SE Chapter 24

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SE Chapter 23

Chapter 24 – The Banquet


Yang Qi rested at home for a few days after returning from the Black Corpse mountains. In a blink of an eye, it was already the day of the city master mansion’s banquet.

This time the city master Yan Gufeng had invited the single young talents from every big aristocratic family in the city, clearly showing that he was looking for a husband for his daughter.

Yan family was extremely powerful. They were the sole tyrant of the area within a perimeter of thousand kilometers around the Yan city, commanding over millions of people. If one could become their son-in-law, he would gain enormous wealth, high status, and unlimited benefits. Even more importantly, Yan Feixia studied cultivation in True Dragon institute. With this thread, one might be able to establ a sh relationship with True Dragon institute, which would allow one to have much smoother journey on the road of the cultivation.

The news had been conveyed merely half a month before the banquet, but all the single young talents of the big aristocratic family in Yan city were already going insane. Every one of them was preparing for the banquet, hoping to win the beauty’s heart.

Yang Qi, however, didn’t hold much interest. Ever since he’d been betrayed by Yun Hailan, Yunhai city master’s precious daughter, he’d developed a natural vigilance against women. At present, his goal was to cultivate, become stronger and more stronger, then revive the clan and seek revenge on Yun Hailan and Song Haishan.

However, with the city master mansion’s formal invitation addressed to his surname, he’d no choice but to go.

If Yang family wished to survive in Yan city, they could not offend Yan family by any means.

While resting these few days, he’d not been idle. He carefully recalled his experiences of killing demonic beasts in Black Corpse mountains, especially his battle with the white ape. He analyzed all of them one by one, made calculations, assessments, and gained a deeper understanding of his body’s Qi-craft, improving himself further.

[Hell Suppressing Divine Power]’s few eccentric variations, for example, the three moves- “Underlord’s Spear”, “Underlord’s Guard”, and “Fiendish Wings” – their various true Qi courses and consolidation techniques had become completely familiar to him. When he employed this godly technique, it was like a primordial Divine Elephant awakening and engulfing the sun and moon with its huge nose. When the technique went into hibernation, it seemed as if hiding in the infernal depths, pitch-black and unfathomably deep.

At present, if he were to conceal his Qi-craft in the depths of his Qi sea, even Qi Ancestors would be incapable of finding any peculiarity.

Furthermore, through repeatedly training in [Invincible King Fist]’s six moves, he incessantly cultivated various kinds of Yang family’s Qi-crafts to use in the upcoming banquet.

Throughout the entire Fengrao continent, honor closely followed strength. Be it clans or royalty, a Qi-craft competition was inevitable in any kind of gathering. Even during the new year celebrations, children were pitted against each other to compare their martial prowess and cultivation. Whichever family’s children performed well, that family’s elders bathe in glory.

In many clans, the position of the clan leader, in addition to the candidate’s own cultivation, relied heavily on his child’s talent and potential.

Yang Qi wouldn’t be able to use [Hell Suppressing Divine Power] during the banquet and could only use his family’s Qi-crafts. However, his cultivation base was profound, and foundation strong. He was basically a giant beast in human form. By casually picking up any Qi-craft, he would be able to bring out a huge might.

In these few days, he’d particularly focussed on Golden Cover Qi-craft. He could condense his Qi-craft into a golden bell immediately upon activation and condense a much superior bell than the one condensed by black-clothed men’s leader.

He, who had attained the seventh stage, had again progressed by leaps and bounds after his training in the Black Corpse mountains. Even eighth stage experts were no match for him. It would take a ninth stage expert to suppress the current him. Even still, with “Fiendish Wings”, if a ninth stage expert was determined to kill him, he might not be completely out of options.

In a couple dozen days, his experiences from being a person completely crippled of his martial skill to rising to almost the level possessing equal battle power as that of Qi Ancestor realm were simply a dream.

However, all of this was made possible by the little golden figure residing between his eyebrows.

The little golden remained completely dormant, repecurating or perhaps hadn’t even awakened yet. However, Yang Qi persistently tried to communicate every time after cultivating his Qi-craft.

Unfortunately, after connecting with him for that one time when it passed [Hell Suppressing Divine Energy] to him, it never responded.


The day had just brightened.

Yang Qi, who was sitting on the bed, opened his eyes, cleaned himself, changed his clothes, and headed out straight to the city master mansion with the invitation card in his hand.

In the vast Yan city, a jubilant atmosphere pervaded everywhere. All the talented youngsters from various big aristocratic families were out along with their servants, hastening towards the city master inside gorgeous palanquins .

Yang Qi, on the other hand, without any servants or palanquin, unhurriedly arrived before the city master mansion.

The city master mansion was enormous, occupying an area of several thousand hectares- basically a city within a city. Surrounding it was a stream diverted from the Yan river. The shallow green water was faintly rippling, and the mechanisms laid at the waterbed were faintly discernible.

In short, infiltrating the city master mansion through the water could only be done in a dream.

Furthermore, the wall was about fifty meters tall, standing majestically. On its surface, ramparts were erected like trees in a forest. Each and every guard that oversaw the lands and the sky had profound cultivation. Even the birds crossing the perimeter didn’t escape their eyes.

