SE Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – City Master’s Daughter 

“Kid, you…..are…..good….”

The leader who had been apparently smashed into a puddle of mud was surprisingly still breathing. After falling from the sky, he was unblinkingly staring Yang Qi, “What is your name?”


Yang Qi punched out through the air again, thoroughly ending his life this time.

“Excellent technique and Qi-craft, young master. Killing a seventh-stage expert with a cultivation base of sixth stage, and doing it so efficiently, is rarely seen even in big sects.” The white-clothed girl took a few moments before recovering from the scene she’d just witnessed, then exclaimed in admiration, “Many thanks for young master’s help. May I know what is your noble name, young master? My humble self is Yan Feixia, Yan city master’s daughter.”

“I’m Yan Qi.”

Yan Qi thought that Yan Feixia would be gobsmacked upon hearing his name since he still had his reputation of “trash” and “spoiled brat” in the city. However, he never expected her to not show even the slightest reaction. She only showed a faint smile and said, “So it’s Yang family’s young master. I truly can’t thank you enough to help me this time.”

“Lady Yan Feixia, you’ve probably just returned, right?.” Yang Qi suddenly realized.

“Right, I’m returning home for the very first time after a cultivation ten years outside, and even before I could return back to my family, I ran into this ambush from Shadow Poison sect. I need to hurry back and see what’s happening in Yan city,” Yan Feixia advanced forward and examined the black-clothed expert’s corpse with its dangling head, then with her long sword, she took out a little clock from his body.

This copper bell was covered in fancy designs and seemed to be cast of copper while also giving off an feeling eccentric metallic texture at the same time.

“I kept wondering how could his great Golden Bell Cover Qi-craft be so powerful that my azure-edged sword was completely incapable of piercing it. Turns out he’d such a treasure with him. This is a golden bell refined from the hands of a Qi Ancestor with pure Otherworldly gold. It has a special amplification effect on Qi-craft; with this golden bell, the great Golden Bell Cover Qi-craft will at least be twice as powerful.”

Yan Feixia fiddled with copper bell for a while carefully inspecting it, seeming as if memorizing something, then suddenly tossed it towards Yang Qi.

“For me?” Yang Qi blankly stared, then looked at the designs carved on the bell’s surface as well as the several large and small letters. It was actually a cultivation technique, the great Golden Bell Cover Qi-craft.

This was also a high-grade Qi-craft, and quite significant. Upon cultivation, one would be able to transform one’s true Qi into a protective bell-shaped cover around themselves, which could even resist the invasion of poisonous Qi.

“This was always your spoils of battle,” Yan Feixia chuckled and said, “I’ve also benefited. With this newly-obtained technique, I can improve my cultivation upon returning home. A high-grade Qi-craft is quite rare. It will fetch at least a few hundred thousand Qi Gathering Pills if auctioned off outside.”

“A few hundred thousand Qi Gathering pills…..” Yang Qi clicked his tongue, “That’s a huge amount.”

“Of course, the price of this copper bell is also very high, not any less than a high-grade Qi-craft,” Yan Feixia pointed at the leader’s corpse with her azure-edged sword, “His body still has a few treasures. It will be a pity if we don’t find them.”

“His body is poisonous. I haven’t cultivated to the realm of grabbing objects distantly, and so will have to trouble the lady to get the wealth on this man’s body. We can split it evenly.” Yang Qi calmly said.

“That’s fine,” Yan Feixia was also straightforward. She reached out with her hand, slowly emitting a beam of Qi-craft which transformed into a seemingly alive palm. This true Qi palm descended onto the corpse of the leader, fumbled about for a bit, and took out a few objects.

A medicinal bottle that seemed like a snuff pot plus a few exquisite paper strips and a book made of some unknown leather.

“This snuff bottle is filled with antidote powder which can eliminate the majority of Shadow Poison sect’s poisons, and these paper strips are depository receipts for Shen Zu royal palace’s money house; the values written represents Qi Gathering pills. This book….not bad….it’s made of human skin and contains a few techniques for cultivating Shadow Poison sect’s poison arts.

Yan Feixia seemed to be exceptionally proficient in sniffing out secrets. She had a deep knowledge and experience which made Yang Qi feel a little shame for his inferiority. One could tell at a glance that she belonged to a big sect.

Although Yang Qi was considered talented in Yan city, he was merely a frog at the bottom of the well. His knowledge and experience far lacked in comparison to disciples of some big sects.

“Antidote!” His eyes shined, “My elder brother and second brother are infected by Shadow Poison sect’s poisonous Qi. This antidote will be a big help. As for these receipts, I’ll take half of them. I am not gonna cultivate poison-craft, so I don’t need this book. Lady Yan can have it.”

“Sounds good,” Yan Feixia also didn’t stand on ceremony and handed over the antidote and half of the receipts to Yang Qi, “I don’t need to poison techniques, but upon returning, I can give this to sect and get a lot good stuff in return. It’s already night, I need to hurry back to home, though I can’t invite young master back to my home. However, in a few days, I’ll find an opportunity to visit Yan family and thank you properly.”

“No problem,” Yang Qi said, “Though I hope lady Yan won’t mention this incident to others. Just don’t mention my name and say that you took care of these experts by yourself.”

