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Chapter 11 – Invincible King Fist

After exhibiting the might of “Invincible King Fist” with a single move, Yang Zhan’s face had faintly paled. Evidently, even he could only produce such a power once.

Subsequently, he told Yang Qi everything including the six hand seals, cultivation method, true Qi employment and circulation until the latter had thoroughly understood and memorized the technique.

“Train hard now, Qi-er. In the meantime, your father will track down those who made a move against our Yang family and poisoned your brother while also looking for ways to expel shadow poison from their bodies.”

With a wave of hand from Yang Zhan, the old housekeeper entered inside, “At the lord’s command,”

“Make a list of all our stored treasures and the few properties we own, then go and negotiate at the city master mansion. See how much is needed to compensate for the price of Dragon Subduing pill.”

Upon hearing these words, Yang Qi’s face paled and his fists secretly clenched.

His branch of the family consisted of Yang family’s direct bloodline. They had a deep accumulation of wealth. However, this time they would inevitably lose all of their fortune. Everything including silk shops, farms, drug stores, spirit-stone shops, weapon stores, and treasuries would be handed over to the city master mansion to compensate for the price of Dragon Subduing pill.

Yang Qi knew perfectly well what was Dragon Subduing pill. It was a medicinal pill of the highest quality. It was rumored to be made from a dragon’s blood. After consumption, it would arouse a smidgen of a dragon’s power in one’s blood, increasing the consumer’s strength and lifespan.

The city master was rumored to have obtained two of them, one of which he consumed himself and broke through into the realm of Qi Ancestor while the other was stored away in a secret room before it was stolen by Yang Qi through bribing the treasury guards for the sake of winning over Yun Hailan’s favor. Unfortunately, he ended up betrayed.

One medicinal pill was going rob Yang family’s direct bloodline of their entire fortune, which would lead to a lot of servants, guards, maids, and attendants losing their jobs.

The grand Yang mansion supported a thousand people in total.

“Don’t worry, son. As long as we’re here, even a thousand pounds of gold can be recovered back. The most important thing is strength. I, Yang Zhan, can cough out a Dragon Subduing pill.” Yang Zhan patted his son’s back.

‘I’ll certainly earn the Dragon Subduing pill back.’

Yang Qi walked out.

In Yan city, more than a ten blocks away from Yang mansion, at a place more than five kilometers away, there was another grand mansion which had two words written at its top, Cheng Mansion,

It was the Cheng family, one of the other aristocratic families of Yan city.

At this moment, inside the family’s heavily furnished assembly hall, four family leaders were sitting together. They were the clan leaders of Wang, Liu, Li, and Cheng family.

Cheng family’s clan leader was wearing a loose-fitting silk robe. His Qi-craft was profound; his casual movements made Qi rings coil about his body due to his unique, high-grade technique “Three Ringed Qi-craft.”

“Gentlemen, a big incident has occurred in Yang family, are you aware?” Cheng family’s clan leader unhurriedly said.

“I’m aware, and I can even guess most of the aftermath as of this moment,” Wang family’s clan leader struck the table,” Yang family’s branch division experts came to force the abdication of the clan leader. You all saw that even a golden eagle appeared in the sky, which meant intervention of the council of elders. As for what actually transpired in the assembly, I’m not too sure. As of now, those people have already left the Yan city, and there is no way to make inquiries.”

“Yang family occupies one of the top positions among all the aristocratic families of Yan city. Yang Zhan’s cultivation base is above all of us, this much is unquestionable. However, this time, all of his three sons have been crippled. His elder son and second son are infected with shadow poison. They were seen carried back from outside the city. My people have also heard that he’s just ordered his housekeeper to make an account of all of their assets in the city to compensate for the treasure’s loss. He’ll probably lose all of his fortune this time,” Liu family’s clan leader said, “Yang family’s situation is weak, and we harbor some enmity with them even in usual times. This is the time to join hands and strike down the sinking boat! A pity that Yang Zhan was not infected by the shadow poison. It would have been perfect if that happened!”

“Humph! Him getting infected by the shadow poison is only a matter of time.” Chen family’s clan leader sinisterly laughed.

The sound of this laughter caused the other leaders to feel a cold shiver run down their spine.

“Could it be….”

“That’s right. My Chen family has established contacts with Shadow Poison sect.” Chen family’s clan leader stood up. He then swept his vision around and patted his hands. The next instant, a few figures had appeared in the room. They were all wearing dark clothes and had their faces covered with a dark cloth. Their bodies gave off chilly auras, evidently due to cultivating pure Yin type Qi-crafts.

“This gentleman is Shadow Poison sect’s envoy; a poison master and peak eighth layer cultivator, only a step behind the realm of Qi Ancestor.” Cheng family’s patriarch made a grand introduction for them.

The few leaders exchanged a glance and unnaturally stood up.

“Hehehe…..” That poison master chuckled, causing others to feel goosebumps,”We’re here to take care of Yang family. First, Yang Zhan. This man has a profound strength and he’d eaten Levitation Grass before, and thus, would become a great material to refine a Flying Poison puppet. Second, Yang family’s secretly passed quasi-King grade technique, Invincible King Fist. Third, which is also our Shadow Poison sect’s primary objective- to deal with Yang Zhan’s foster younger sister and Heavenly Throne institute’s disciple, Yang Susu. We can’t enter Heavenly Throne academy, but since Yang family is in danger and that Susu currently assumes the surname Yang, she is sure to help, and when she comes….”

