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Chapter 23 – Return

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Yang Qi, who had ventured out to gain experience, had come out with a huge profit. He obtained demonic cores worth millions of Qi Gathering pills and another five million Qi gathering pills from the white ape’s cave. Even without considering the Nine Turn Golden pill, he’d amassed a total of more than ten million Qi gathering pills.

Although it still wasn’t comparable to the lost Dragon Subduing pill’s worth, it was enough to compensate for the majority of it.

Above all was the improvement in his own cultivation base and the awakening of the fifth granule. He now possessed the power of five giant ancient elephants, and his cultivation had attained the seventh stage. With the help of miraculous [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant], he could even make short work of eighth stage experts.

The white ape’s cultivation base was at the level of “Distant Soul Lock”, which already represented the peak of the eighth stage. Adding the fact that it was a demonic beast, one that was several folds stronger than ordinary human experts, human experts would be like dried weeds before him since he could defeat the former.

For instance “Yang Shi”. If Yang Qi met this person at present, he could defeat even him in a single strike, much less to speak of the proclaimed number one genius Yan Honglie.

“Humph! If Yun Hailan and Song Haishan hadn’t entered the Heavenly Throne institute, I would have infiltrated Yunhai city at this very moment and slaughtered them both.”

The more his strength increased, the more his hatred towards the woman who betrayed him skyrocketed. However, now that those two had entered the Heavenly Throne institute, he needed to be extremely considerate of his actions.

Heavenly Throne institute was, after all, the number one institute of the continent.

Experts were as numerous as clouds there, and it was even rumored to shelter “Fate Stealing” realm experts. Regardless of how powerful he was, if he barged in, only death awaited him.

He’d be better off cultivating in peace- increase his strength, revive his clan, and slowly lay down his plot.

Moreover, the situation of the continent was changing like clouds. Feudal vassals were declaring independence everywhere, and power struggles were inevitable. Yang family wasn’t powerful and could easily be destroyed amidst these power struggles.

While Yang Qi was flying towards Yan city with the help of his Fiendish wings, at the same time inside the white ape’s cave, an ominous gale blew in, filling the cave with rustling sounds. Inside the gale, an ape even bigger than the white ape suddenly appeared.

This ape’s body was fully covered in golden fur.

Its cultivation base had attained the Wind Walking level- inconceivably profound. It seemed like the white ape’s elder. Both of its arms were almost touching the ground.

Its fingernails were about fifteen centimeters long and were like iron. Wherever they touched on the ground, rocks immediately crumbled into dust.

“Little white! Little white! Who killed you…..”

Seeing the white ape’s body lying on the ground, the golden-furred gibbon let out an agonized shriek and shed out tears of blood, “I’ll find that person and wipe out his nine generations. He even snatched your core away…..”

As the golden-furred gibbon was shedding blood tears with its nose uncontrollably running out, it suddenly sniffed an odor on the white ape’s body…

An intense fiendish aura exploded out from the cave. Assumably, this golden-furred gibbon’s Qi-craft had long attained the ninth stage of Qi-craft, and might be even more profound….


A dark shadow descended inside the Yan city, then rushed into the Yan mansion.

This figure belonged to none other than Yang Qi.

“You’re back, young master?” The maid little Yan, who was half-sleeping outside Yan Qi’ room, woke up with a start. As she saw her young master had come back carrying a giant staff and was changing clothes, she involuntarily brightened up and said, “I’ll help you clean.”

“No need. My body is clean, just need to change clothes and find my brothers.” Yang Qi repeatedly waved his hand, “You should go to sleep as well.”

Amidst the conversation, he’d changed into a silk robe. He then relaxedly walked to the assembly hall within a few steps. Inside, he saw his eldest brother Yan Yunchong verifying the account files. Apart from his eldest brother, there were a few of the family’s accountants. When the latter saw Yang Qi walk in, they immediately greeted him one after another.

As Yang Qi swept his gaze through these people, his face remained passive. He knew that these people probably still blamed him for causing the family to lose its entire fortune, but due to his cultivation base gradually deepening and him defeating Yang Kui after breaking through into the sixth stage, they had been forced to suppress their grievances in their heart.

After all, in this world, the strength was paramount while the wealth was secondary.

With sufficient strength, wealth could easily be obtained.

“If these people knew that I broke through into the seventh stage and even killed a peak eighth stage demonic beast, I’m afraid they will be so scared so as to directly prostrate themselves,” Yang Qi thought and waved his hand, “All of you, leave for a few moments. I need to discuss something with my eldest brother.”

“You can leave.” Yun Chong also waved his hand.

The accounts left in succession and closed the door.

“Third brother, When I heard you went to Black Corpse mountains by yourself to cultivate, I couldn’t keep myself from worrying. But how could you come back so soon?” Yang Yunchong sized Yang Qi up and down and said, “Your Qi-craft has improved once again, huh?”


Yang Qi pushed a bag on the table, causing demonic cores inside to roll out of the bag one after another.

“This…….you killed so many demonic beasts?”

Yang Yunchong’s eyeball almost popped out, “There is even Demonic Hunter spider’s core? And why is this demonic core….so big?” He was dumbfounded by the white ape’s fist-sized demonic core.

“This is from a white ape with peak eighth stage Qi-craft I killed. I also got these receipts from its cave.”

