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Chapter 16 – Astonishment 

Fortunately, a gentleman helped my daughter and killed that bunch of bastards from Shadow Poison sect. But who was it that helped you? Is it someone I know? That would require me to express my gratitude to him even more. Was it some aristocratic family’s genius? Or was it some renowned senior?”

Yan Gufeng continued to ask one question after another.

“Father might know this person. It’s Yang family’s genius. His Qi-craft is even more profound than mine. Despite being at the sixth stage, he is not one bit inferior to a seventh stage expert. If he could enter my True Dragon institute, he’ll certainly surpass all the top geniuses.” Yan Feixia was quite admiring of Yang Qi. She’d personally witnessed that youngster majestically destroying the great Golden Bell Cover Qi-craft with his vigorous Qi-craft. He was like a god descending in the mortal world above and blasting away the black-clothed men’s leader in one punch. His mighty figure still flickered in her mind every now and then.

Up until now, she’d never witnessed such an outstanding juvenile.

With its supreme ability to suppress hell, [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], a Qi-craft which transcended all the other ones, had the power to amaze just about anybody.

Yang Qi hadn’t cultivated to the peak. Otherwise, he could claim allegiance from thousands of fiends and command the billions of fiend gods in the world, becoming the most powerful of all.

‘Yang family’s genius? Who?”

As soon as Yan Gufeng heard her daughter’s words, his face abruptly changed and his gaze turned extremely queer.

“Yang Qi.”

Yan Feixia softly spoke two words.

“What? Yang Qi? You sure it was him?” Yan Gufeng was dumbfounded, almost releasing his Qi-craft, “Impossible, his Qi-craft has already been crippled by Luo Hun, and he also suffered a lightning strike. At present, he should be handicapped, how could he ever help you?”

“There is such a story behind this? Father, why was his Qi-craft crippled?” Yan Feixia immediately asked. She had just returned back, and thus, was completely unaware of the recent events.

“Humph! This kid actually stole my Dragon Subduing pill. You also know that father had found a hidden expert’s inheritance while traveling. There two Dragon Subduing pills left behind. I ate one one of them and attained the realm of Qi Ancestor, and this one, I intended to give it you upon your return so that you could improve your Qi-craft and gain a good position in True Dragon institute. But it was stolen by this kid! I’d almost died from anger! I didn’t kill him on the spot because we still need to look out for Yang Susu due to Heavenly Throne institute.”

Faint killing intent could be felt coming out of Yan Gufeng’s tone.

“Father? Although I only met this Yang Qi in a hurry, his temperament was extraordinary; did he really steal Dragon Subduing pill? Could this be a mistake? Besides, Dragon Subduing pill resides in father’s secret room under a strict watch, how was he even able to steal it?” Yan Feixia asked one question after another.

“It was someone extremely familiar with my room’s mechanisms. I’ve already investigated; it was that little witch Yan Hailan from Yunhai city who enticed Yang Qi. When she found out that my city master mansion and Yang family have a good business, she managed to prompt Yang Qi to infiltrate. In short, this kid is a moron, a complete and utter fool.”

Yan Gufeng cursed.

Then how did his Qi-craft recover? Is there any explanation at all?” Yan Feixia’s brows also creased.


Yan Gufeng jerked his hand, emitting out a beam of Qi-craft which rushed out the study and exploded like a firecracker, startling the entire city master mansion.

Countless figures immediately rushed in. Then a few people in expensive robes hurriedly rushed over to the stairs outside the study and knelt down, “Respects to Lord and young lady.”

“That Yang family’s kid seems to have recovered his skills. How did that happen? Go find out.” Yan Gufeng waved his hand, involuntarily giving rise to an aura as if the whole world was in the palm of his hand.

The experts before him kowtowed in succession and disappeared without a trace. About half an hour later, they returned one after another and assembled outside the study. This time, it was the fully-armored steel giant like Luo Hun who stepped forward then dropped on one knee, “City master, young miss- inquiries have been completed. That kid Yang Qi, after suffering that day’s lightning strike, underwent a strange transformation in his body for some reason and gained extraordinary strength and really rich true Qi. Reportedly, with fifth stage cultivation base, he defeated one of his sixth stage elders, Yang Kui, in the Yang family’s assembly hall and was appraised by the elders for his outstanding performance.”

The power of city master mansion’s was indeed formidable. When most of the clans still didn’t know what happened in the Yang family assembly, they only took half an hour to gather all the details.

‘Struck by lightning, causing a variation in the body? Is that kid really that lucky?” Yan Gufeng sank into contemplation, “From fourth stage of Qi-craft…. charging straight to sixth stage? Daughter, are you really sure that he was at the sixth stage?”

“I’m sure. Otherwise, how could he have defeated a seventh stage expert of Shadow Poison sect.” Yan Xiafei once again recounted the battle in detail.

The more Yan Gufeng heard, the more astonished he became, “You’re saying he destroyed a seventh-stage Golden Bell Cover Qi-craft with his sixth-stage one, and it was even amplified by copper bell talisman? This makes no sense at all.”

With his profound cultivation base of the Qi Ancestor realm, Yan Gufeng’s understanding of Qi-craft was thorough to every minute detail. In his understanding, defeating a seventh stage Qi-craft with a sixth one was almost impossible. Even an absolute genius would also only be able to pull out a draw. Not to mention the great Golden Bell Cover Qi-craft that Yang Qi faced was even under the amplification effect of the copper bell.

