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Chapter 18 – Black Corpse Mountains


“Huff… this is Black Corpse mountains.”

The next day’s noon.

Sun shined brightly, and the unceasing chirping of the cicadas in the trees made the air seemed even scorcher than it already was.

The surging Yan river flowed out of a huge ridge which was pitch-black and desolate. There were dangerous mountain peaks everywhere. High trees made the surroundings dark without a trace of sunlight. Every now and then, one could hear terrifying howls of ferocious beasts coming from the forest.

Sha sha sha…..Chilly winds rose from the depths of the forest, making one’s hair stand and inducing goosebumps.

At the source of Yan river, inside the surging river waters, you could see aquatic monsters with faintly discernible claws rising up and down the river, pushing the  fiendish aura of the river to the peak. Massive torrents rose from the riverbed in an endless succession, capable of sucking in cultivators with profound Qi-crafts and drowning them to death.

Standing at the entrance of “Black Corpse Mountains”, as Yang Qi watched the endless chain of dangerous mountains, he couldn’t help but marvel at nature’s mystical creation.

“Black Corpse mountains” were at least a thousand kilometers away from the Yan city; one had to pass through series of barren hills and raging waters. Ordinary people required a hard treking of at least ten-fifteen days to reach their destination, but for Yang Qi, it only took a hard sprinting of about a day and a night.

Taking a short rest, he sat down cross-legged. He then took out a cloth wrapping and unwrapped it, revealing exquisite, sparkling, and dark blue colored Qi Gathering pills. A medicinal fragrance spread around, capable of making one feel full of energy by a mere sniff.

Long long ago, in Fengrao continent, Qi Gathering pills were first created by a Sage. They allowed the consumers to strengthen their body, clear their meridians, and improve their foundation. One pill was enough to allow the consumer to live for a day without any food.

Its production included a variety of herbs mixed with the world’s spiritual Qi and the essence of sun and moon.  Over the time, it turned into Fengrao’s continent’s hard currency, completely replacing previously used gold and silver based currencies.

Every kind of transaction including weapons, armor, silk, treasures, and even slaves were all done through the means of Qi Gathering pills.

Such a medicinal pill was quite convenient as well. For instance, Yang Qi hadn’t needed to bring any rations with him at all. How much trouble he was able to save himself?

After swallowing a few pills, Yang Qi circulation his Qi-craft throughout his body. His muscles and bones began to produce crackling sounds like that of firecrackers, and winds around his body formed a vortex, bending the nearby plants and trees.

“Ten days to go. Then I’ll go back and take a look what plans city master Yan Gufeng has for me. But regardless, to revive the clan and to challenge Yun Hailan and Song Haishan to wash away the humiliation I’ve suffered, I have to become crazy strong! I hope I get a chance to breakthrough into the seventh stage within these seven days.”


He charged straight into the mountains. While operating “Body Protection” Qi-craft, his figure flickered a few times as he jumped through trees, and entered the regions of dense vegetation.

He wished to attain the seventh stage as soon as possible. When he did, he would be able to increase his battle strength by more than ten folds and condense various manifestations of Qi. At the very least, he would be able to use Qi-crafts like “Fiendish Wings” and “Underlord’s Guard”, and even hold his ground against eighth layer experts.

Once he condensed Qi wings, he would be able to fly in the sky and easily pursue the enemy. After watching Yan Feixia soaring deep in the sky with her White Crane wings and nimbly dodging arrows, his yearning had increased even more.

The might and agility that Fiendish wings had to offer would certainly be much higher in comparison to White Crane wings. [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] was an extremely high level Qi-craft. To say the least, even now he’d no idea what this technique’s grade really was.

Then after condensing [Underlord’s Guard] Qi-craft’s defense as well, he could simply become invincible, and battling those in the higher realm wouldn’t just be an empty talk.

In addition to this, many other feats like catching an object through the air would also become feasible once he’d attained the seventh stage. He would also gain much more alternatives and room for variations regarding his battle style.

In the dense forest, there were huge trees standing at a height of more than hundred meters, and the ground was filled with broken branches and fallen leaves. There were all kinds of rotten yet dangerous smells, and one could faintly make out figures of huge demonic beasts roaming about.

Even though Yang Qi moving through trees, he didn’t feel safe.

After continuously moving through more than a thousand huge trees, he gradually entered the depths of the mountains. Completely out of breath, he stopped on a huge tree to catch his breath. The moment he stopped, a wind carrying a fishy smell slapped him in the face.

He suddenly turned his head only to see a python, which was even thicker than his waist, biting at him with its mouth wide opened. Its mouth was emitting an overwhelming stench and teeth were shining with a glistening blue light, evidently poisonous.

“Oh boy…..”

With a flicker, Yang Qi directly jumped on another tree, evading the python’s swallowing bite.

It was a ferocious python; the exquisite scales covering its whole body were ash-colored and lustrous, seemingly impervious to all swords and spears. Moreover, its triangular eyes were observing Yang Qi, but with a bit of slyness. Seeing Yang Qi evade its strike, it opened its mouth again. Surprisingly, there was a stream of Qi revolving inside its mouth.


The stream of Qi condensed into a human-head-sized poison ball and shot towards Yang Qi like an arrow, emitting a buzz in all four directions as it moved.

