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Chapter 19 – Hunting Demonic Beasts



Seeing someone’s arrival, the wolves showed no panic, and the particularly huge alpha wolf even extended its claw and waved it towards Yang Qi, as if saying, “Kid, come here if you dare.”

It was contemptuous, and a brazen provocation.

The situation seemed extremely strange.

Think about it. A wolf waving its claw towards you, asking you to come over while carrying a human like contemptuous expression on its face…what kind of concept was this? This wolf had already matured completely and possessed mentality like that of an adult. The only difference was that it couldn’t converse like an educated person.

However, this situation didn’t amaze Yang Qi at all.

In the Black Corpse mountains, there were many beasts that possessed more wisdom than humans, and some among ancient demonic beasts among them were even comparable to Qi Ancestors.

When Yang Qi was small, his father told him that once their clan was chasing after a golden rhinoceros in the Black Corpse mountains. However, they ended up going too deep and ran into a tyrant ape. It immediately used its Qi Ancestor realm cultivation base and injured all the elders. If not for the fact that it had no desire of killing, the entire family would have probably been annihilated.

“Savage beasts!”

Confronting such a provocation from demonic beasts, Yang Qi also cursed back.

That demonic wolf could obviously understand his words. Enraged, it faced towards the sky and roared. Its palm grabbed at the air before it, and a spherical mass of storm-type Qi-craft immediately began to condense. It actually took shape of countless wing blades which swiftly dashed towards Yang Qi, covering the sky.

“Wind energy?”

Yang Qi could tell at a glance that this demonic beast cultivated an extraordinary Qi-craft. Surprisingly, it had also attained the sixth stage, the realm of weapon condensing. In the sky, fierce winds transformed into knives, swords, axes, hooks, spears, and various other kinds of weapons. If an ordinary person was met with such an attack, his body would instantly be chopped in pieces.

In the forest, killing someone was like cutting grass. Yang Qi had no apprehension regarding the use of [Hell Suppressing Divine Energy].

Confronting the infinite slashes of infinite wing blades, he coldly chuckled and made a grabbing motion. With a rumble, a Qi wall was pushed out. Wherever it went, the wing blades disintegrated.

The demonic wolves immediately felt an intense suppression. They let out miserable howls and crept on the ground. The divine elephant’s hell suppressing might had a kind of undefyable suppression over the demons and fiends that roamed through mountains and waters.


Yang Qi flickered, arrived beside the majestic-looking alpha wolf, and sent it flying with a flick of his arm, turned into minced meat.

The rest of the wolves strugglingly stood back on their four legs, but before they could do anything else, an iron fist landed on their skulls, shattering them.

The wolves usually had rock-solid head and back, but tofu-like abdomen; one should strike a wolf at its abdomen, but Yang Qi didn’t care at all. There was nothing that his godly fist couldn’t overcome.

In only five breaths, all the demonic wolves had been killed, leaving behind a ground littered with carcasses.

Moreover, Yang Qi was able to get his hands on a total of thirteen demonic cores. After cutting open a demonic wolve’s corpse, one would find a thumb-sized demonic core which appeared like a silver pill and contained extremely tyrannical true Qi. This was a commodity exclusive to the silver-backed demonic wolves. In the black market, the demonic core of silver-backed demonic wolves could practically be considered a hard currency.

Experts could use it in the manufacturing of various kinds of divine weapons, infuse it in armors, or directly absorb the true Qi it contained.

However, in order to absorb the true Qi directly, first it needed to be purified, which was not an easy task for ordinary cultivators. If absorbed by force, it could easily set one off his cultivation course and cause him to lose his mind.

“How unfortunate. This fur is also worth a lot of money, but I don’t have enough space on me. I can only move on without it.” Looking at the fur on the wolf corpses, Yang Qi felt quite regretful. Every one of these furs would sell for at least a hundred Qi Gathering pills.

On the ground, there were four human corpses in addition to the wolf corpses. They were chewed out beyond recognition, but one could still vaguely make out three male figures and one female figure out of them, and all were quite young. Evidently, they were sons and daughter of some influential family who were out for experience but ended up as wolf fodder.

Upon a light inspection, Yang Qi surprisingly discovered that both the weapons and armors on their bodies were extraordinary. Moreover, there was a small sack which contained a few dozens of demonic cores. Evidently, they had killed no small amount of demonic beasts.

Yang Qi showed no courtesy as he claimed all the cores for himself. At the same time, he also found out a receipt for Qi Gathering pills, worth over ten thousand in number.

As for the Qi Gathering pills on their bodies, they were already eaten by the demonic wolves.

Demonic wolves couldn’t refine pills for cultivation and could only cultivate with their instincts. They were extremely covetous of human’s Qi Gathering pills.

“Let me bury you guys.”

With a strong push, he opened out a deep hole in the ground. He then buried the four corpses inside and made it a grave mound.

After completing the job, Yang Qi stood up and scuttled on a tree again; his feet moving like a whirlwind. After a long session, he again sat down and operated his Qi-craft, moderating his breath and preserving his optimal condition.

He was still at the edge of Black Corpse mountains. It would be much more dangerous when he’d entered the depths of the mountains. He would encounter more and more beasts like silver-backed demonic wolves. For example the golden rhinoceros, which much ferocious than the silver-backed demonic wolves with Qi-craft cultivation base equivalent to that of an eighth stage expert.

