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Chapter 5- One Sided Love Is Harsh

Yezi blankly stared, then saw Xiao Bing turning his head and looking back. About ten meters behind them, two men were strolling about, seeming as if watching the scenery. When they saw Xiao Bing looking towards them, they immediately started walking away, but stopped before going too far away.


“Those two men are your bodyguards, no? Seems like your identity is quite extraordinary.”


Yezi gave somewhat of a complicated glance to Xiao Bing and asked, “You had already discovered them?”


“I hadn’t discovered them in the club. However, when I acted, I’d felt two people already rushing over, but stopped seeing me act. I’d already guessed back then that even if I hadn’t acted, your bodyguards would have intervened anyway.”


Yezi’s eyes vacantly gazed into the river before she suddenly sighed deeply. Xiao Bing didn’t know why but he felt a sharp pang into the depths of his soul. From her sigh, he sensed boundless loneliness and sadness. Such a feeling made him feel like gently caressing this girl who was vivacious and cheerful on the outside but desolate on the inside.


“Brother Bing, you know, I really envy you people.”


“Others think that being rich is a blessing. However, they don’t know that some people are raised like a caged bird from the moment they are born. Every road that you take in the life is according to the arrangements made by your parents, including which school to go, which friends to make, what to do every single day, and even if you manage to sneak out occasionally, there are still people watching your back. Hehe…..”


“Sometimes I think if I were born in an ordinary family, it would have been much better. A carefree life can’t be bought with any amounts of money. Freedom means to break off all shackles, to soar up in the sky- whatever you wish to do, just do it.”


Yezi looked towards the sky and smiled, “If can be like a bird in the sky, soaring high-  even for one day, no even for a second, it would be enough!”


She was smiling but her eyes were red.


Moved, Xiao Bing suddenly stood and asked, “You really wish to fly?”


Yezi, looking at him, vigorously nodded.


Xiao Bing reached out with his hand, gently faced her gaze and said, “Hold my hand, I’ll let you fly.”


Yezi’s soft, spotless hand gently dropped into Xiao Bing’s big, callous hand. With a gaze partially filled with expectations and partially with incredulity, she asked, “Really?”


“It will be very short, though.”


“Even shorter than a second?”


Xiao Bing smiled, and so did Yezi.


Xiao Bing suddenly pulled her closer, hugging her by the waist, and madly rushed towards the nearby woods. Lightning like winds generated under his feet as he moved at an astonishing speed. His two legs slowly began to leave the ground.


Yezi extended her hands and felt the winds slapping against her palms. Looking at the rapidly moving past surroundings, glistening tears flickered in her two big, beautiful eyes. With two tear streams flowing down the corner of her eyes, she elatedly murmured, “This is….freedom.”


“Heavens, what am I looking at? They are not running…….actually flying.”


“Don’t spout nonsense. Flying? Are we humans capable of doing that?”


“Nonsense. Hurry up and chase after them, don’t keep standing here!”


The two bodyguards chased with all their might. But compared to Xiao Bing, they seemed like snails.


Xiao Bing had just now made use of the power of his footsteps to rise up in the air. His two feet were unceasingly stepping on the air. When one’s speed and power attained the limits, it produced an effect like flying, similar to the ultimate agility skill “Traversing Cloud Ladder” of the martial sects in the legends.


However, this effect couldn’t be maintained for long. Before returning to the ground, Xiao Bing had already entered the woods. Borrowing the power by stepping on trees, he shot forward. When the power from one tree weakened, he stepped on another tree. Continuing on in this manner, Yezi only saw trees rapidly going past her, making her scream in excitement.


Xiao Bing’s mouth also opened, letting out a roar. This kind of feeling was like a wild beast, making one feel free and unrestrained.


Xiao Bing had never been one to blame others, nor he was a person who didn’t know how to let go. However, this time he had been hurt too deeply. Moreover, Su Peiya’s death could involve another matter- the possibility of a traitor in Dragongate!


However, after letting out this roar, his entire being felt much better, and his mind also cleared a lot. This matter couldn’t be blamed on either him or Su Peiya. She herself decided to walk this road, thus she also had the resolve to take responsibility however the road ended. What’s done is done, he needed to look forward and take care of her family and slowly investigate her death.


