SS Chapter 3

By | July 28, 2017
Chapter 2 - Su Xiaoxiao's Heart Shattered Into Pieces.
SS Chapter - 4

Chapter 3- Debt Of Blood Is To Be Settled With Blood

Su Xiaoxiao did as told. As expected, mother Su’s complexion started to turn a bit better. Looking at the situation before her eyes, Su Xiaoxiao eventually calmed down and continued to lightly press according to the instructions of Xiao Bing.

Looking at mother Su’s complexion gradually improving, Xiao Bing also let out a sigh of relief. The little bit of first aid he’d learned at Zhang Yizhi’s place turned out to be useful after all.

Xiao Bing observed the surroundings. The shop’s window had been completely destroyed and tables and chairs were lying about haphazardly. Evidently, mother Su’s heart attack was not a mere chance.

There were three staff members in the shop. At this moment, they were all hovering about the scene. One among them was the middle-aged woman who claimed to have fed the quick-action pill to mother Su while the other two were about twenty-two-year-old girls.

Xiao Bing looked at the middle-aged woman who was the eldest of the three and asked, “How should I call you?”

“My name is Wang Guizhi…..”

“Aunt Wang, can you tell me what happened here? How did aunty fell ill?”

As soon as Xiao Bing raised this question, the faces of Wang Guizhi and the two girls revealed resentment. From Wang Guizhi’s explanation, Xiao Bing found out that this road was called Civil Lines. Due to being situated in the proximity of a university, the business was quite good on the entire street.

Two years ago, a youngster called brother Fingerless marked this street as his territory. All the shops on the street had to pay a monthly protection money. However, this month, brother Fingerless broke the convention. A few days ago, one of his underlings came and collected the protection money, only for boss Fingerless to come again today. Wang Guizhi tried to explain, and the shop was destroyed as a result. She herself almost died on the spot due to a heart attack.

Xiao Bing took a deep breath. During her days at Dragontooth, Peiya risked her life countless times to ensure her fellow citizens’ peaceful lives. Upon retiring and establishing Dragongate, Peiya’s heart continued to worry about her fellow citizens. Now she was dead but these citizens whom she protected throughout her life injured her family, almost killing her mother!

Unbeknownst to anybody, killing intent had sprouted in Xiao Bing’s heart.

At this moment, the ambulance stopped at the entrance. The medical crew entered with a stretcher and carried mother Su inside the ambulance. Xiao Bing and Su Xiaoxiao silently entered the ambulance while the other three females remained behind to clean the fight scene.

After going through these events, Su Xiaoxiao’s attitude was also not as rejecting as in the beginning, but, she didn’t look good either. The news of her sister passing away coupled with the current situation made her even more withdrawn throughout the journey. The ambulance stopped outside the hospital’s entrance. Everybody got off the ambulance but she only responded after the medical personnel beside urged her, “Huh, oh ok….”

Xiao Bing reached out with his hand and softly said, “Let me help you come down.”

“No need.” Su Xiaoxiao stubbornly ignored his hand and jumped down the ambulance. Xiao Bing softly said from the side, “Don’t tell your sister’s news to your mother yet. She may not be able to endure with her physical condition.”

Su Xiaoxiao replied, “I think so too, and……thank you for just now in the shop.”

Xiao Bing said with a faint smile, “No need for thanks, it was no trouble. I happened to have learned a bit of simple first aid treatment with my friend, and as it happened, you also managed to learn it. It’s handy, isn’t it?”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “If you leave now and won’t bother me and mother in the future, I’ll be even more grateful.”

Xiao Bing forced out a bitter laugh. At this moment, mother Su was hurriedly carried into the emergency department. Xiao Bing and Su Xiaoxiao quickly followed her in.

Upon entering, Xiao Bing snatched the chance to pay the cost and down payment. When he returned, the operation had already begun. Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Xiao Bing with complex emotions in her eyes, “I rushed out in a hurry. I’ll pay you back home.”

Xiao Bing shook his head and said, “This money is not mine. Here is your sister’s bank card. All of her savings are in here. Before passing away, she specifically asked me to give this to you. Keep it well, alright?”

It included her wage from the time when she worked in the special forces together with rewards for the missions she completed in Dragongate. Since they received highly dangerous missions accompanied with high rewards every time, the total amount in this card was enough to allow an ordinary person to live many lives.

Su Peiya ordinarily also sent money to her family, but for the fear of causing her family too much worry, she didn’t send too much. Before her death, she entrusted Xiao Bing to give this card which contained all her savings to her family.

Su Xiaoxiao pushed the card back and said, “Will a bank card make up for my sister’s life? I have no need for this card.”

Xiao Bing said, “But this card is your sister’s!”

“I only want her to come back!” These words almost came as a shout from Su Xiaoxiao’s mouth, and her eyes were deep red. After looking at her, Xiao Bing could only sigh and keep the card in her stead.

Probably because the recent scene made her remember her sister’s death, she no longer spoke to Xiao Bing. Evidently, she blamed her sister’s death on him.

Xiao Bing silently sat down on the bench while Su Xiaoxiao paced about the emergency room’s door. Roughly an hour later, the emergency room’s door opened, and the in-charge doctor walked out. He took off his mask and exhaled before asking, “Who among you is the patient’s family?”

“I’m the patient’s daughter.”

The doctor looked at Su Xiaxiao and said, “Fortunately, with timely rescue plus your suitable measures in the situation, the patient is now out of mortal danger.”

Su Xiaoxiao let out a sigh of relief as if a rock had been lifted from heart. She said with a grateful face, “Thank you, doctor.”