As the receipts worth over five million Qi Gathering pills were placed on the table, the eldest brother Yang Yunchong’s gaze again stiffened and his body shivered, “Third brother, you? You killed an eighth-stage white ape by yourself?”

“Yeah, I’ve advanced to the seventh stage of Qi Manifestation realm.” Yang Qi faintly nodded. He sat down and began slowly sipping tea before continuing, “Eldest brother, inform the second brother immediately, then we’ll go see father. I got one more thing, which can help father to breakthrough into the Qi Ancestor realm.”

“Really?” Upon hearing these words, Yang Yunchong first stared blankly, then hurriedly jumped up as if on fire, “Hurry up, inform second brother….”

Soon after, the second brother Yang Hualong also hurried over when he received the news. After a few moments of the two brothers’ amazement, they immediately hurried to the sealed-off room that contained Yang Zhan within.

The room’s door was still closed.

Yang Qi stepped forward and tapped forward with his hand. His Qi-craft condensed at the door’s surface. As it seeped through the iron door, he immediately sensed the air whirling inside.


The iron door opened, and Yang Zhan inside stopped cultivating. His eyes suddenly opened, looking at Yang Qi with elation, “Qi-er, your Qi-craft can pass through iron door? This is a Qi energy manifestation trick; Qi flows like water, without a  hole it can’t pass through. You’ve made a breakthrough?”

“Yes, father. Even ten Yang Honglie won’t be able to kill me now. As for that Yang Shi, I can beat him as well.” Yang Qi immediately walked in, “Father, take a look, what I found this time in Black Corpse mountains….”

While speaking, he took out the jade case that contained the Nine Turn Golden pill and uncovered the lid. A golden glow and a medicinal aroma immediately spread around. A musky smell like that of an orchid pervaded the room, exuding a calm and soothing feeling.

‘Nine Turn Golden pill?”

Yang Zhan’s eyes brightened, “How did you get it?”

“I killed a white ape,” Yang Qi explained his battle with white ape in depth, though concealed his Fiendish wings and Underlord’s spear. He only said that the lightning inside his body burst out and killed the white ape.

“Save it for yourself, father doesn’t need it.” After staring at the Nine Turn Golden pill for a few moments, Yang Zhan shook his head.

“Father, I have already thought this through. As far as I am concerned, my body has changed after suffering the lightning strike. My cultivation speed is quick, moreover I have made three successive breakthroughs, directly going from the fourth stage to the seventh stage. Now is the time for me to consolidate my cultivation base. However, you’re different father. You can immediately attempt the breakthrough into the Qi Ancestor realm. The position of our Yang family is vastly different from before. At present, countries are being established wherever you look. The continent has already been plunged into an era of warring nations; feudal vassals are rising one after another. Our Yang family must gain sufficient strength to protect ourselves.”

Yang Qi had already thought of a good excuse.

“Good! Qi-er, since you’re thinking so far ahead, father won’t stand on ceremony.”  While speaking, Yang Zhan made a grab with his hand, and the golden pill entered into his palm.

“Father, this book contains a detailed account on how to use this pill.” Yang Qi took out [Nine Turn Core Scripture] as well.

Yang Zhan accepted the book and sat down cross-legged. According to the instructions in the book, he enveloped the medicinal pill with his true Qi. Immediately afterwards, one could see the pill’s glow entering his true Qi thread by thread.

Yang Zhan’s whole body started to glow, giving off a divine feeling.

Nine Turn Golden Pill was not to be swallowed. If swallowed, the intense medicinal power would roast the stomach and intestines to crisp. That white ape itself might have recently obtained this pill and intended to temper the pill with its own true Qi to make it a bit more consumable before using for itself. However, the ape ended up being killed by Yang Qi, leaving this pill to his father’s benefit, ready to be used.

Otherwise, Yang Zhan might not have been able to refine it, let alone increase his strength.

Nine Turn Golden pill gradually began shrinking. As it merged with his true Qi, Yang Zhan’s whole body started to shine a multi-colored glow, resembling a divine buddha statue.

“I need three days’ time to refine the medicinal energy. I’ll enter a deep closed-door session this time. Even if the heavens collapse, I will not be disturbed.”


The three brothers were obviously aware of this matter’s importance. They retreated after each other and again went to the assembly hall for further discussion. All the wealth brought by Yang Qi had been laid out as they discussed how to deal with it.

“Third brother, you have to attend the city master’s banquet in a few days. Be careful at every step. We’ll deal with the wealth of six-seven million Qi Gathering pills you brought back like this….”

The eldest brother Yang Yunchong was a financial expert.

Previously, Yang family had dozens of millions worth assets. But they were all swept clean this time. Like a skilled housewife who can’t cook without rice, he was left without options. Fortunately, with this huge wealth brought back by Yang Qi, they could slowly resolve the issue.

“Ah! Even though this is about a wealth of six to seven million Qi Gathering pills, it’s way less than our previous assets…….” As soon as Yang Qi found out the losses they had suffered, he was immediately alarmed. Previously, he didn’t have any idea about the clan’s wealth, but now that he knew, he realized that he had been prodigal.

Too prodigal.

“I have to make money! It will be all good as long as I can restore the clan to its former glory.” Yang Qi inwardly said, “Hunting demonic beasts is one option. Seems like I’ll have to go on a crazy hunting session again in the future.”

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