SE Chapter 21

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 Chapter 21 – Breakthrough


Confronting the water mountain, Yang Qi circulated his Qi-craft and struck out fiercely. As his palm collided with the water mountain, the resulting sound was actually the same rumbling sound as that of the waterfall.

The water mountain collapsed.

And turned into an inescapable net, engulfing Yang Qi.

Several life-extinguishing water ropes coiled around Yang Qi’s four limbs. The white ape’s control over the water streams had reached an extremely high level, almost to the point of perfection.

Furthermore, on the surface of the streams were sawteeth, firmly cutting in as the ropes coiled around.

Any sort of defensive Qi-craft on the body would be chopped off by this rope immediately.

With unwavering perseverance, a rope could make a tree fall, and dripping water could penetrate a stone.

“Divine Elephant Infernal Suppression!”

Being trapped amidst the berserk streams and continuously slashed and hacked from every which direction, Yang Qi’s body-protecting true Qi faced a danger of dispersal. He couldn’t see the white ape at all. All he could he see was frantic streams squeezing and cutting him.

Fortunately, it was him. Any other person would have his body smashed and bones crushed.

Of course, the white ape hadn’t used its full power either. It wanted to capture him and force out his cultivation method. He’d no desire to kill him on the spot.

Amidst the extreme danger, Yang Qi’s entire being entered a profound realm. Inside his body, the lightning elephant moved increasingly quicker, replenishing his lost true Qi. Under the influence of [Hell Suppressing Divine Power], the granules inside his body started to show signs of awakening one after another.

Outside, the white ape was constantly speeding up its Qi-craft suppression. As he looked at the trapped Yang Qi- who not only wasn’t exhausted but was even becoming more and more energetic- it couldn’t help but feel a bit baffled. It had never seen such a thing before. A trifling human of Qi Arm’s sixth stage dared to challenge it- a peak eighth stage demonic beast.

As it was about to increase the power a bit more to make Yang Qi consume all his True Qi, the trapped Yang Qi suddenly exploded with an absolutely astonishing aura.

With Yang Qi being under heavy pressure, a portion of the lightning elephant had once again fused with him, awakening the fifth granule of his body, giving him the power of five giant ancient elephants.

Right at this moment, his hands, legs, and neck fiercely struggled, as if a giant elephant had awakened. Huge clouds of Qi burst out from his body, each as big as a water pot. These clouds exploded one after another, quaking the surroundings. By these explosions, the water ropes around his body were being torn apart inch by inch.

The true Qi inside Yang Qi’s body had turned too rich, and thus, had actually started to crystallize. The air like true Qi gradually condensed into a fog like liquid. Every bit of his true Qi had turned dense and gelatinous as it flowed in his Qi Sea, at least ten folds more condensed than his previous true Qi.

To the point that, if Yang Qi closed his eyes and inspected his body, he could see the true Qi liquid was continually constructing and deconstructing the images of dragons, tigers, white cranes, and giant elephants.

His four limbs and neck exploded with power, suddenly making the breakthrough into the seventh stage of Qi craft, the realm of ‘Qi Manifestation’, at such a critical moment.

When one’s Qi-craft entered the seventh stage from the sixth, the nature of true Qi changed, the most distinctive of which was “Liquefaction”. The true Qi flowing in the body turned into a liquid state, gaining several folds improvement in its basic nature, and correspondingly, might.

On this critical juncture, ordinary cultivators stalled at least twenty to thirty years, and many never made it to the other side throughout their lives.

Crossing this juncture signified that a cultivator’s Qi-craft had again attained a new level. All the aristocratic families throughout the Fengrao continent showed proper respect to a seventh stage Qi-craft.

Taking hold of an object from afar, condense Qi wings, fly over dangerous locations…a variety of other abilities could only be gained after attaining the seventh stage.

At this moment, under the intense pressure of white ape, Yang Qi had finally attained the realm he’d been yearning for.

As soon as he broke through, his true Qi increased by ten folds.  A casual strike from him produced a series of explosions in the air. With one jump, his body broke through the encirclement. In the air, he circulated his true Qi, and simply defying the laws of gravity, never returned down again.


Behind his back, two enormous wings appeared.

These two wings were condensed completely from true Qi. Their darkness enigmatic, as if it belonged to the depths of the universe. On the dark wings, bits of runes and figures of fiendgods floated. As the wings flapped, a fiendish aura swept through the surroundings. A radius of hundred steps around the wings was shrouded by a dense pitch-black fog as if bringing the hell itself.

These wings were sinister, yet vast, black, and incredibly mysterious.

Compared to those “White Crane wings” and “Roc Wings” these wings were immeasurably more powerful. Even the [Great Roc Wings Qi-craft]’s Qi-craft suddenly started to disperse from white ape’s back under the influence of Fiendish wings.

Amidst a pair of flickering “Fiendish wings”, Yang Qi stood in the air,  floating. His lofty figure looked like a fiendgod, coldly looking at the white ape, giving off a feeling as if he could completely see through the white ape.


Although white ape was astounded, the savageness it contained also burst forth. Neither impressed nor intimidated by the improvement of Yang Qi’s cultivation base, it bellowed and once again made a grabbing motion with its palm. A much larger water mass from before condensed into a huge staff- like a huge tree- and chopped down at Yang Qi.

