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Chapter 20 – Huge Battle Against Water Ape


“Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hunt a demonic beast worth millions- not even a single demonic beast with eighth stage Qi-craft or above…..”

Studying the Demonic Hunter spider’s core in his hands, Yang Qi exclaimed while storing it, “The more I hunt, the more I can help my family, and more I will improve through real combat. Even though my present cultivation base is sixth stage, I don’t have to fear a seventh stage expert at all. Only an eighth stage expert will make me feel pressured. However, if I enter deeper and ran into a bunch of eighth-stage demonic beasts, even I may die.”

At present, he no longer feared a demonic beast by itself.

However, if he ran into a horde of them, it would still be extremely dangerous. For instance the Demonic Hunter Spider he ran into yesterday night was only a seventh-stage demonic beast, but if seventeen of them showed up together, Yang Qi could only hope to make his escape, and even that might prove impossible.

One should know that the Demonic Hunter Spider’s threads could even trap and bring down a hawk from the sky.

“But I’ll go deeper anyway! If I can catch an eighth stage demonic beast, it would be worth at least a million Qi Gathering pills. It will also allow first brother and second brother to have an easier time managing the clan.”

With this thought, Yang Qi clenched his teeth and rushed into the depths of the forest.

In the sky, the rainstorm was continuously intensifying. Every thunderclap was like a wardrum being pounded, leaving the ground shaken and mountains trembling, and some of the thunder seemed to be coming straight out of the mountains. Mountain floods had begun to erupt all over the forest. At this moment, Yang Qi had already arrived in the desolate regions of the Black Corpse mountains. Only a few Qi Ancestor realm experts would dare to venture this deep.


Suddenly a gigantic roar could be heard from amidst a distant mountain flood.

“What’s that? Such a powerful roar.” Yang Qi was alarmed. The air was rippling, and even his head was buzzing as if struck by a sledgehammer.

Immediately afterwards, his figure flickered and leapt across, covering a distance of no less than hundred steps every jump while cautiously avoiding the flood currents. Suddenly, a cliff emerged, from which an enormous waterfall was magnificently falling down

However, at this moment, a demonic beast was bathing under the cliff.

That’s right. It was bathing in the flood water, or perhaps it would be better to say……training in the flood water.

The one who produced that gigantic roar was none other than this beast.

It was a giant ape that stood as tall as two or three men combined. It was covered in white fur and had cyan-colored eyes like that of a malevolent spirit. It was standing on a boulder under the waterfall, repeatedly slashing upwards with both of its hands and splashing water everywhere.

At this moment, winds were howling, rain was falling down in heavy torrents, lightning and thunder were rumbling, and mountain floods were erupting everywhere. Under these conditions, the waterfall had reached up to a height of three hundred meters, as if flowing through the sky. Would you guess its power as it came crashing down? It could even smash a hill into dust, but this giant white-feathered ape was challenging it relying on its own Qi-craft! The Qi streams emerging out of the hollow of its palms condensed into grind-disc sized true Qi palms as it struck with both of his hands, seeming as if it would reverse the flow of waterfall itself.


The moment Yang Qi’s gaze landed on this ape’s body, its entirely white body faintly trembled, as if having felt something. It then turned its head, looking straight towards the location where Yang Qi was hiding.

It seemed as if regardless of how good you concealed yourself, it would only need a glance to find you out.

The instant white ape’s gaze landed on his body, Yang Qi had an unfathomable feeling as his soul had been locked in; even if he were to escape a thousand miles away, he would still not have escaped this white ape’s perception.

“Distant Soul Lockdown? Fuck! Expert….. an absolute expert! This white ape’s cultivation base is too high, almost at the peak of Qi-craft. Merely by realm, it’s above father, and moreover, in terms of Qi-craft’s profoundness, I’m afraid father doesn’t even come close. I’m no match for it! It couldn’t have attained Qi Ancestor realm, no?”

Yang Qi turned around and escaped without a second thought.

He couldn’t fight against such a demonic beast. Even his father hadn’t attained the realm of “Distant Soul Lockdown”.

The so-called “Distant Soul Lockdown” was nothing but a cultivator developing the perception of Qi intent after cultivating to an extremely high degree.  After locking on a person, even if that person escaped a thousand miles away, the user could still sense him.

Such an expert who was infinitesimally  close to the ninth stage was indeed too high in comparison to Yang Qi’s realm. If he suddenly made the breakthrough into the seventh stage, he might have a chance, but fighting with his sixth stage realm was most certainly death.

This was excluding the fact that this was a demonic beast, not a human. By a mere look, one could tell that its true Qi was at least three or four folds more vigorous than ordinary experts.

But even though Yang Qi wished to escape, the giant ape didn’t wish to let him.

It bellowed, and with a single palm strike in the air, aroused the water in the pond below. Under the effect of its Qi-craft, a huge stream of water took shape of a long dragon, which dashed through the air, immediately covering more than three thousand steps and arriving before Yang Qi. The  dragon opened his huge and ferocious mouth, expanded, sucked in, then bit forward.

“This is bad.”

Yang Qi hurriedly dodged like an arrow.

The flood dragon’s “bite” landed on the tree he’d been standing. Wooden splinters swirled in the air as the huge tree was cut like tofu.

With such frightening might, if this bite had landed on his body, he would have been crushed to the bones.

“Reaching out his Qi-craft to three thousand steps with just one strike….so mighty….” Yang Qi was stunned once again.

