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Chapter 12 – Qi-Craft Sixth Stage



The spear in Yang Qi’s hand exuded an aura of hell. He had condensed it with his [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]’s special true Qi.

Underlord’s Spear!

Qi-craft’s sixth stage, Qi Arms. The weapon condensed in this stage was not randomly decided. It was the weapon condensed in the light of different complex circulation routes, different true Qi compositions, different distribution of acupoints in the body, and different Qi-crafts.

If it were to be randomly condensed, its might wouldn’t be impressive and it could easily be destroyed by the opponent.

For example, this ‘Underlord’s Spear’ condensed by Yang Qi was simple, stony, had a blood-dripping tip, and carried an aura of hell. With a mere glance, it could make one feel as if their soul had been sucked into hell.

With the spear in his hand, Yang Qi’s figure looked like the sovereign of hell, Underlord.

“ Underlord’s spear, go!”


The enormous energy of the giant elephants frantically operated inside his body, taking shapes of individual whirlpools. These whirlpools didn’t have the usual spiral energy, but the unique “Hell Vortex”.

(Tl: The spiral energy mentioned here is a concept of Taiji/Shadowboxing- a traditional Chinese martial art. Although not precise, you can think of it as energy that builds up in tense muscles before being discharged through punch and kicks.)

Propelled by the vortex, an explosive power was unleashed out of his hand.

Underlord’s spear streaked through the air for a distance of a few hundred steps before penetrating through a mountain. That mountain was cut through like tofu without offering the slightest bit of resistance. A long screech resounded before a dark hole appeared; its depth immeasurable.

“What power! Before my spear’s piercing speed and might, even that eighth stage, cultivator of icy Qi-crafts, Yang Shi is probably only an equal…”

Looking at the deep hole in the mountain section where even the rocks had evaporated, Yang Qi had a deep realization regarding the might of [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]. Be it the method of true Qi condensing, or the means of discharging energy outwards, other Qi-crafts lacked way far behind.

The azure ice spear that Yang Shi had condensed in the assembly hall also contained only as much might.

However, that was a proper eighth stage cultivation base.

On the other hand, Yang Qi only had a sixth stage cultivation base.

He stooped down and picked up a stone from the ground. The “Hell Vortex” in his body suddenly erupted, and the stone immediately issued a long screech. A flame streaked through the air, striking the rocky mountain and immediately exploding like a propellant.

“Nice! Cleaving air with stone and arousing the power of flames can only be possible with a cultivation of peak seventh stage. My Qi-craft’s power is this strong? Unfortunately, I’ll still have to pick the stone up myself.”

Qi-craft’s sixth stage only allowed one to condense Qi into a weapon and shoot it. It couldn’t allow one to move objects distantly.

For example, to pick up a stone, a sixth stage cultivator had to use his hands regardless of how powerful his Qi-craft might be. On the other hand, a cultivator at the seventh stage could condense true Qi into a palm and hold or release some object distantly.

“Hold and release unconstrained”- this was the most distinctive feature of a seventh stage expert.

Furthermore, seventh stage experts were capable of recovering true Qi, thus were more endurant in battles. Their Qi-craft was vigorous and unending while their battle power was ten folds more compared to sixth stage experts.

Precisely due to this reason, Yang Honglie who had cultivated to the seventh stage was considered a peerless genius and could suppress Yang Qi. It seemed certain that regardless of how sturdy Yang Qi’s true Qi was, the latter was not his opponent.

However, as of now, relying on “Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], Yang Qi felt that he could already fight against him. Especially with being able to shoot Underlord’s spear at a moment’s notice, he could even kill a seventh stage expert on the spot!

“Underlord’s Spear” was not simply a weapon. When unleashed, it also carried a howl which was like millions of devils and fiendgods issuing decadent sounds, plunging one’s heart and soul into chaos and making its strike impossible to dodge. This was a two-fold attack on both one’s body and mind.

Actually, even if an absolute genius obtained [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], he wouldn’t be able to condense Underlord’s spear.

Yang Qi was able to condense this spear so soon because the essence of the lightning elephant contained the true Qi cultivated by an expert.

He couldn’t tell the reason for the little golden figure between his eyebrows to transform into such shape, but his left behind essence was like a blessing, bestowing extraordinary abilities upon him and raising him far above the level of ordinary humans.

The surging true Qi inside his body made his entire being completely carefree. He felt like facing upwards and shouting without restraint. In a brief time period of few days, he’d cultivated to the sixth stage, the realm of Qi Arms, which was rare even when considering Fengrao continent as a whole.

“Invincible King Fist!”

He roared and executed moves of this quasi-King level martial art. Winds swirled as his mountain like palms struck faster and faster in all four directions. His every move cleaved air. Layers of soil on the surface and mountain rocks were being scraped off as if peeled by a giant axe.

“Underlord’s Spear”- a martial art such as this couldn’t be easily employed. If seen by others, it would lead to a catastrophe. During an ordinary duel, using Invincible King Fist would suffice.

Quasi-King level martial art was no trivial matter either.

During the cultivation of these few days, Yang Qi had already become proficient in all of the six moves of this technique- almost to the point of perfection. Although he couldn’t be compared to Yang Zhan who could grow six true Qi arms and explode a lake or cut through a mountain in one move, he could easily tear apart a same-ranked sixth-stage expert.