“Underlord’s Spear!”

Yang Qi didn’t dodge either. With a grabbing motion, a spear magically appeared in his hand. It was several times thicker and wider than before, and a dark fog swirled about its surface. As he thrust it up in the air, a fiendish howl followed the spear’s path, immediately causing splendor of the entire flood water coming down the waterfall to completely pale. Slender beams of dark Qi shot out of the spear, transforming into a figure wearing long black robes, faintly discernible as the master of life and death, the ruler of hell, Underlord.

Even before the spear touched the huge water staff, the latter started to show cracks as if it couldn’t endure the will of suppression, then directly crumbled apart.

“Underlord’s Strike!”

Yang Qi didn’t relax in the slightest. With a flicker of the Fiendish wings behind him, his entire being struck at the white ape through the spear in his hand, aiming for his throat.

The white ape again bellowed and quickly erected a multi layered wall of flood water before him. Dozens of energy layers struggled to dissolve the spear’s strike. However, this time, it didn’t prove effective and the spear cut through the walls like butter and reached its body.


As its body was slashed by the spear, its white fur became completely disheveled and blood violently shot out, while Underlord’s Infernal will deeply penetrated through its soul.

Roar roar roar…..The white ape never expected the fish in his net would suddenly flip around and injure it instead. With a series a bellows, it used an agility technique and dodged the spear, then penetrated directly through the waterfall, disappearing without a trace.


Yang Qi also astonished. When white ape went through the waterfall, he’d suddenly seen a dark opening behind the waterfall. This was simply a perfect match, a cave with waterfall covering its opening.

This white ape was a powerful opponent. Its Qi-craft was profound and it even had its own lair. If its death was not ensured and it decided to carry out revenge in future, the entire Yang family would be razed to the ground.

White apes were, after all, demonic beasts that attained the ninth stage, and once they did, they turned into extremely terrifying creatures.

Moreover, it was the white ape itself who wished to capture Yang Qi, but instead ended up injured from the battle that ensued. From the intense hatred in its eyes, its future retaliation would be extremely frightening.

Both from reason and emotions, Yang Qi was completely willing to brave the dangers inside in order to kill the white ape and prevent future troubles.

This white ape’s intelligence was even above humans. It would never forget such a loss and humiliation.

“Underlord’s Guard!”

He operated [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], immediately an egg-shell like Qi-craft closely enveloped around his body, airtight and waterproof. This body protection Qi cover flowed like a whirlpool and spun like a huge metal ball, as if a light touch could lead to a series of acute explosions.

Not only such a guard dissolve a force striking on its surface, it might bounce it back.

The most powerful of guards.

In comparison, the great Golden Bell cover Qi-craft was like a paper guard before “Underlord’s Guard” that would be pierced with a slight poke.

Like a carb sailing the waves, Yang Qi charged into the depths of the waterfall, entering the waterfall cave.


His feet firmly landed on the ground. The surface was made of a hard and sleek stone. The cave was as high as five-six person’s height combined. It was not surprising that the white ape was able to enter it. Moreover, the more he entered it, the more spacious it became. It seemed as if he’d entered a palace in the depths of a mountain’s body.

The stone walls both sides were even carved with figures of monkeys and apes- jumping about, sitting cross-legged in mediation, using swords moves, staff moves, operating Qi-craft- and shining designs of Qi circulation courses, every single one of these depicting martial techniques for apes.

On the surface, the traces of blood were barely visible. It was the path taken by the escaping white ape.

At this moment, Yang Qi brimmed with confidence due to breaking through into the seventh stage. With Fiendish wings, Underlord’s guards, and a power of five giant ancient elephants in his body, he’d even forced white ape into retreat. Chasing the traces of blood, he went even deeper.

Soon after, brightness appeared before his eyes, revealing a huge stone chamber. The white ape was standing inside the chamber, holding a huge adamantium staff. It was thick, immeasurably heavy, and had various designs engraved on its surface.

This stone chamber could contain a thousand people. There were stone bookshelves everywhere, which contained books, papers, leather scrolls, gold and stone inscriptions, bamboo strips…all giving the room an ancient outlook. Furthermore, there were weapons shelves that contained various kinds of blades, spears, hooks, hammers- anything and everything that one could think of.

Even more excessive was the huge pill furnace in the south of the room at the location of fireplace.

Apparently used by the white ape to concoct pills.

Moreover, not too far away from the furnace, there was even a zither. The most striking was the elegant appearance of the entire dwelling. It didn’t seem like one of a filthy demonic beast, but of an enlightened scholar who had shunned the world.

At this moment, the white ape stood in the middle of the room with its whole body completely free of any kind of injury as if it had never been injured. It seemed full of vitality and abundant true Qi. Its eyes shined sinisterly as its mouth actually let out human voice, “Alright kid, you really chased in after me! This time, you won’t escape even if you grow another pair of wings.”

The white ape could actually speak human tongue.

“I can obviously call it even and leave right now,” Yang Qi also showed no fear and said with a dull smile, “But are you sure you won’t seek revenge on me?”

“Kid, I’ve never been forced into such a situation by humans. I’ll have to kill your whole clan and eat your entire family to wash off this disgrace.” The white ape furiously roared.

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