The golden rhinoceros was a variant primordial species. The demonic cores in their bodies were essentially of the same worth as that of the copper bell obtained by Yang Qi, and easily fetched several hundred thousand Qi gathering pills.

“This level of battle is not enough. I won’t be able to arouse my potential, and the lightning elephant also won’t merge with my body. Seems like I have to enter even deeper and stimulate my body by fighting arduous battles in order to break through into the seventh stage.”

While taking a short rest, Yang Qi pondered over different ways to cultivate and ultimately decided to enter deeper, hoping to run into a big horde of demonic beasts which would allow him to experience life-threatening situations and would arouse his potential, thereby enabling his break through. This was a dangerous way, but also the most effective one. Battling with one’s life on the line was the easiest way to improve one’s realm and cultivation base; this was a universal truth.

In a flash, three days passed.

During these three days, Yang Qi unceasingly penetrated deeper into the mountains, slowly uncovering the regions that Yang Qi family never reached during their hunts.

In these three days, he encountered countless demonic beasts. Hordes of “Bloody Wild Boars” , “Winged Tigers”, “Blood Sucking Bats”, “Giant Bees”, Demonic Hunter Spiders”, “Dark Mastiffs”, and “Man Eater Ants”. Some among them were even comparable to seventh stage Qi-craft experts but were killed by Yang Qi

Moreover, Yang Qi himself encountered danger on multiple occasions.

For example, he ran into an infinite horde of Man Eater ants. The horde was dense and swallowed everything in sight. Every single one of these ants had fist-sized bodies. They were sinister and frightening, and attacked in an endless succession. Fortunately, his Qi-craft was quite rich and he managed to fought his way through and escape.

During the three days in the forest, he preserved his vigilance every second, coped hunger with Qi Gathering pills, quenched thirst by drinking spring water, and slept with eyes half-opened, lest he lost his life due to an unexpected ambush.

Fortunately, the miraculous effect of [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Energy] plus the essence released by the lightning elephant allowed him to continue his journey. He reached the bottleneck several times while circulating his Qi-craft. His body started to change and became restless, giving off a feeling as if excessive amounts of water could break out of the huge dam any moment, and when it would, entire nations would be drowned.

This was the sign of impending break through.

Splatter……Heavy rain fell down, filtered through dense branches and leaves. At this moment, Black Corpse mountains faced a heavy downpour. The climate changed at a moment’s notice during the height of summer. There was bright sunshine one moment, followed by heavy downpour and rumbling thunder the next.

Silver snakes coiled in the sky, and thunderbolts quaked the mountains in an endless succession. Sitting on a big tree, Yang Qi began to circulate his Qi-craft, immediately condensing a dense Qi cover around his body. It deflected the falling rain, keeping him neat and dry.

The sounds of rumbling thunder felt extremely familiar to him, so much so that his mind left him and fused with the thunder in the sky, becoming one with the heavens. The lightning, the fierce gales raging in the depths of the sky, everything was felt by his heart, and his heart was felt in return.

Indistinctly, as the thunder exploded, one could see a corporeal body in the sky. Countless slender lightning threads came down and merged with his body, entering deep underneath his skin and arousing his body’s life force.

Yang Qi seemed unusually carefree while cultivating in the rainstorm. Ever since he’d been struck by the lightning, it gave him an extremely amiable feeling.

Furthermore, threads of lightning also entered between his eyebrows, entering inside the golden figure.

Yang Qi suddenly discovered that the golden figure was also absorbing the  lightning flickering in the sky. It was a living being!

“Senior? Senior…..” He immediately tried to communicate, but the little golden figure completely ignored him. Suddenly, the thunder in the sky stopped falling down, and the little golden figure also stopped moving.

Even to this moment, he’d no idea what sort of mystical existence this little golden figure was.


After a momentary pause, the thunderstorm again intensified. The entire forest had already turned into an aquatic world. The lake waters flooded onto the forest ground to the extent that Yang Qi could even see fishes coming into the forest from lakes, eating the insects in the water.

Inside the forest’s aquatic world, some demonic beasts went into hibernation, evading the nature’s wrath. Before the heaven’s might, everything seemed too minute and insignificant.

Yang Qi also waited for the rain to stop. He was cultivating, while at the same time, fiddling with an longan-fruit-sized demonic core which looked like an eyeball. This was the demonic core that he obtained by killing a “Demonic Hunter Spider” which was equivalent to a seventh stage Qi-craft expert.

The night yesterday, this demonic spider, which stood as tall as several people combined, was cultivating in the swap. The essence of sun and moon was vaguely condensed as light rings around its body.

“Demonic Hunter Spider” was also a variant primitive beast. It can innately cultivate and train in Qi-craft. Its body was huge, allowing it to eat anything including humans and bears. It could even capture eagles in the sky by spitting spider webs and trapping them within.

Even a group consisting of all the elite members of an aristocratic family’s young generation ambushing a “Demonic Hunter Spider” sometimes had to suffer a total loss. Even eighth stage experts like Yang Shi might not gain any advantage while confronting it. Its web attack was too difficult to dealt with.

However, this Demonic Hunter Spider came across Yang Qi and got pierced by a long-range Underlord’s Spear, dying without even knowing the cause.

By killing the spider, Yang Qi obtained this longan-like demonic core. The tyrannical true Qi inside it contained a few unique traits of Demonic Hunting spider. By selling it in the black market, it would be worth at least three hundred thousand Qi Gathering pills.

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