It was surprisingly a variant Qi-craft, one that included toxins.  This python already had its ancestral awakening, thereby becoming a demonic beast and gaining a Qi-craft far sturdier than the regular human-fifth-stage Qi-craft.

Demonic beasts had huge bodies, and thus, the transformations produced due to awakening could allow them to create various kinds of Qi-crafts. Some demonic beasts had Qi-crafts far superior to that of humans due to awakening their inherited ancient memories.

Legend was that in the era long long ago, demons and fiends rampaged unchecked throughout the entire mainland. Human race was their slave. Every single one of them could move the mountains and transform oceans into even lands. The Qi-craft cultivation was nothing but their creation.

Afterward, countless sages suddenly emerged among the human race, breaking the balance. They gradually expelled and suppressed the demons and fiends, which lead to the current situation.

However, even in the current mountains, many beasts had remnants of ancient memories in their blood. If awakened, it would allow them to naturally comprehend various kinds of Qi-craft.

Evidently, this huge python was also a demonic beast which had awakened a trace of its ancient memories.


Facing the explosion of poison bomb, Yang Qi roared and made a grabbing motion, unleashing a much bigger Qi wave which exploded the poison ball into pieces.

The python was immediately stunned, eyes seemingly carrying amazement. Realizing that the opponent far exceeded itself, it immediately curled its body in and scuttled down the tree, trying to escape! Its wisdom was apparently not low, at least comparable to a small eight-year-old human child.

However, as it was escaping, a true Qi spear suddenly pierced through its body. It fiercely stared at the treetop for a moment before letting out its last breath.

It didn’t need to be mentioned that the vitality of such a huge python was so tenacious that even though it had been nailed to the tree, it shouldn’t have died without making a few desperate attempts at freedom. But “Underlord’s Spear” was too powerful, and even its mere scratch could prove fatal. Unlike pythons that relied on poison Qi, it contained infernal will and could straightaway destroy a living being’s soul.

The moment the python was struck by “Underlord’s Spear”, its soul was destroyed.

After killing the python, Underlord Spear’s true Qi slowly dispersed away, scattering between the heavens and earth, causing the python’s body to fell down the tree with an explosion, splashing up a large portion of branches and leaves.

Yang Qi also jumped down. Looking at the python’s body, he condensed true Qi at his arm, giving it a blade’s shape, and peeled off the python’s body.

With a twist of hand, the blade pulled out a  blue colored dim crystal from the python’s stomach. It looked like a gem and was precisely the so-called demonic core.

All the demonic beasts produced a demonic core after cultivating to the fifth layer, accumulating all the essence of their Qi-craft cultivation base within.

Based on the demonic core’s grade, it would fetch plenty of Qi Gathering pills if sold in black market.

For this reason, quite a few people ventured in mountains to kill demonic beasts and obtain their demonic cores. Yang family’s autumn hunt was also based on the same concept. The young generation competed to see who could obtain the maximum number of demonic cores, and thus, obtain rewards from the clan.

During every autumn hunt, Yang family was able to obtain over a million demonic cores. Not only it amounted to a huge wealth, it also served as a test to check the strength of clan juniors, serving multiple purposes at once.

Therefore, hunting demonic beasts was like a walk in park for Yang Qi. Currently, his family had no money to speak of, killing as many demonic beasts as possible only seemed the right course of action.  In the past, this python would have required many of the clan juniors to join hands and even paying a price of several injuries. However, at present, without any reservations about revealing his strength, he killed it in a single strike backed by [Hell Suppressing Divine Energy].

Moreover, Yang Qi discovered that this godly technique seemed to have a natural suppression on demonic beasts.

Under these circumstances, Yang Qi’s speed of killing demonic beasts would be even faster than the eighth stage experts of the clan.

After collecting the “demonic core”, Yang Qi stood up and employed Qi-craft body defense. He then scuttled onto a huge tree and moved through the trees, heading into the depths of the forest; his vision and hearing pushed to the peak.

Every sound transmitting into his mind was almost creating a three-dimensional image.

“Oh, there are several dozens of silver-backed demonic wolves a little farther ahead. Is this smell of blood?”

His nose twitched.

He jumped down the tree and charged head. Arriving in a barren field of the forest, he saw no less than ten gigantic wolves with completely silver bodies and glossy fur, chewing away at a few corpses.

These were actually human corpses. One could still faintly discern armor and weapons littered around them.

Clearly, they were adventures like Yang Qi who fell prey to the silver-backed demonic wolves’ evil schemes.

Silver-backed demonic wolves were more much more dangerous than the python Yang Qi had recently encountered. They were reputed demonic beasts known for being organized and disciplined. They flitted across the forest like wind, moreover every single one of them awakened their Qi-craft cultivation upon reaching adulthood; they were extremely frightening creatures. In addition, their fur feared no ordinary weapon and was quite expensive.

If you encountered a horde of silver-backed wolves in the forest, it would be the beginning of a disaster for you, equivalent to offending a big aristocratic family.

The wisdom these wolves possessed was no less than a human’s.

In the legends, the ancestor of these wolves was a reputed demonic sage. The memories in their blood were extraordinary.

As Yang Qi stepped on the ground, the ear of the wolves chewing on the corpses faintly twitched before they turned their heads one after another.

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