The meaning behind the so-called [Hundred Steps Godly Fist] was nothing but the ability to discharge one’s Qi-craft hundreds steps away and perform ranged attacks. However, after a hundred steps, the true Qi would dissipate and the fist’s might would suffer a huge decrement.

With his current cultivation base, Yang Qi could strike five hundred meters apart, which was even a bit larger than the range of bow and arrow. But he’d never even imagined a range of three thousand steps. However, this white ape could cover the distance of three thousand steps with just a push of his Qi-craft. It was too frightening.


Seeing Yang Qi dodging its strike, the white ape seemed somewhat astonished. However, a sinister smile emerged on its face. Its huge fiendish teeth exuded a deep chill, and the white fur on its face softly fluttered in the wind, not being wet by the falling water….. swoosh!

Its enormous body flew out from amidst the waterfall. Behind its body was a pair of golden wings condensed out of its Qi-craft, like that of a huge roc. They were much broader in comparison to “White Crane Wings”, and looked much mightier.

“The great Roc Qi-craft?”

By the time Yang Qi could react, the white ape was already above him. Its huge palm swatted, producing fierce gales.

The Qi circulation throughout his body suddenly turned into a frantic vortex, and his body was confined by a mysterious energy. He was like a small boat amidst a huge rainstorm, incapable of escaping regardless of how much it struggled.

The moment of life and death had come.

Relying on his Qi-craft, he couldn’t even budge before this white ape’s strike. One could tell how powerful this white ape was. If it was in Yan city, it could have even fought with the city master on even terms.


Under such a level of pressure, he could only stake his life and go all out.

Yang Qi was also aroused by an intense desire to battle. Since the water has risen above the head, he would not back down. His entire body had been stimulated. His muscles, bones, and flesh started to swell, and [Hell Suppressing Divine Energy] Qi-craft operated in full force. An infernal fiendgod like aura caused the demons, fiends, ghosts, devils, and monsters in the multitudes of mountains and waters to be fear-stricken.

Buzz…..An Underlord’s spear appeared in his hand. He didn’t try to dodge, instead thrust the spear towards the white ape’s throat with an intent dripping with mutual destruction.

The astonishment on the ape’s face only too evident. It was dumbfounded. It could feel the devastating aura from the spear’s tip; the true Qi making him feel his very soul being suppressed.


A stream of flood water appeared at its hand and condensed into a huge and bulky staff, which struck the advancing Underlord’s spear.

The enormous power immediately caused Yang Qi to repeatedly step back. The Underlord’s spear in his hand had completely dispersed, and the staff energy even penetrated through his meridians and entered straight into his Qi sea, rampaging inside and trying to harm his body.

“Lightning Elephant”

He inwardly bellowed. The lightning elephant incessantly moved inside his body, repairing the injuries inside his meridians.

Under such an enormous pressure, he made the breakthrough in [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power] which he’d been stuck on for a long time. The fourth granule suddenly awakened and boundless true Qi suddenly started circulating through his four limbs and hundreds of bones. The additional power of the fourth giant ancient elephant supported his body.


He reached out once again and Underlord’s spear again appeared in his hand. The Qi sea in his dantian transformed into a whirlpool, propelling the spear. It shot out and magically appeared at the white ape’s throat.

The white ape hadn’t anticipated that its opponent would suddenly make a breakthrough, and thus, a huge improvement in his Qi-craft. However, even still, it wouldn’t let Yang Qi slip away. In his eyes, Yang Qi was extremely valuable. It would capture him, then force out his cultivation technique and even directly absorb the true Qi in his body.

This white ape’s intelligence regarding cultivation had far surpassed ordinary humans.

The huge flood staff in its hand spun like a windmill and again struck on the Underlord’s spear once again while shooting out water streams. The spear crumbled and turned incorporeal, but the Infernal Underlord like aura it contained deeply penetrated its soul, causing it somewhat sluggish in operating its Qi-craft.

Yang Qi had eventually obtained a chance to catch his breath. He immediately shot more than ten Underlord’s spears, which arranged themselves in an array and shot towards the ape.

At the same time, his body leaped up like a giant bird and unleashed the six killer moves of [Invincible King Fist], all aimed at the crucial parts of the ape.


The white ape had apparently never felt so aggrieved before. Its viciousness exploded forth, and it raised its staff high in the air. Under the influence of its Qi-craft, tons of flood water swirled up and condensed a water wall with layers that were both hard and soft. The Underlord spears penetrated dozens of layers and continued forward. However, the wall incessantly wriggled- hard as steel one moment while soft as cotton the next. This superimposition absorbed all the energy from spears and ultimately caused them dissipate in between the wall.


After destroying the array of spears, white ape’s Qi-craft went even more berserk, and a faint roar could be heard coming from its mouth. Suddenly the whole water mass amazed under the waterfall swirled up and formed a small mountain, charging towards Yang Qi.

That’s correct. It was indeed a small mountain condensed from the flood water under the influence of white ape’s Qi-craft. It flew across, encompassing a perimeter of several meters, and pressed down on Yang Qi, leaving him no room to dodge or retreat.

“Let me take a look, what you’ll do now….”

Yang Qi had no fear either. He parted his hands and struck at the water mountain, using [Hell Suppressing Divine Energy] to the extreme. His hard fists moved like the wind, and his body brimmed with a power that could lift mountains.

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SE Chapter 19
SE Chapter 21

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