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Chapter – 15 Neutralizing Poison


“What’s this?” As Yang Zhan saw the antidote, his heart trembled, “Is this……antidote? Where did you get it?”

How sharp his Qi-craft should have been for him to immediately assert that the faint smell coming from the bottle could cure his sons of the poisonous Qi.

“It is an antidote, but will it neutralize the poison in their bodies…. that we’ll have to see. I got this antidote from a seventh stage expert of Shadow Poison sect. I got these few more things as well by killing him…..” While speaking, Yang Qi took out the copper bell and the receipts for hundred thousand Qi Gathering pills and handed them over to Yang Zhan, “This is a fairly valuable treasure, and there are these deposition receipts as well; all of it can be used for the family. At present, our Yang family’s direct bloodline seems in dire straits. This will come in handy.”

He then recounted the incident of him saving Yan Feixia, giving Yang Zhan one pleasant surprise after another.

“Good, very good. Because of you, our direct bloodline of Yang family currently has some enmity sown with the city master mansion, but since you rescued Yan Gufeng’s daughter, this enmity has more or less been resolved. I’ve also heard about Yan Feixia- she is the most beloved daughter of Yan Gufeng. He sent her to True Dragon Institute for cultivation just when she was a child. At present, she is back to visit her family and has a very high status in the Yan family.”

Yang Zhan talked while fiddling with the copper bell and the receipts he’d received from Yang Qi, “The great Golden Bell Cover Qi-craft. Excellent, a high-grade Qi-craft! If an ordinary person gets his hand on such a technique, he can establish his own aristocratic clan. This is at least six-seven hundred thousand Qi Gathering pills, equivalent to my Yang family’s whole years’ profits. It’ll indeed ease a lot of pressure.”

“Father, what about the antidote?”

Yang Qi’s biggest concern was nevertheless the antidote.

“This antidote should more or less be able to expel poisonous Qi from your brothers’ bodies……” Yang Zhan had already injected true Qi in the bottle and had observed the transformations in the poisonous Qi due to the effect of the antidote. He could see traces of poisonous Qi dissolving away within the antidote.


Under Yang Zhan’s vigorous Qi-craft, the antidote in the snuff bottle was forced out in the shape of two smoke arrows, which then pierced the bodies of his eldest son and second son.

Their bodies intensely shivered.

Upon witnessing their condition, Yang Qi immediately moved closer to them and injected his true Qi into their bodies, replenishing their basic Qi. He knew that the poison had infected deep into their systems and their basic Qi had been consumed critically.

“Third brother, you have such a vigorous Qi-craft…” His eldest brother’s face showed amazement. The latter could feel through his meridians that his third brother’s Qi-craft was simply like a boundless river. Although it wasn’t as pure and condensed as his father’s, its very nature seemed tyrannical as if it could claim allegiance from every living being; deep and unfathomable.

After a few moments, the poison had been completely removed from his body and his true Qi had also recovered. He stood up and let out long breaths, “I’ve finally recovered.”

“I’ve also recovered,” The second brother also suddenly stood up. The surging true Qi inside his body produced a cracking sound, and his Qi-craft actually left the body, which signified him breaking through into the long overdue fifth stage,” Third brother, my breakthrough is completely due to your help. Your  fortune in the face of disaster, which completely transformed your Qi-craft and took it to such an unfathomable realm, is nothing but a blessing to our Yang family.”

‘Eldest brother and second brother both have recovered their strengths, and even made improvements. I’ll see who dares to look down on our Yang family’s direct bloodline from now on.’ Yang Qi was also extremely glad, “Even though we’re destitute at the moment, as long as we’re here, we can recover everything back.”

“That’s right, third brother. We’ll all work together and help father revive the clan.” The three brothers joined their hands together.

Yang Zhan watched his sons with a smile and gratitude. However, his face immediately started to graven, “Father has already found out who wishes harm to our Yang family- Shadow Poison sect. They have already joined hands with various families in Yan city, especially with Chen family. Before they couldn’t do anything, but Qi-er’s incident served them a good opportunity and they immediately began their crafty schemes.”

“Father? I have a question? Our Yang family is considered the most powerful aristocratic family in Yan city and even though we’ve had some friction with other families, it had never come to such a show of open hostility. So why would they commit such a ruthless act? Do they really not fear our Yang family’s counterattack?” The eldest brother Yang Yunchong raised a question.

Yang Qi’s lips slightly twitched. He also wished to ask this question.

“It’s because of your aunt,” Yang Zhan spoke after a momentary silence, “Your aunt entered the number one faction of Fengrao continent from a small age. In Heavenly Throne institute, her name quickly rose as a genius. She became an important seedling to cultivate for the institute, and thus, is closely eyed. These people can’t enter the institute to harm her. Thus, they could only turn their attention to our Yang family. This way, your aunt will rush back as soon as she gets the news, and they’ll have people lying in wait for her.”

“So this is what happened……” The three brothers finally understood.

Yang Qi’ once again remembered that young girl who fed him.

“Yang Qi, if you don’t eat, aunt will beat you,” A girl with two ponytails carefully blowing over the spoon she was holding, fearing that soup would be too hot for the little boy.

“No, I won’t eat…..” The little boy’s legs kicking about, “I want to go out and play.”

This was the image of Yang Qi’s aunt he had in his mind.

