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Chapter 13 – Fist Breaks Golden Bell



White Crane Wings was a high-grade technique. Although it wasn’t as fierce as “Invincible King Fist”, it could allow one to grow a pair of wings and fly in the sky. Even though it wouldn’t allow one to soar to the ninth heaven like a true white crane, one would be able to fly several hundreds of meters above the ground and glide dozens of kilometers.

It could even be said that the worth of such a Qi-craft was more or less the same as “Invincible King Fist”. After all, it could be used for fleeing and would prove quite handy for passing dangerous territories. Its practical worth was extremely high.

In the entire Yan city, city master’s clan was the only entity capable of using a wing type Qi-craft.

Even though the other families had all sorts of powerful Qi-crafts, they lacked one that could allow them to soar in the sky.

“White Crane Qi-craft” was a non-disclosable secret of the city master mansion, and it was only passed down to the direct descendants. Since this woman had used this technique, one could easily guess her identity.

“Sword Light Trembles Nineteen Provinces…”

After evading the arrows, the white-clothed woman suddenly looked downwards and stabbed down. The azure-edged sword in her hand unceasingly trembled as strands of true Qi, passing through the sword’s body, condensed into extremely destructive sword light, which shot straight down, encompassing the whole beach.

“Inescapable Net kill!”

Influenced by the dense sword light, the gravel on the surface of the beach transformed into dust particles.

Yang Qi could tell at a glance that this rapier was a sharp spiritual weapon which could amplify one’s Qi-craft- a treasure.

There were some spiritual weapons that would amplify the Qi-craft that you would channel in the weapon, and it could increase its size, even making it possible to defeat an enemy above you in terms of realm.

The leader of the black-clothed men knew that this sword was extraordinary. He raised his hands, giving rise to an oval-shaped Qi cover like a giant bell, shrouding him and his subordinates within.

“The great Bell Cover Qi-craft!”

The sword light struck the gold cover, sparking off bursts of flames and producing metal screeching sounds which travelled far into the distance rising from the surface of the river.

Even after unleashing hundred sword beams in succession, the white-clothed woman was unsuccessful in piercing the golden cover. As if she couldn’t support even a mouthful of true Qi, her wings began to turn transparent, seemingly disappearing.

Not everybody could possess a Qi-craft as vigorous as Yang Qi’s.

“Good opportunity!”

The leader suddenly withdrew his Qi-craft, and that giant golden bell counterattacked upwards, transforming into a hammer.


The giant hammer struck the white-clothed woman down from the air. Exhausted of true Qi, she fell down on the beach and spurted out a mouthful of blood, revealing her pretty face.

“What happened? Are you injured? You’ve just advanced into the seventh stage; your skills haven’t developed whereas this old man has been in the realm of Qi Manifestation for more than ten years. Can you really contend against this old man by merely relying on this azure-edged sword.” The black-clothed men’s leader step-by-step advanced towards the white-clothed woman.

“Shadow Poison sect, coming to my Yan city with you evil schemes, do you have a death wish?” The woman sternly said.

“Humph, in our Shadow Poison sect’s eyes, Yan city doesn’t amount to anything. We’ll swallow city after city, exterminate Sheng Zu dynasty, and become the ruler of Fengrao continent.” The leader said with a sinister laugh, “Since you have White Crane Qi-craft on your body, you’re presumably the daughter of Yan city master, Yan Gufeng. Since this old man stumbled upon you, It’ll serve as a good opportunity to extort some Qi Condensing Pills from Yan Gufeng.”

“Haha, boss, why don’t you let us brothers enjoy her first. We don’t even need to worry about her resistance. Our Shadow Poison sect has an ecstasy powder; once she consumes it, regardless of how noble she is, she’ll become a complete slut.” One of the black-clothed madly laughed, trying to break the white-clothed woman’s confidence.


Suddenly, the white-clothed woman forcibly pointed the sword’s edge. A sword light flashed, and like lightning, pierced through the heart of that black-clothed man standing a hundred meters ahead

That black-clothed man let out a miserable shriek and slowly fell down. Other black-clothed man retreated one after another, not expecting the white-clothed woman to be able to issue such a startling strike under her present condition.

“Damn it.” The black-clothed men’s leader turned his head and glanced at his fallen subordinate. He let out a scowl, then revealed a smile and said, “A desperate move. Though after with this strike, you’ve depleted your true Qi even more. I don’t really care if you are gonna struggle like a cornered beast; how about you try killing another one?”

As if in response to the black-clothed men’s leader, peng peng peng…..the sound of his words had barely faded when chunks of flesh shot out of the bodies of his subordinates; every single one of them pierced before they silently fell down on the beach, lying every which way.

This astonished both the black-clothed leader and the white-clothed woman.

Immediately afterward, peebles, flickering in the sky with an intense flame, struck at the leader one after another. These stones could even pierce through an iron shield. They were the hidden weapons unleashed by Yang Qi through Hell Vortex energy.

“Spiraling Qi Ball!” The black-clothed man couldn’t even blink his eyes before his Qi-craft erupted and he repeatedly snapped his fingers. Qi balls precisely struck at the pebbles. The colliding pairs led to a series of explosions in the sky as if firecrackers.

“Who sneak-attacked my men, show yourself.”

The leader flusteredly said.

“Me,” Yang Qi walked out of the reeds in large strides. His powerful aura caused the leader to retreat a few steps, Ambushing the daughter of our Yan city master on her way home, what gall!”

