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Chapter 22 – Making Huge Profit

“In that case, only one of us will remain.”

Hearing white ape’s vehement words, Yang Qi’s killing intent soared. The Underlord’s spear in his hand morphed out layers upon layers of spear images, densely packed like a forest, and like a peacock spreading its feathers.

With his current Qi-craft’s richness, he was not one bit inferior to the white ape. The spear struck forward. Wails of ghosts and howls of fiends reverberated everywhere. The Underlord’s image once again appeared, turning the entire stone chamber into a living hell.

Feeling the might coming towards it, the white ape didn’t dare be neglectful. It waved the huge adamantine staff in its hand, using a staff technique it possessed, and charged forward while brandishing the staff.

The metal used in the production of this staff was of extremely high quality. It gave the staff a supplementing true Qi effect, which increased the fierceness of the white ape’s staff technique by two folds. Under the Qi-craft’s effect, flames danced on the surface the staff, produced due to the high temperature aroused by the friction between high-speed staff and air.


A deafening collision.

As the spear and the staff collided, white ape’s body retreated three steps, and on the other hand, Yang Qi’s true Qi throughout his body was also plunged into chaos.

However, his stamina was extremely high and true Qi highly rich. The power of five giant ancient elephants could even destroy this entire cave. It only took him a few moments of operating his Qi-craft to recover, and his aura blazed even more.

The spear trembled, then pierced forward once again.

Crackle…..Suddenly lightning started to flicker on the Underlord’s spear, and as it rammed against the staff, a lightning spark flickered on the staff as well.

Zuzuzuz…..With the metal’s conduction, the lightning arrived at the white ape’s body in no time and assaulted it. A scorched smell pervaded the surroundings, and the white fur throughout the ape’s body was set ablaze by the lightning.

In one move, the white ape, who possessed a profound Qi-craft, had been pushed into complete disadvantage.

“Lightning Qi craft…..”

Its face revealed a trace of panic.

Those who were able to control lightning Qi-crafts were extremely terrifying. The lightning was the most berserk power in the world. Those who tried to control it suffered horrible deaths.

Because Yang Qi was struck by lightning and further because of the lightning elephant residing inside in his body, whenever Yang Qi’s Qi-craft was circulated to the limit, it was frequently loaded with a strong lightning which could restrain all the Qi-crafts.

The huge staff was metallic in itself, and thus, it easily conducted electricity. Therefore, every time they exchanged blows, the white ape deeply suffered and was only able to bring out half of its Qi craft.

After several exchanges, all of its meridians seemed to have been scorched.

On the other hand, Yang Qi’s fierceness was continuously increasing and Qi-craft operating inside was becoming increasingly quicker. As his figure brandished Underlord’s spear, it seemed as if the thunder god had descended itself, filling the entire cave with exploding thunder and flickering lightning.


Eventually, the white ape issued a desperate strike at the critical moment. It sucked in a breath, swelling its body almost two folds and even oozing out blood. The staff in its suddenly thrust out, piercing right through the lightning Qi-craft, aiming at Yang Qi’s body.

Yang Qi’s heart sank. Almost deploying all the strength in his body, he activated the Underlord Guard Qi-craft, and the winds within ten steps around his body condensed into an iron wall.

Thump thump thump….unceasing explosions resounded as the adamantite staff struck the wall, slowly piercing it, and arriving before Yang Qi.

At this moment, Yang Qi finally moved and operated [Hell Suppressing Divine Energy] with all his might. Behind his body, images of five giant ancient elephants appeared, neighing without cease. The divine power of the giant elephants condensed into a palm, which struck at the huge staff.


The adamantite staff’s momentum was completely stopped, even causing its entire body to bend faintly. At the other end of the staff, the white ape’s skin between its finger and thumb teared open, shooting out blood. Its enormous figure was blown back before ramming into the cave’s wall, resulting in huge chunks of rocks falling down.

Although white ape was powerful, it paled in comparison to Yang Qi who possessed the power of five giant ancient elephants.

Yang Qi’s body, in particular, had been transformed. The thin membrane under his skin, connecting it with the muscles and bones was exceptionally powerful. It was no longer a simple human body. Supported by Qi-craft, his flesh could resist swords and axes. His body was even sturdier than the white ape, only just not as enormous.


The white ape still struggled to raise itself after being ramming into the wall. Yang Qi absolutely wouldn’t give it any opportunity. He raised his arm, and an Underlord’s spear shot out, piercing straight through its stomach.

The white ape was indeed a ferocious demonic beast. At this critical juncture, its Qi-craft again erupted. It opened its mouth and spit out a fiery stream, which rotated like a flaming ring, firmly resisting the spear.

However, Yang Qi grabbed the bowl-thick metallic staff in one swift motion and stepped forward with both of his hands around the staff. It was actually a martial pose, “Cleaving Mountain”


The huge staff which weighed thousands of kilograms chopped straight down, shrouding white ape’s figure amidst staff strikes.

The white ape was still somewhat unaccustomed to this huge staff due to its enormous weight, but Yang Qi seemed completely relaxed and natural. With the power of five giant ancient elephants, he could even move a building, much to less to speak of a staff.

“Damn you! All out!” The white ape could no longer resist the staff. It repeatedly swung its hands to dissolve the staff’s might, but Yang Qi’s every staff strike was extremely fierce, so much so that in the end, his whole being turned into a windmill while the huge staff in his hand moved as dexterously as if it was nothing but a wooden stick.