Time gradually passed, and soon it was midnight. A cold air had begun to pervade the valley. Yang Qi stopped cultivating and suddenly jumped up a tree; his movements nimbler even in comparison to a monkey. He scuttled through the trees like a bird in woods, moving in the direction leading out of mountains.

If he’d been Qi-craft’s seventh expert, it would have been completely different. He could have tread trees as if walking and even use his true Qi to condense a pair of “true Qi wings” in accordance with some special techniques. He could have soared in the air, easily traveling a distance over thousand kilometers within a day.

“Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power” after being cultivated to the seventh stage could allow one to condense a pair of “fiendish wings” which were far superior to all ‘true Qi wings” techniques.

In Yang family’s Qi-crafts, there wasn’t a single technique that could allow cultivators to condense their true Qi into wings. This was Yang family’s biggest weakness.

Even ordinary “true Qi wings” techniques were extremely rare; secrets that couldn’t be told to outsiders.

“Yun Hailan, Song Haishan…. I’ll return the debt of your deception, but it will have to wait a bit more. Once my cultivation base improves to a profound level and I’ve completely refined the lightning elephant, you’ll pay the price for deceiving me.”

In Yang Qi’s heart, reviving clan, helping his father, or helping his brothers- all were secondary. The biggest thorn in his heart was Yun Hailan’s deception.

Without settling this enmity, he wouldn’t be a man.

Soon, Yang Qi covered the mountain forest and arrived at the road connecting Yan city.

All around Yan city, in a perimeter of a few hundred kilometers, there were small towns, villages, and county towns, scattered about like stars in the sky. The roads were interweaved like a densely packed network of overlapping rivers. Some roads were so wide that more than ten carriages could travel side-by-side and were completely made of neatly and orderly laid blue flagstone.

Fengrao continent had numerous Qi-craft cultivators; almost everybody cultivated. Even people deemed as ordinary citizens had extraordinary strength. Constructing cities and roads was no trouble at all.

However, ordinary citizens cultivated mediocre, ungraded Qi-crafts and were only able to cultivate up to the fourth stage at most.

But even fourth stage provided sufficient strength. One could easily lift fifty kilograms heavy objects and even run with one. These powerful citizens participated in the construction of roads and city walls, digging canals, and cutting through mountain rocks. Therefore, one could see magnificent cities, spacious roads, and an abundance of resources in Fengrao continent.

“Fengrao” continent’s Feng wasn’t merely in name.

These citizens occasionally got their hands on Qi gathering pills and broke through into Qi Eruption realm. They were then recruited by noble clans and aristocratic families as guards. Then they were slowly assimilated into the clans, gaining status and high-level techniques.

“Huh? Seems like there is some scuffle going on at the Yan riverbank…..”

Suddenly, Yang Qi’s ear twitched.

He came down the mountains and frantically charged towards the city following the pat the of river. The entire Yan city was built along the dozens of kilometers wide and mist covered Yan river.

There were wide beaches on both sides of the river, littered with dense reeds and huge rocky cliffs. The land seemed rich and fertile, yet dangerous and filled with secret locations. There were also some Qi-craft masters who had taken shelter on these beaches.

As he was frantically charging his way ahead, he suddenly felt intense Q-craft fluctuations coming from the beach, causing him to halt in his steps. As he nimbly advanced thereupon, he immediately saw ten dark-clothed figures surrounding a woman.

Each one of these dark-clothed men was a powerful cultivator, possessing at least a cultivation base of fifth stage. Among them, the leader was even more outstanding. A casual strike from him caused true Qi to condense behind him as sinister face masks. This was a Qi-craft which allowed one to perform cultivation by mixing one’s true Qi with poisonous substances.

Being able to condense his true Qi into face masks demonstrated that this leader’s cultivation was actually in the seventh layer- a level above Yang Qi’s.

“What’s this? Shadow Poison sect’s Qi-craft?”

Yang Qi’s perception had turned extraordinary sharp. He immediately felt the same sensation from this man’s “Facemask Qi-craft” as he’d felt from the poisonous Qi in the bodies of his two brothers. Evidently, this group of dark-clothed men was made of the same enemies who attempted to inflict harm on Yang family.

On the other hand, the surrounded woman was completely dressed in white and was holding an azure-colored sword in her hand, which she was swiftly swinging. Beams of azure-colored sword Qi were being shot from the sword, which transformed into flying crowned-crane shaped Qi energy, striking and destroying the sinister face masks.

Sha sha sha…

Muffled sounds like that of raindrops falling resounded. It was the sound of spear-like crossbows unceasingly leaving the bows.

“ Star crossbow?” Yang Qi was astonished upon seeing this weapon. To his surprise, it turned out to be an exceptional weapon. Once shot, it could penetrate body’s protective true Qi and even Qi shields.

Even though the Qi shield used by Yang Kui was strong, before this “Star crossbow”, it could only be pierced.

Covering the sky, multitudes of arrows advanced towards the white-clothed woman.

In a blink of an eye, the white-clothed woman found herself by the riverbank without any path of retreat. If she retreated further, she would fall in the river. But, Shua! A pair of huge true Qi wings sprouted out from her back, each about ten meters long. With a fierce gale rising, they lifted her up high in the air. She streaked through the air like a crowned-crane, dodging all the arrows.

“That’s….[White Crane Wings] Qi-craft, city master mansion’s high-grade technique? She is actually from the city master mansion?” Astonished, Yang Qi made his move

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