“Who are you kid?” The leader said with a sinister face, “You killed so many of my subordinates. Don’t you fear my Shadow Poison sect’s retaliation?”

“Retaliation? If I kill you here, nobody will ever know who killed you all. You’ve seen the world for so many years and never heard about the concept of killing to ensure silence?” Yang Qi heartily laughed.

Upon hearing this exchange of words, the white-clothed slipped a chuckle, inwardly thinking, “This youngster’s words are quite amusing.”

“Kill me? To me, it seems you can’t even write the word “die”,” The leader of the black-clothed men suddenly moved, rapidly closing in on Yang Qi. His body seemed like that of a python chasing after its prey. His figure moved zig-zag as he covered the distance of hundreds of steps in a blink of an eye.

“Be careful, this man is skilled in poison arts….” The white-clothed woman warned while taking out a pill cover and popping the pill in her mouth. It was clearly the spirit pill which allowed one to quickly recover their true Qi and body’s strength.

Before her words even entered Yang Qi’s ears, he saw an enormous true Qi facemask advancing towards him, aiming to swallow him within, and bringing a fishy smell and oppressive feeling along.

The aura coming from the enemy was overwhelming; not one to be underestimated.

“Invincible King Fist!” Secretly using all the true Qi inside his body, Yang Qi straightaway executed the six moves one after another. The true Qi instantly assembled and began circulating inside his body. An enormous Qi field suddenly erupted out and collided with the facemask, arousing a sky-covering yellow sand.

The facemask was shattered into pieces by the robust true Qi.

Yang Qi could feel his true Qi being rapidly consumed. However, his true Qi was too rich. With the power of two ancient gigantic elephants, he’d an aura as if he could uproot a mountain right up. In a breath, he’d again replenished his true Qi. He then advanced forward in large strides and unleashed Invincible King Fists on his opponent once again.

“What kind of Qi-craft this kid cultivates?”  With his facemask shattered, the leader’s true Qi was completely wasted. In his recent exchange with the white-clothed woman, he’d also consumed a lot of true Qi,”This kid’s Qi-craft is only at the sixth stage. It’s far below mine qualitatively, but why does he give off a pressure like an ancient beast’s awakening? Every move feels like a giant beast’s trampling?”

He once again adjusted his true Qi, intending to employ another one of his killer moves. However, Yang Qi’s Invincible King Fists battered him once again, berserk fist energy completely surrounding him.

“The great Bell Cover Qi-craft!”

The leader once again had to use a purely defensive Qi-craft. The golden bell appeared and covered him again, rendering Yang Qi’s Invincible King Fists useless as they struck it.

“Let’s see how many of fists can you resist!”

Yang Qi didn’t allow his opponent a single breath worth of time. [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] in his body erupted and condensed at his palms through the means of Invincible King Fist, taking shapes of jar-sized iron hammers, which repeatedly struck at his opponent. Circulating his true Qi, he punched out hundreds of times in the blink of an eye.

Buzz…. The golden shield was unceasingly quivering, emitting sound waves even visible to naked eyes. The leader inside the shield was repeatedly forced back, revealing a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. He’d evidently suffered internal injuries.


He let out an acute howl and operated the golden bell cover Qi-craft from within once again. That golden bell surprisingly began to rotate.


Yang Qi mighty roared, making leader immediately stop speaking and retreat. Yang Q’s attacks were like a raging tempest- every fist like a giant hammer chopping apart a mountain, also a gigantic elephant uprooting a tree. His body, as if aroused by his Qi-craft, stood tall and majestic; his arms looking rock-solid and terrifyingly bulky.

He unceasingly executed the six moves of [Invincible King Fist] over and over, which pushed his aura to the peak. As long as one even blinked their eyes for a moment, they would only see Qi currents without a trace of the source.

He seemed like an ancient deity who was incapable of tiring, waving his sledgehammer and smashing entire mountain ranges.

“This….is this still human? How could his Qi-craft be so insanely rich?” The girl in white couldn’t believe her eyes and was stupefied by the scene playing before her eyes.

The fight had only begun and the black-clothed men’s leader had fallen into an absolute disadvantage. He seemed completely incapable of using any other Qi-crafts and could only exert all his strength into preserving his life. He could only try to preserve golden bell cover with all his might. Otherwise, if it broke, he would be smashed into a meat paste.

He’d no doubt that even if he hid inside a steel house, it would still be smashed flat by the opponent. Although the latter’s Qi-craft was only at the sixth stage, even ten sixth-stage experts combined wouldn’t be half as vigorous as him.

“Kid, you really think…….” The leader was furious.

“Think what?!” Yang Qi again bellowed and cut off his opponents indignant wails. At the same time, the sound of cocoon breaking out of its shell again echoed inside his body as if another granule had awakened. At this moment, the third granule was unexpectedly aroused by the lightning elephant. His body again transformed, now possessing the power of three giant ancient elephants.

His strength shot up once again and aura soared.


The golden bell cover shattered into pieces. Like a giant elephant trampling the ground, Yang Qi ruthlessly charged forward. The sand-dish like fist struck right at the leader’s body.

One fist, only one fist….In the stupefied eyes of the white-clothed woman, the leader was blasted off high in the air with his chest bent inwardly, spraying blood from his eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth before softly falling on the ground like a cloth sack.

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