end, he didn’t have any worthwhile gains from his inspections, but he now knew that Yang Qi had an incredible potential.

Releasing Yang Qi, this elder swept his glance through the rest, “Yang Zhan’s clan leader position can’t waver. These are troubling times for the clan, and also the time for the clan to be united. There can’t be an internal strife. It’s only some compensation; as long as we’re here, everything can be recovered. Yang Zhan, teach this son of yours and make him recognize his mistakes. Let this serve a precedent for his future contributions for the clan.”


Everybody lowered their heads. The council of elders had given the word. The few ambitious experts could only suppress their desires in their hearts.

They all knew that this time Yang Qi had emerged as a new force who brought glory to Yang Zhan. Otherwise, if not for a son with boundless potential, it would have been hard to say whether Yang Zhan could have kept his position as clan leader.


Yang Zhougong leaped on the golden eagle’s huge back and soared into the sky, leaving as fast as he’d arrived.

Yang family’s internal crisis had been thoroughly resolved.

“Humph! Farewell for now, we’ll meet again three months later at the time of the autumn hunt.” Yang Shi waved his cloak and leaded his group out.

The other branch family experts also left one after another.

After two hours, the entire Yang mansion had once again become tranquil. The only people remaining in the assembly hall were Yang Zhan, the old housekeeper, and the two brothers of Yang Qi who had shadow poison in their bodies.

“It’s hard to imagine that you ended up profiting from this disaster, Qi-er. I’m glad.” Yang Zhan’s eyes coldly flickered, “But your eldest brother and second brother ended up infected by shadow poison this time. This is someone planning to take care of me, Yang Zhan by taking advantage of your situation. I’ll definitely uncover the culprit.”

“Yes, we must take revenge and treat eldest brother and second brother,” Yang Qi crouched and channeled his profound Qi-craft into the bodies of his brothers. As expected, he discovered that the shadow poison had not dispersed and was even circulating with the blood and Qi, spreading out in their bodies and participating in bodily metabolisms as if a part of the body.

This “shadow poison” seemed like sweat, impossible to get rid of regardless of how one may try.


At this point, feeling the true Qi in his body, Yang Qi’s eldest brother suddenly trembled and let out a deep sigh, “Third brother, Your true Qi seems to have a kind of soothing effect on my body. It feels different than the father’s true Qi.”

“Really?” Yang Qi was pleased inwardly, “Is it possible that [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] has the ability to suppress shadow poison? At present, my true Qi is not strong, so the result is not evident. Seems like I’ll have to step my cultivation up!”

“Qi-er, your true Qi seems odd. After going throught the lightning’s tempering, it has fundamentally changed. From today, I’ll teach you our Yang family’s top skill, Invincible King Fist,” Yang Zhan loftily said, “Now that you’ve pledged to defeat Yang Honglie in three months, I’ll let you fulfilllfil it.”

“Invincible King Fist!”

Yang Qi was astonished inwardly. He’d previously heard that there was a hidden, top skill in the clan, almost approaching the level of a King grade Qi-craft.

In the world, various Qi-crafts were divided into Low grade, Medium grade, High grade, King grade, Emperor grade, Sage grade, Heaven grade, and God grade.

“Invincible King Fist” was a Q-craft cultivation technique between High grade and King grade.

Usually, merely possessing a High-grade Qi-craft allowed an aristocratic clan to exist for several centuries and even a millennium.

A King-grade one would simply allow one to establish their own dynasty.

Emperor grade Qi-crafts, Sage grade Qi-crafts, and Heaven grade Qi-crafts were only found in legends.

God grade Qi-crafts, as the name implied, didn’t belong to humans. They were techniques for the gods’ cultivation. Even the gods had to cultivate.

Yang Qi was almost sure that his [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] was at least a Heaven-grade Qi-craft, if not a God-grade one. Upon cultivation, this technique would allow one to have the power of eight hundred and forty million ancient elephants- equivalent to the power of a divine elephant, which simply didn’t belong to the human world.

A God grade Qi-craft appearing on the mainland would turn the treasure-holder into the target of the whole continent’s pursuit. Thus, he didn’t dare mention it to his father.

The less number of people know about this technique, the better it would be. Even a million corpses falling with entire clans being wiped out might not be enough to stop the news of such a technique from spreading out . Yang Qi knew that only when he had sufficient power to protect his clan would he be able to tell his father.

“Lord, if you’re going to pass that technique to the young master, this servant will go out and keep watch.” The old housekeeper faintly bowed and went outside.

“Qi-er, look carefully! Invincible King Fist, first move – Triumph In Every Battle!”


Fiery Qi streams shot out from his back. Within an instant, true Qi condensed into six long arms behind his back like a crab or spider.

The true-Qi arms were thick and sturdy, vividly portraying the image of real arms. Every arm was forming a seal, seemingly profound and frightening. Yang Qi was immediately alarmed, feeling as if his father had suddenly grown six more arms.

“The realm of Invincible King Fist’s greater success, the image of three heads and six arms. Your father can only grow six arms and haven’t cultivated to three heads yet. Once I succeed, I’ll also become a ninth-stage Qi Ancestor. These are the six moves; Ever Victorious, All Conquering, Unstoppable, In spite of Laws and Heaven, Eternally Invincible, and All Matter Returns To The Origin.”

Yang Zhan roared, and the six life-like arms behind his body shook momentarily before successively striking out the six moves which shot out of the main hall and crashed into the long, mist-covered lake in the vast garden outside the hall.

The lake fiercely exploded as if struck by a fallen meteor. An accountable water mass exploded out of the lake, rising in the sky and bringing a downpour over the entire Yang mansion.

“What powerful strength…..”

Yang Qi looked at the scene with a slightly paled face. Although his father couldn’t overturn seas and flip rivers in one strike, his Qi-craft was enough to let him detonate a lake with bare hands. This strike’s might was enough to destroy a hilltop.

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