SE Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Grand Aspirations


Luo Hun never expected his city master to have such great ambitions, aspiring to establish his own rule and unite the entire Fengrao continent.

One should know that Yan capital city was merely a small city in the Fengrao continent. Its couple million population was nothing before some of the big cities that had populations of dozens of millions and even hundreds of millions. If Yan city was to declare independence, it would be easily wiped out, let alone to slowly swallow the entire continent.

Fengrao continent contained thousands of cities and even more feudal vassals. To rule over them all was easier said than done. Even a Fate Stealing realm expert, far above the realm of Qi Ancestor, wouldn’t dare utter such words. One should know that even Sheng Zu dynasty, where experts were as numerous as clouds, didn’t dare implement a completely centralized system, and ruled according to the feudal system. In name, they were the rightful emperor, while in reality, they were practically a huge city master. The imperial palace itself could only let countless feudal nations stand alongside them.

However, back to the topic at hand, if Yan city master, Yan Gufeng, could truly attain Fate Stealing realm and also receive True Dragon institute’s support, then defeating the neighboring powers indeed might be a possibility. For example, by swallowing Whitestone city, Yunhai city, and a couple dozen cities like these, they could enter the ranks of second-grade powers. Even if they couldn’t establish their rule, the wealth and glory gained would be far superior to their present situation.

“True Dragon institute” was indeed quite powerful.

In Fengrao continent, only first-grade powers were worthy to be addressed as “institute”. All the rest, known as “sects”, “clans”, “cults”….were merely second-grade powers even though their name sounded quite good.

Without enough depth and planning, if countless experts gathered together to form and propagate a civilization, it would not be addressed as an “institute”.

The letters of this word(学院) carried a deep implication. It represented sacredness and devoutness. All these “sects”, “cults”, “associations”, “unions”, and even dynasty reeked of tyranny, even corruption. They were far inferior to the institute’s sacredness and devoutness.

(Tl:  学 – Learning 院 – Institution).

It was these institutes like “Heavenly Throne institute”, “True Dragon institute” and several others that carried the glory of Fengrao continent to thousand of miles and beyond. These were the sacred grounds that people looked up to.

In their eyes, Yan city was an ant.

‘City master turned out such an ambitious man. I naturally can’t belittle my own abilities either. Establishing a dynasty and bathing in eternal glory may not be impossible….’ Luo Hun’s blood also started boiling, ‘Who said that all these monarchs, nobles, generals, commanders, and whatnot are innately superior? I hear so many cities declaring independence, why can’t our Yan city?”

Yang Mansion.

Yang Qi was quite satisfied these days. His cultivation progressed every day. During daytime, he remained behind closed doors, whereas in the night, he went to the mountain range outside the city and trained with his punches and kicks to his heart content. His true Qi was becoming increasingly rich, and his understanding of [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] was ever deepening. The chances of fourth granule awakening also seemed quite high.

The moment it awakened, he would possess the power of four giant ancient elephants. His Qi-craft’s profoundness would be such that even a seventh expert would pale in comparison.

Soon, his Qi-craft would also break through into the seventh stage.

In three days, the news of his brother’s recovery had also spread throughout the manor, and the two had begun to manage Yang family’s business. The copper bell had already been dealt with the help of Yang family’s previous secret business channels, fetching a price of five hundred thousand Qi Gathering pills. The vitality of the clan had gradually begun to recover.

Yang family was no longer in downfall, rather seemed ready to rise again.

Yang Qi’s second brother, Yang Hualong, in particular, astonished all the guards and servants of the mansion by suddenly attaining the fifth stage and gave them hope of recovery.

Inhale….exhale. In his room’s veranda, Yang Qi sat facing the lake. Every time he exhaled, a stream of air swiftly flew out in the lake, carving out a pathway.

While every time he inhaled, a cyclone was formed at the surface of the lake- huge water masses swirling up, then falling back like a downpour, striking the lake’s surface with mild explosions.

This clearly was a sight which could only be produced by an expert with an extremely profound cultivation.

This Qi-craft had hidden [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]’s Elephant Nose Suction ability. In the legends, when divine elephant raised its nose towards the heavens and inhaled, stars throughout entire galaxies were sucked inside its nose. Elephants represented strength without bounds.

The lightning elephant was moving back and forth inside his body. Starting from his dantian, to his meridians, then after travelling through his whole body, finally returning to the Qi sea inside his dantian once again.  With every cycle, it released a portion of essence which fused with his body, strengthening it further.

At this moment, as he inspected his body’s insides, he could almost see a thin membrane underneath his skin. This membrane was exceptionally tough and sturdy like elephant skin. Even if a sharp weapon, sword, or even Qi-craft pierced his exterior skin, piercing this elephant-skin like membrane would be extremely difficult.

This membrane was transparent, gelatinous, and crystalline. Upon a closer inspection, he could indistinctly see runes drifting within. These runes didn’t belong to the language of humans, rather to fiendgod’s.

When this membrane would be fully condensed, Yang Qi’s flexibility, elasticity, endurance, and everything besides would improve unaccountable times. Without his Qi-craft, he would gain speed faster than a tiger’s, strength comparable to a giant bear’s, nimbleness superior to a monkey’s, and agility higher than a bird’s. Those with such a frightening raw muscle power were exceptionally rare, not even Yang Zhan could compare. If eighth layer experts like Yang Shi were to abstain from using Qi-craft and relied solely on muscle power, they would be no match to Yang Qi.