Peng peng peng…..Ten successive staff strikes completely dispersed the protective true Qi covering white ape’s body away, then he issued a teffifying final strike.

Being struck right at the waist, its bones shattered and internal organs ruptured. Its eyes ferociously stared Yang Qi, and before it could even let out a roar, it had to let out its last breath right there on the ground.

“Alright!” Yang Qi gave a heavy push, inserting the staff through the rock behind, then advanced forward to check the white ape’s condition. Upon discovering that the white ape had been thoroughly destroyed by his attack, he eventually to let out a sigh of relief.

He then parted white ape’s flesh aside with his palm and the other five fingers, and took out a fist-sized demonic core from the depths of its dantian!

The demonic core had a magnificent appearance. Inside, traces of letters seemed to be flickering and the powerful and majestic true Qi was coagulating. It was condensed out of its whole life’s Qi-craft, blood, and essence.

“Good stuff……a demonic core with a cultivation base extremely close to the Qi Ancestor realm….. it would at least be worth a million, or even several millions might not be unrealistic. Let’s move onto the other valuable things in this cave.” He’d already begun to search as he spoke, and his first target was obviously that pill furnace.

This furnace was forged from stone, a strange kind of stone. It was smooth like jade and had a crystalline appearance and blue color. On touch, it seemed ice-cold as if cold Qi was trapped within. It would certainly be quite expensive. However, he couldn’t currently take it with him and could only leave it behind for future.

Furthermore, the color of the ground at the lateral side of the furnace was completely out of the sync, arousing Yang Qi’s suspicions. He mobilized his Qi-craft and split opened the rock with his palm strike, revealing a small cave like a basement, which was concealing a jade case. Yang Qi opened the case and saw a needle-like pill which was emitting a golden glow. Furthermore, there was a book. The book contained no secrets of Qi-craft cultivation, but knowledge regarding pill concoction and was obviously stolen by the ape from somewhere.

“Nine Turn Core Scripture?”

This book’s title was “Nine Turns Core Scripture” and contained a voluminous text. It described herbal prescriptions and a wide variety of refining methods with countless variations, but concoction method for only one type of pill, “Nine Turn Golden Pill.”

[Tl: Origin here is in reference to the character 宗,  which is also the same as “Ancestor” in the Qi Ancestor realm. “Origin” is not the literal translation here, but implies a meaning more like “returning to where it belongs”]

The effect of this pill, as written in the book, was “Qi everywhere along with all the roots return to the origin. Those who have cultivated to the peak of eighth layer but can’t move forward can increase their chance of breakthrough by taking this pill.”

In other words, this pill was specialized in enabling the ninth stage breakthrough.

“Excellent!” Yang Qi was extremely pleased, “Father has cultivated to the peak of eighth stage and is stuck at the breakthrough. With this golden pill, he will able to swiftly breakthrough. As for me, with [Hell Suppressing Divine Energy], breaking through in the future won’t be much trouble and using this pill won’t be necessary.”

If Yang Qi’s father, Yang Zhan, made the breakthrough into the ninth stage, it would be hard to say who would have the final say in Yan city.

Yan Gufeng was also suppressing the entire Yan city relying on his ninth stage Qi Ancestor realm’s cultivation base.

Yang Qi couldn’t help but rejoice along while he felt pleased. Fortunately, the white ape hadn’t used this medicinal pill. Otherwise, with the power of ninth stage cultivation base, it would have been a disaster for Yang Qi. This made him realize the dangers that lurked in these mountains a bit more deeply.

Collecting the Nine Turn Golden Pill, he roamed in the cave once again. The few books he browsed all discussed cultivation and some were even from institutes. Clearly, the ape had amassed these books here by stealing from other places.

Surprisingly, these books were not particularly expensive and were mostly for reference regarding cultivation.

Furthermore, Yang Qi even found the white ape’s wealth- a case of receipts for Qi Gathering pills deposited in the money house of Sheng Zu dynasty’s royal palace.

Demonic beasts also needed to Qi Gathering pills to increase their cultivation speed.

In fact, with regards to the humanity’s sudden rise to prominence, the importance of Qi Gathering pills’ propagation couldn’t be overstated. In the former times, humans bid their days by eating rice and meat. Their bodies were weak and attaining the Qi Eruption realm was quite a challenge for cultivators. However, ever since Qi Gathering pills were introduced, the bodies of humans started to strengthen.

With so much wealth, this white ape must have killed and looted a lot of humans. Humans could kill demonic beasts, and demonic beasts could do the same in return.

“This is at least four-five million Qi gathering pill receipts. How many humans has this white ape actually killed?” Yang Qi was stunned, but also delighted. With these receipts, reviving the clan business wouldn’t be empty talks anymore.”

After collecting all this wealth and not finding any more treasures, he raised the huge staff in his hand and flew out of the cave.

Even though he didn’t know what was this staff made of, he could easily tell that this was a treasure and needed to be brought back.

At present, he’d cultivated to the seventh stage, and thus, could morph out Fiendish wings and glide in the air. His current speed was ten folds faster compared to before.


Carrying treasures all over his body, he soared high above the Dark Corpse mountain’s forest. After making sure of the direction, he glided across.

By the time the fierce battle between him and the white ape concluded, the rainstorm had already dispersed away. The color of the sky had darkened. The forest’s night was even more frightening and desolate. However, for Yang Qi, the night was more of a cover. Otherwise, a ghastly dark cloud flying in the sky under a broadlight would gain a lot of creatures’ attention, which would be somewhat troublesome.


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