Furthermore, the erected crossbow mechanisms that looked like a bee’s nest, seemed even more frightening. These were  “Armor Piercing Fire Crossbow Carts” that could terrorize people with mere sight. Propelled by explosions, when a hundred thousand arrows were shot in unison, even a Qi Ancestor realm expert would regret to standing in the wake.

The entire city master mansion could said to full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. It was impossible to break in.

Upon arriving before the mansion, as Yang Qi saw the strict appearance of the guards, he inwardly shook his head. Actually, he knew that there was another way through the outskirts of Yan river that lead straight inside the Yan mansion. It was an escape route. The last time he infiltrated to steal the Dragon Subduing pill, he’d taken that same secret path.

However, the information regarding the secret path was given to him by Yun Hailan.

At that time, his mind was completely occupied by the thoughts of being together with her and escaping far away. Thinking back on it, his naiveness seemed beyond pathetic.

However, at present, that secret path ought to have been discovered. Entering the city master mansion was no longer as simple.

Just as he arrived at the entrance, a lot of disciples from the other aristocratic families also arrived. The surroundings were filled with sounds of palanquins stopping, servants shouting, and clinking of the armors, amidst which, zealous discussions rose everywhere.

Yang Qi almost instantly felt dozens of gazes on his body.

His mind and Qi-craft were crystal clear like a deep well reflecting the stars. He felt all of these gazes one by one and could tell without even turning his head who did these gazes belonged to and what appearance they had.

This was a special ability that could only be obtained upon cultivating one’s Qi-craft to a profound realm.

Nobody could mount a sneak attack on a Qi-craft expert, because the attacker’s gaze would be sensed by the expert as soon as it landed.

For instance Black mountain forest’s white ape. Not only it could sense a gaze on its body, it had even attained the realm of “Distant Soul Lock”

Yang Qi hadn’t attained such a realm. Regardless of how profound his Qi-craft became, realm was realm. Unless he attained the eighth stage, the realm of “Qi Transformation”, he wouldn’t gain “Distant Soul Lock” regardless of how much he cultivated.

“Are you guys seeing this? This is Yang family’s degenerate Yang Qi- is he serious, coming to the city master mansion?”

“Wasn’t he crippled of his battle capabilities?”

“Apparently, he’s recovered again. Relying on the elixir sent by her aunt from Heavenly Throne institute, he barely managed to connect his meridians again. However, I also heard another rumor- after getting hit by the lightning, a variation occured in his body, which restored his abilities- not sure which of the two is correct.”

“Pah! Since when lightning strikes could restore your abilities? The elixir from her aunt allowing him to recover seems about right. But after this whole ordeal, city master mansion and Yang family have become enemies, and he still dares to come? Is he dreaming?”

“Him? So what if he’s regained his skills, impressing lady Yan Feixia is still just his wishful thinking.”……..

When Yang Qi heard these comments without missing a single word, it made him smile. Previously, when didn’t have strength, he would have certainly turned furious. However, at present, he didn’t care at all simply because these people were not on his level.

“Hey, isn’t this Yang Qi from Yang family? I heard your martial arts were crippled, then again restored. Come here, let me take a look how is your body now. You’ve come alone? Not even a single servant? Seems like Yang family really lost all their fortune this time. Don’t worry though, you can come work as Chen family’s servant; I’ll remember to spare you some food.”

A youngster holding a folding fan suddenly said in a loud voice.

It was a Chen family’s genius, Chen Qing. Previously, his cultivation base was hardly any different from Yang Qi, and their ages were also similar. From the looks of it, he’d clearly obtained a breakthrough in his Qi-craft.

He lightly waved his folding fan, which immediately gave rise to fierce winds. Within a hundred steps, sand swirled and rocks moved, as a tornado visible from naked eye moved towards Yang Qi, engulfing him.

This was “Wind Energy”. He wished to blow Yang Qi away and made him hall afterwards, thereby severely slapping his face.

It was Chen family’s top skill, Whirlwind Qi-craft. Once employed, it could even lift up rocks of Grindstone size and swirl them with the wind. Previously, Cheng Qing’s cultivation base was also at the fourth stage, and now he’d suddenly attained the fifth stage. Cheng family had evidently spent a lot on him to participate in tonight’s banquet.

In Yan city, Yang family and Chen family had never seen eye to eye; this was a well-known fact.

A tornado, no less than a person’s height, arrived before Yang Qi in a blink an eye. Amidst the tornado, grains of sand were rubbing amongst each other, issuing clinking sounds. They would surely peirce a person’s face if they hit and leave behind pockmarks.

Everybody was eager to see Yang Qi make a fool out of himself.

However, Yang Qi slightly raised his hand. True Qi immediately erupted, completely suppressing the tornado, even stilling the air.

Then, he waved his hand.


From his palm flew out a jar-sized true Qi palm, which swiftly arrived before Cheng Qing amidst crackling explosions and stamped ahead!

Unceasing explosions. Before Cheng Qing could react, all the clothes on his body, the folding fan in his hand, ornaments on his body, and the armor inside his clothes- everything exploded apart and his entire being blew back, completely naked.

Furthermore, the palanquin behind, along with his seven bodyguards,  were also blown away with him, unable to dodge in time. Every single one of them coughed out blood.

SE Chapter 23

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