In a blink of an eye, ten years had passed by. He’d no idea how his little aunt looked now or how far her Qi-craft cultivation base had progressed.

“Then what should we do, father?” The second brother’s brows also creased.

“Calmly watch the events unfold. Slowly recovering the clan’s assets will be the responsibility of you two,” Yang Zhan waved his hand, “During this time period, father will cultivate as much as possible and attempt to breakthrough into the ninth stage and become a Qi Ancestor. Qi-er, continue cultivating on one hand, and go see the situation over at the city master mansion. Try to build relationship with Yan Feixia as much as possible. Change their view of our Yang family.”


The three brothers simultaneously shouted, filled with confidence regarding the revival of the clan.

“Qi-er, you don’t need to blame yourself,” Yang Zhan again said, “Although your stealing of Dragon Subduing Pill triggered a chain of events, it’s also good in a way given that it forced these people’s hands. Otherwise, they would have come with much deeper preparations, endangering complete destruction of our Yang family along with your aunt.”

Seeing that Yang Qi still seemed to be blaming himself somewhat, Yang Zhan consoled.

“En,” Hearing these words from his father, Yang Qi’s ill feelings completely dissolved away, “But that Yunhai city’s princess Yun Hailan cheated me out of a Dragon Subduing pill, costing our Yang family’s entire fortune. This enmity must be settled. I’m even skeptical if Yun Hailan also wished to deal with the aunt and approached me deliberately for it; cheating me, then colluding with Shadow Poison sect. Oh right, when I was defeated by Song Haishan that day, he said that Yun Hailan was also going to enter Heavenly Throne institute.”

“This is also a possibility.” What kind of character was Yang Zhan? He was well-versed with the ways of world. With a thought, he guessed out many other possibilities, “So it seems like there are also people in Heavenly Throne institute who wish her harm and may conspire against her.”

“Father, if you cultivate to the realm of Qi Ancestor, you will be able to enter Heavenly Throne institute and support aunt, right?” Yang Qi calmly said.

“In Fengrao continent, the realm of Qi Ancestor is sufficient for one to become a city master, rule over a region, and even be bestowed by Sheng Zu dynasty a feudal vassal. However, in Heavenly Throne institute, it’s not as glorious. Only after stealing fate from heavens and entering Fate Stealing realm would one be truly revered by countless people.” Yang Zhan shook his head and waved his hand, “You three brothers support each other while father is  behind closed doors, trying to breakthrough.”

“Let’s leave,” In response, the eldest son Yang Yunchong accepted the copper bell and receipts from Yang Zhan. The three brothers then left the room.

The eldest brother Yang Yunchong and the second brother Yang Hualong were responsible for the clan’s business, while Yang Qi was to cultivate in peace and face Yang Honglie after three months.

Originally Yang family’s direct bloodline would have lost their entire fortune, but because of the treasures and wealth brought back by Yang Qi, it could still hold on.


In the city master mansion, a middle-aged man was standing in the study room. His face looked evidently pleased, and the aura on his body was even sturdier than Yang Zhan’s. Behind his body, a cloud of Qi-craft was flickering time to time, from the flames of which, Qi-craft humanoids were appearing one after another seeming as if a divine spirit could walk out of from within at any time.

This was the realm of Qi Ancestor, Qi-craft’s grandmaster.

One could directly produce humanoids with true Qi- equivalent to a clone. One could slaughter like lightning, chase a soul from thousand of miles away, and connect with world’s basic Qi with a thought; powerful and awe-inspiring.

This was the true ruler of countless cities and millions of people living within a perimeter of a thousand kilometer, Yan Gufeng.

Casually standing, he seemed like a lone steep summit piercing the blue sky, giving an exceptional aura.

(Gufeng’s literal translation: Lone Summit)

This moment, his face carried a faint, compassionate smile as he heard the movements outside. Suddenly his ears twitched and a voice suddenly came from outside, “Father, I’m back.”

“It’s you, Xia-er? Hurry in, let father see you. How could you not come back once in these ten years? How is your cultivation going at True Dragon institute?”

Creak! Yan Gufeng’s Qi-craft mobilized and the study’s door opened.

Yan Feixia entered and immediately prostrated herself upon seeing her father, “Long live father.”

“Get up, get up. What? Your body seems to have traces of a battle? Did you encounter some enemy outside.” Yan Gufeng’s face suddenly changed, seeming as if he was about to become furious.

“Yeah, I ran into Shadow Poison sect’s people. They followed me for a while along the riverside.” Yan Feixia stood up and recounted the incident.

“Shadow Poison sect, how audacious! They’re trying to harm my daughter?” Kacha, a crystal cup shattered into powder under the pressure of Yan Gufeng’s Qi-craft, “They dared to enter my Yan city’s perimeter, do they really think my Yan family is manless?”

“Father, Shadow Poison sect is a big sect which operates in mysterious ways. It’s inherited from the unparalleled Poison sect of the west’s Sunset continent,” Yan Feixia said, “This sect is not to be underestimated. Father, you mustn’t act without proper consideration. I’ll report back to True Dragon institute. Oh right, I received one person’s help this time, which allowed me to easily take care of all the experts from Shadow Poison sect”

“Who helped you?”

Yan Gufeng asked with extreme astonishment.

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