“However, we’ve discovered some abnormalities in the patient’s body.”

Su Xiaoxiao’s face transformed, but before she could speak, the doctor said, “First, no need to worry too much. During her time in hospital, I’ll conduct an advanced inspection on her.”

As Su Xiaoxiao was hurriedly expressing her thanks, mother Su was carried out of the emergency room. When she passed by Su Xiaoxiao and Xiao Bing, her vision found Xiao Bing and her lips mouthed off thank you in a faintly audible voice. She was then taken to the ward.

The nurse looked at Su Xiaoxiao and Xiao Bing, then said, “This is your boyfriend, right? The patient has just been saved, she needs to rest now. One of you staying for the night is enough.”

Su Xiaoxiao was just about to refute the relationship between her and Xiao Bing, but Xiao Bing snatched her opportunity, “Then I’ll leave first. Xiaoxiao, don’t forget to call me if you need something!”

Holding Xiao Bing’s card in her hand, she glared at him. However, Xiao Bing didn’t seem to care and walked along the staircase. Su Xiaoxiao looked at his retreating figure with a complex gaze.

An individual in a white coat heading up the stairs brushed past Xiao Bing. The moment they crossed, Xiao Bing suddenly reached out and grabbed at counterpart’s neck at a lightning fast speed.

Xiao Bing’s movements were quick, precise, and ruthless. Even an expert might not have been able to dodge it. However, the counterpart dodged it, but the following movements of Xiao Bing were even quicker and stranger. With a pop, his palm neither heavily nor lightly struck the stomach section individual in the white coat, pushing his back against the wall.

Xiao Bing hurried downstairs while dragging the counterpart with him, made a few quick turns, and entered a bathroom. The bathroom was completely empty. Xiao Bing moved his hand back without turning and locked the bathroom.

“Little Bei, how long have you been following me?”

Little Bei was a young-and-tender looking twenty-year-old youngster. While rubbing his stomach, he said with a bitter smile, “Your palm almost killed me, captain. With this dress on my body, how could you tell it was me? On a second thought, if you can’t see through even such a petty trick, you wouldn’t be my captain.”

Xiao Bing’s brows creased, “I quit Dragontooth long ago.”

“Oh,” Little Bei’s face turned somewhat sad, but he recovered his sunny smile immediately afterwards and said, “Cap….brother Bing, Lin squadron said that you asked for a helper.”

“So you recommended yourself?”

Little Bei patted his hair and with a mischievous smile, “I arrived a few hours before you and camped under Peiya’s house until you came. Then you entered the hospital, and I followed you in.”

“Uh huh. Your sister Peiya is dead. The traitor of the dragongate is still not discovered. However, during her last breaths, Peiya said that the traitor’s identity is linked with her younger sister.”

“Su xiaoxiao?” Little Bei astoundedly said, “Isn’t she an ordinary university student? She is somewhat beautiful also the flower of the class, but there is nothing extraordinary about her.”

Xiao Bing faintly nodded; his eyes a little gloomy, “A few months ago, dragongate received a huge sum of money. Before leaving to Somalia, even though I could guess this time’s mission wouldn’t go as smooth, I never expected that our every single move was already anticipated by them. Then someone secretly contacted Peiya and informed her that there was a traitor in Dragongate. Thereupon, Peiya went to meet him, but the two of them ran into an ambush. By the time I hurried over there, Peiya was in her last breaths and that mysterious informer was already dead. However, before dying, he told Peiya that the proof regarding the traitor is related to Su Xiaoxiao, but she herself is completely unaware.”

Little Bei asked, “So that’s why you’re here?”

“En, to find out the traitor’s identity through Su Xiaoxiao and to protect her until I do so. I, however, can’t stay by her side at all times, so I want you to protect her in secret. I’ll be the light, you’ll be the shadow. If something happens in my absence, the first thing you’ll do is to inform me.”

“I understand…..” Little Bei’s eyes were red but his face still carried a sunny smile, “Brother Bing, I entered Dragontooth because I admire you. I;ve considered you as my real brother and sister Peiya as real sister. When you two retired, I also wished to leave with you two, but you didn’t agree……but now sister Peiya is already gone. I’ll think of every possible means to get revenge for her.”

“En,” Xiao Bing patted his shoulder and said, “It’s good that you came. You are not weak at all despite your small age. Moreover, you care about your sister Peiya, which sets me at ease. From now on, you as shadow and me as light, we’ll protect Su Xiaoxiao from being silenced.”

“What about Aunty?”

Xiao Bing thought for a moment and said, “Aunty probably doesn’t need protection. If the opponent is aware that the proof is with Su Xiaoxiao, they’ll only target her. If they tried to target aunty first, it would simply be beating grass and scaring the snake away. In short, when I’m not around, protect her well!

“I know.” Little Bei bit his lip and heavily nodded.

Looking at little Bei’s red eyes, Xiao Bing sighed, “Little Bei, you’re sister Peiya is not here anymore but she worried about you when she was alive……If you can’t bear just let it out.”

Little Bei bit his lip and shook his head.

“Alright, I’ll leave then,” Xiao Bing let out a sigh and said, “I’ll trouble you to work with shifts me this time. Don’t let her discover you.”

As Xiao Bing left the bathroom, the door closed from inside before he heard whimpers of crying, ‘This kid…..don’t worry, I won’t let you be sad for too long. The debt of blood is to paid in blood!”

Chapter 2 - Su Xiaoxiao's Heart Shattered Into Pieces.
SS Chapter - 4

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