This was no longer a feat possible for an ordinary person to achieve.

“I’m afraid there is some secret on this kid’s body. It’s not just a simple lightning-tempered body….” A thought flickered in Yan Gufeng’s mind.

“Father, in any case, he helped me. I’ll have to keep this kindness in my mind. As for his stealing of Dragon Subduing pill, that was also due to being cheated. Isn’t that Yang family already compensating for it?” Seeing that her father was still furious, Yan Feixia couldn’t help but dissuade him.

“Fine. I won’t look further into this matter. Before I absolutely wouldn’t have let Yang family off and would have slowly erased Yang family’s name from Yang city completely!” Yan Gufeng eased a bit, “Luo Hun.”


The iron giant Luo Hun stood up, “At city master’s command.”

“Investigate again. Secretly investigate Shadow Poison sect’s traces. Mobilize all the powers; I’d like to see what in the world Shadow Poison sect is thinking- coming to my Yan city and even trying their hand at my daughter.” This time Yan Gufeng was truly furious.

“And you daughter, rest at home for a few days. Meet with your siblings and let them have a look at the True Dragon institute’s Qi-craft. See if their aptitude is good enough, if they can be sent to True Dragon institute to learn.”

True Dragon institute was one of the tyrannous institutes of the Fengrao continent. Although its history didn’t go as deep as Heavenly Throne’s, it could definitely challenge the number one faction. Among the large scale factions in the Fengrao continent, it was counted among the top five, above the Shadow Poison sect.


Yan Feixia herself also seemed somewhat tired and in need of rest. Her true Qi consumption during the battle with Shadow Poison sect’s experts wasn’t shallow.

After his daughter left, Yan Gufeng sat on his chair, silently contemplating. After a while, his corner of mouth curled into a smile, “Surprisingly such a freak appeared in Yang family; this kid actually profited in the face of disaster and gained a lightning-tempered body. I’ve heard of a few similar legends of people making freakish improvement in their Qi-crafts after coming out alive from a lightning strike. Yang family has always been a big threat. If this kid matures, he’ll probably be a Qi Ancestor ten years later, and Yang Zhan’s cultivation base would also be extremely close to there. If this goes on for long, my Yan family’s throne won’t be safe. Instances of aristocratic families rising in revolt and beheading city masters, and establishing their own rule are not few in Fengrao continent.”

In Fengrao continent, cities were like vassal states. In the name Sheng Zu dynasty was esteemed as the rightful emperor of all, but in reality, apart from the yearly tribute, the states were completely independent.

However, apart from the city master mansion, the cities also had some aristocratic families and powerful clans whose influence was beyond city master’s control, and they rose in revolt and killed their ruler from time to time.

Throughout the entire Fengrao continent, there were an unaccountable number of vassal cities. Such an affair was almost a daily affair. As a city master, one had to be constantly on alert regarding such matters. Sheng Zu dynasty usually didn’t interfere in such affairs as long as they received their yearly tribute.

Moreover, the power of Sheng Zu dynasty had been gradually declining. Thousands of vassals were competing for dominance and were at war with each other. Powerful Qi-craft experts were emerging in innumerable succession. Rebels and traitors were too numbered to be accounted.

At present, the perimeter of a thousand kilometer around the Yan city was under the complete rule of Yan family. It could definitely be called as “Yan nation.” Among all the cities in Fengrao continent, although Yan capital city could only be considered as a third-grade city, it was populous and rich. If one could grasp its throne, they would have endless resources and riches at their disposal.

“Convey my orders- half a month later, all major aristocratic families’ talented youths are invited for dinner in the city master mansion. As for its purpose, just say that my daughter has returned from True Dragon institute and this will be a welcoming dinner for her. She could relax and at the same time see if she finds anyone to her liking. If she approves, I could accept him as our son-in-law!”

He struck the table before him.

Luo Hun immediately understood, “Good idea, city master. Your first thought is to observe the situation of aristocratic families and take a look at how remarkable their young generation is. Second is perhaps to borrow other families to get rid of that Yang Qi, effectively leading a strife between these families and further consolidating the position of city master.

“Correct. Luo Hun, you’re a bright man. Since you know my intentions, go work on it, and get an eye on Yang Zhan as soon as possible. This man was extraordinary since his early years; he’s eaten Levitation grass. As soon as he cultivates to Qi Ancestor realm, he would become an enormous threat to our Yan family. Once I’ve completely integrated the power of all the aristocratic families in Yan city, and if True Dragon institute agrees to support us, Yan city will be changed to Yan nation.”

Luo Hun’s body trembled, “Changed to Yan nation, as in breaking away from the rule of Sheng Zu dynasty?”

“Correct, my Yan city shall stand independent. In the near future, we will gradually swallow other cities and continuously expand. Through years and generations, even unifying Fengrao continent and ruling as sovereigns may not be impossible.” Yan Gufeng coldly said, “I’ve already cultivated to the peak of Qi Ancestor realm. If there is an opportunity, I’ll charge through into Fate Stealing realm and increase my vitality several folds. I wouldn’t have decided on a millennial campaign based on a century’s might, don’t you think? Such great ambition is the cherished dream of my ancestors. Luo Hun, you have to provide me your full support.”


Luo Hun suddenly lowered his head.

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