“Third brother, third brother….”

A few successive shouts came from outside. Yang Qi unhurriedly restrained his Qi-craft and stood up. Before the rippling lake could calm down, he saw his second brother Yang Hualong coming towards him, “Big news, brother. Twelve days later, city master mansion is going to hold a banquet and has invited the talented bachelors below thirty years from all the aristocratic family in Yan city. Third brother, your name also made the invitation list. Reportedly, lady Yan Feixia has returned from her cultivation in True Dragon institute, and the city master has held this banquet to look for a talented husband for her. Third brother, this is a good opportunity for you to go. You saved lady Yan Feixia at the riverside and earned a good impression, moreover your cultivation base has again made a huge progress. It would be the perfect opportunity for a little interaction and see if you can become the son-in-law of city master’s family.”

“Really? A banquet?”

Yang Qi accepted the invitation card with a slightly uneasy face, “I just stole his Dragon Subduing pill and almost got my Qi-craft crippled by his subordinates, and that Yan Gufeng still invites me? Even though I saved his daughter, being the cunning fox of a city master he is, I doubt this matter will be so simple. I better be careful, but if I don’t go, it’ll seem too audacious.”

“Oh right. Third brother, you probably aren’t much aware. Previously, our Yang family was reputed to be the the number one aristocratic family of Yan city. The city master has already been deeply apprehensive of our Yang family. Be aware that everything within a thousand kilometers around  the Yan city is basically “Yan nation.” Yan family is the ruler and we’re equivalent to their subjects. Past kingdoms have always suffered the death of their rulers due to the rebellions staged by their own subjects that had become too powerful. With our Yan family’s power increasing, it would be a wonder if Yan family wasn’t apprehensive of us.”

Yang Qi’s second brother Yang Hualong himself was no simple character. He was experienced, and his analysis was logical and without flaw.

“If that’s the reason, I’ll go and deal with it.” Yang Qi accepted the invitation.

His eldest brother was married and even had a few years old child, thus he was not invited. Similarly, his second brother also had a fiance, so he obviously couldn’t go. Therefore, in the entire Yang mansion, Yang Qi was the only remaining young master.

“Third brother, let me tell you another news. Three months ago, Yunhai city master declared independence and established Yunhai country with Yunhai city as the capital, and expressed his ambitions to expand. I also heard rumors that Yun Hailan and Song Haishan have entered Heavenly Throne institute, thereby vastly increasing Yanhai country’s power.” Yang Hualong once again dropped an explosive news.


Yang Qi was utterly astonished, “Established a country? What gal….. could it be that they not willing to acknowledge allegiance to Sheng Zy dynasty?”

“Third brother, you don’t know, but as of now, many powers have begun to establish new countries, proclaiming themselves feudal vassals. However, since they are offering tribute to Sheng Zu dynasty and Sheng Zu dynasty itself is becoming weak, they are turning a blind eye on everything. Who knows our Yang city also becomes Yan nation in future?” Yang Qi’s second brother indifferently continued, “Swords are flashing everywhere on the continent as big factions are indulged in power struggles. New rulers are popping out wherever you look. Who doesn’t wish to conquer the world and bathe in glory? The rightful emperor or feudal vassals……neither is a benevolent bunch.”

“The world is always changing. Our Yang family also need to consider which path to take….” Yang Qi’s thoughts had slowly matured. As the two brothers casually talked about the major happenings of the world, they gave somewhat of a heroic feeling as if two legendary characters were discussing worldly affairs, “From a viewpoint of the whole continent, our Yang family is nothing but a petty local tyrant, content with its little influence. If a big power invades, it would immediately crack like a chicken egg.”

“Strength is the most fundamental of all. I need to fasten my cultivation plan.” His second brother deeply approved.

“Twelve days to go. I need to get stronger! I am leaving for a session of solitary cultivation. Take care of the family affairs, second brother; I’ll be back before time.” Yang Qi’s body flickered and simply disappeared. Yang Hualong only saw a ghost sweeping past him.

“Such a fast speed! How did third brother become so powerful?” He slightly jumped in alarm, then yelled out, “Where are you going for cultivation, third brother?”

“Black Corpse mountains, to hunt demonic beasts.” By the time his voice sounded, Yang Qi was nowhere to be seen.

“What? Black Corpse mountains? But that’s a really dangerous location. In our family’s autumn hunt, we never dare to enter deep and only hunt near the borders, for you to go alone…..”

Yang Hulong shook his head.

Black Corpse mountain range was at the source of Yan river. Littered with barren hills and raging waters, it was an extremely dangerous place packed with demonic beasts and even variant primordial beasts. There were some demonic beasts and monsters that could innately mobilize Qi-craft and swallow entire clouds only leaving behind as much as a puff, use fire, ice to their purpose and so on. Their Qi-craft was even sturdier in comparison to humans, and more importantly, they resided in hordes.

However, their skin and inner core were extremely valuable, and thus, there were many experts that entered the mountains to hunt them.

The reason that Yang family conducted such a huge operation was also this money. However, they always had to go in groups. It would be extremely dangerous to enter the mountains alone. One would be hard-pressed to even save their lives, much less to make a profit out of it.

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