After saying these words, the poison master again sinisterly laughed.

‘This matter……actually involves a struggle between two tyrannous factions,’ The clan leaders looked at each other.

On Fengrao continent, although the influence of the aristocratic clans was not small, it wasn’t comparable to that of city masters, and the city masters were nowhere influential compared to sects. Only dynasties like Sheng Zu dynasty could contend against sects.

“Gentlemen, we’ll completely destroy Yang family once and for all. Once we’ve dealt with Yang Zhan, the other branches can easily be dealt with. As for those elders, shadow poison sect’s experts will naturally take care of them! My Chen family and Shadow poison sect will bring a lot of benefits to your families.”

Chen family’s patriarch said, “Let’s discuss the plan of dealing with Yang family now.”

Numerous schemes were being plotted.

A few days had passed since Yang family assembly. The news of the housekeeper being dispatched to the city master mansion with an account of Yang family’s assets had thoroughly spread in Yan city. Everybody knew that Yang family’s direct bloodline would lose a big chunk of their fortune. On top of that, Yang Zhan’s third son Yang Qi had been crippled of his Qi-craft while second son and eldest son had been infected with shadow poison.

Discussions of Yang family’s decline were brewing everywhere.

Even in the Yang mansion, dark clouds loomed over some of the maids, servants, and guards. Aside from accounting families assets, Yang Zhan had dispatched people to investigate who could have poisoned his eldest son and second son, while at the same time, he also looking for the ways of dissolving the poison everywhere, making him extremely busy.

Yang Qi silently observed all the events unfolding. He could only be resigned to cultivate in secret with all his might and attain higher realms if he wished to help his family.

It was another night with a limpid sky.

In the curtain of the night, the starry river stretched across the horizon, twinkling with a mysterious glow.

Outside Yan city, amidst a desolate mountain range, Yang Qi was sprinting absolutely unfettered. His speed was at the peak as his figure dashed across in a perfectly straight line, cleaving the air and issuing faint rumbling sounds.

As of now, Yang Qi could travel days and night without cease. Both his Qi-craft and body were deeply vigorous.

These few days, he always came to the dangerous mountain range situated a few hundred kilometers outside of Yan city to cultivate [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], for the fear that when his second granule would awaken, it would produce too big of a commotion and would arouse experts’ interest.

During his continuous five day cultivation, the true Qi inside the body had brimmed to the extreme, seeming as if it could break out of his body at any moment. He knew that the moment of breakthrough had arrived.

As he stopped running, he found himself in a valley.

This valley exhibited the shape of a calabash’s mouth. Usually all kinds of ferocious beasts roamed about the valley and snakes lay hidden in hibernation, but at this moment, there was absolute silence and desolation. Yang Qi was exuding the aura of [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]. The divine elephant suppressed hell’s fiends. Its aura was not something ordinary beasts could resist, even the demonic beasts wouldn’t dare act without thinking.


Standing in the middle of the calabash-mouth-shaped valley, Yang Qi’s feet turned heavy like an elephant’s and hands slightly bent like an elephant’s nose before he suddenly roared; his voice reverberating through the valley, causing stones to shake and fall down.

“Divine elephant suppressing hell, giant elephant awaken!”

His Qi-craft was instantly pushed to the peak, and the lightning inside his body started to frantically move within his body, releasing bursts of lightning essence which merged with his body again.


The sound of a cocoon breaking out of its shell.

It seemed as if an egg shattered into pieces or an embryo awakened in Yang Qi’s body, resulting in a majestic aura shooting up into the depths of sky and streaking across the horizon. Within an instant, berserk Qi streams formed a  whirlwinds that spiraled about his body. One could faintly make out two mountainous ancient elephant exuding an aura of- unruliness, insanity, and that of trampling everything in their wake- appearing out of the void with an intense rumbling.

A granule had been awakened again.

As of now, Yang Qi possessed the power of two giant ancient elephants.

A giant ancient elephant was nothing like ordinary elephants. Its nose was slightly curved upwards and could uproot a gargantuan tree right up while its body was more than three-four folds bigger than an ordinary elephant’s’, moreover its fur was rock-solid and impervious to any sword or spear. Some giant ancient elephants could even manipulate world’s basic Qi, giving birth to Qi-crafts like that of humans. They were the overlord of ancient demonic beasts.

In the legends, giant ancient elephants were the descendants of the divine elephant.

One could imagine how frightening Yang Qi’s current power was, having the strength of two ancient elephants contained within his meter-long boy’s body.

Buzz….. Streams of Qi ejected out of the pores present throughout Yang Qi’s body, issuing screeching sounds like that of a steam whistle or a buzz of bees; his two hands crisscrossed.

Immediately afterward, his true Qi which was originally formless started to turn substantive under high compression.

Moreover, this true Qi started to condense at his palm without dispersing away. There was finally a qualitative change as opposed to quantitative. With crackling sounds, true Qi quickly condensed, becoming rock-solid from the original gaseous state.

Carrying a primitive aura, a plain, simple, and seemingly stony battle spear appeared in Yang Qi’s hand.

Qi-craft’s sixth stage, the realm of Qi Arms.

Condensing Qi into weapons.

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