“Oh, I understand. You fear that Yang family will pay if this matter leaks out.”  Yan Feixia suddenly shook her arm, shooting out a strand of Qi-craft which suddenly burst into flames as soon as it made contact with air, turning the black-clothed corpses into ashes in a matter of seconds.

“Fire Qi-craft.” Yang Qi’s brows twitched, “What a surprise. Even with such proficiency in metal-type Qi-craft sword arts, lady Yan also cultivates fire-type Qi-craft. Can two different type of Qi-crafts really be made compatible?”

“It’s just a secret. Our sect can make two different Qi-crafts compatible with each other,” Yan Feixia seemed unwilling to speak much. This was reasonable given she couldn’t speak much about her sect’s secrets.

Logically speaking, one could only cultivate Qi-crafts of one attribute. If one tried to cultivate two different kinds, the two kinds of Qi-crafts would clash against each other, which could prove to be extremely dangerous.

Although Yang Qi cultivated the Qi-crafts passed down in his family, since his Qi-craft was completely destroyed, he now replicated the styles of all of his family’s Qi-crafts through [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power].

This technique was as obscure as hell. It could conceal all and replicate everything without arousing anybody’s suspicions.

In fact, even though Yang Qi had obtained the great Golden Bell Cover Qi-craft, he was not too enthusiastic about its cultivation. Because if he reached the seventh stage, the realm of Qi Manifestation, [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] had a godly technique for defense called Underlord’s Guard. It would appear together with Fiendish Wings and would have a might immeasurably more than the golden bell cover.

Hereby, one could infer that [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] was a peerless, godly technique of the legends.

According to cultivation of this godly technique, which was passed down by the little golden residing between in eyebrows, once Underlord’s Guard was successfully cultivated, a dark oval true Qi cover would surround the cultivator’s whole body. If a Qi Ancestor realm expert were to jump into molten lava, he could survive for a long time relying on this guard.

This feat no longer remained in the bounds of human capability.

Even Yan Gufeng, the current Yan city master who possessed a cultivation base of Qi Ancestor realm, were to jump in molten lava with his extraordinary defense guard, he would immediately turn into ashes.

“With every improvement in cultivation base, my strength increases more than a hundred folds! When will I enter the seventh stage?” Yang Qi looked forward to that moment.

He’d only recently entered the sixth stage and was able to awaken the third granule during his fight with the black-clothed envoy. He now possessed the strength of three gigantic ancient elephants within his body.

“Farewell, young master Yan. I’ll express my gratitude again sometime later.” Yan Feixia suddenly employed her Qi-craft and once again morphing out two gigantic white crane wings. She then soared up to a height of a few dozen people combined and glided away. Her figure looked like an enormous white-crane, appearing splendid under the starlight.

Yang Qi took a look at the gains in his hands. The exquisite paper strips were the receipt of the money house, and written on them was a  deposition of a hundred thousand Qi Gathering pills. Hundred thousand pills were equivalent to three months of Yang family’s revenue.

Yang family’s direct descendant had almost lost their entire fortune. Hundred thousand Qi gathering pills would certainly ease the situation a little.

The copper bell, which was a fairly expensive treasure in itself, along with the cultivation technique written on it, could yield him at least five hundred thousand Qi Gathering pills. Although it still lacked far behind the compensation amount, even still, it would alleviate a lot of tension.


He hurried to the city wall before his figure flickered on the high city wall. The guards on the wall only felt a gust passing by and remained completely unaware beside.

Returning back to the Yang mansion, he entered the doorway to the secret room and tapped the door.

“Is it Qi-er back from cultivation? Come in.”

Yang Zhan’s robust voice came outside. Two sliding gates made of pure steel with a thickness of at least thirty centimeters slowly opened. Yang Qi walked in and immediately spotted his father sitting crossed legged on the floor; his arms placed on either of his sons, removing shadow poison from their bodies.

However, from the color of his brothers, it didn’t seem to be much effective.

“Qi-er, the improvement in your cultivation is not trivial this time.” Seeing Yang Qi entering, Yang Zhan’s two eyes emitted a brilliance as if two torches, piercing through Yang Qi’s body.

“That’s right, father. During my today’s cultivation, I eventually broke through into the sixth stage, the realm of Qi Arms and weapon condensation. With my current ability, defeating Yang Honglie won’t be difficult.” Yang Qi calmly said.

“Don’t get over your head. Yang Honglie is in the seventh stage. Logically speaking, a sixth stage Qi-craft can never contend against a seventh stage one. You still need to cultivate properly.” Yang Zhan immediately warned.

“Yes, father.” Yang Qi nodded.

“Third brother, you’ve really profited in the face of disaster this time,” Yang Qi’s eldest brother revealed a bitter smile, “Unfortunately, now your eldest brother has been crippled. Even father has no way of removing this damned poisonous Qi.”

“No need. If it comes to worst, I’ll just ask Qi Ancestor realm elders to remove poison from your bodies.” Yang Zhan said.

“Father, those elders of Qi Ancestor realm are quickly approaching the end of their lives. Every single one of them will try with all their might to seize fate from heavens and enter Fate Stealing realm in order to increase their vitality. Why would they agree to waste their Qi-craft on removing poison from our bodies?” Yang Qi’s eldest brother shook his head. In his understanding, the Qi Ancestor elders of the clan no longer even participated in the scuffles of the clan to preserve their true Qi vitality.

“Eldest brother, don’t worry.” Yang Qi took out the antidote from his bosom.

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