The woods ran quite deep, and even Xiao Bing started to feel tired as they went deeper. The two of them eventually landed on the ground.


Under the sunlight, Xiao Bing blankly stared the girl in his embrace. Yezi’s eyes shined with excitement, her beautiful face flushed with excitement. When she noticed Xiao Bing’s blank expression, a crafty expression came out on her face as she said in a charming voice, “You haven’t fallen in love with me, have you?”


“That’s hard to tell.” Xiao Bing let her go, then sat down by a tree and smiled, “The strength of those bodyguards of yours is too weak. I reckon they won’t be able to catch up anytime soon.”


“It’s not that they are too weak, but you are too strong. I haven’t seen a person who could fly….. Is this Kung Fu? My bodyguards also do Kung Fu, they aren’t so strong though?”


Seeing Yezi’s curious gaze, Xiao Bing smiled and said, “Actually, I myself don’t call it flying either. In the beginning, what you saw was Air Stagnation skill, then it was using the trees here as propellants to move through the trees- just like monkeys. It’s quite far off from actual flight.”


Yezi sat beside Xiao Bing and faintly smiled, “Flying doesn’t have to mean true flight. What’s important is to experience the feeling that I just had.”


Xiao Bing smiled and said, “So may I take it as you’re complimenting me?”


Yezi’s smiling appearance looked lovely. Her eyes shined like moon, “Not only am I complimenting you, I’m also thanking you. Ever since I was born, my father, mother, brother, sisters…all loved me a lot. However, I’ve now grown up and will be twenty very soon. Enough about me; brother Bing, you seem like a person with a story, aren’t you? I can see you had something on your mind before, no?”


Xiao Bing, “You’re right. You really have grown up.”


“Why don’t you talk to me? See if I can help you help you. Even if I don’t get it, sharing with another person will be good too.”


Looking at Yezi’s lovely appearance, Xiao Bing couldn’t bring himself to decline. He pondered for a moment, then said, “I’m different from you. I grew up in an orphan.”


“Then….your mother and father.”


“No idea.” Xiao Bing indifferently said, “It doesn’t matter, I grew up regardless. But I was quite happy still. The aunties in the orphanage treated me quite well. They even sent me to school. But because I was an orphan, my classmates bullied me. However, for some reason, they were never able to defeat me. Then slowly, my name gre and even the thugs outside the school started to fear me.”


Others would have definitely been somewhat bitter while speaking about growing up in an orphanage, but Xiao Bing’s face always carried a faint smile. He felt quite glad, and also grateful. He’d always continued to donate the orphanage and even made occasional visits. It seemed as if those were his happiest days.


“Later, the thugs outside ganged up on me but ended up knocked down by me. However, that scene was witnessed by an elder. That elder later came looking for my school and orphanage, then immediately took me away with him.”


“Took you away? For what?”


“To serve in military.” Xiao Bing smiled, “In military, I learned fighting much more systematically, and also learned shooting, investigation, and many other things. My reputation gradually grew and I became a captain. Back then, there was a girl who always tried to nag me. She was really beautiful. At first, I thought she didn’t accept me. However, when I applied to retire from military for some reasons, she also applied to retire as well. I established an organization, and she joined. Then……she died, ratted out by someone while carrying an assignment. She fell into the enemy’s trap, and by the time we hurried over, she was already dead.”


At the end of his words, Xiao Bing’s smile had vanished. Although his entire face was calm, his fingers were faintly trembling, “At deathbed, she told me that she had actually always loved me. The reason she always opposed my commands back then was because she actually wanted to gain my attention, and the reason she retired from the military was also because of me. I failed her….”


With red eyes, Xiao Bing forced out a smile, “A pity, I forgot to bring beer along when we rushed over here. Otherwise, I definitely would have drunk a few.”


Yezi’s looked at Xiao Bing with a serious face as she carefully asked, “You’re grieving.”


“She died because of me.”


“She loved you, then did you love her?”


Xiao Bing hesitated before letting out a sigh, “She was like me in many respects. Moreover, after following each other through so many years, we had a mutual understanding between each other. She was my closest companion.”


Yezi sighed, “The taste of one-sided love is indeed too bitter.”


Xiao Bing’s face turned gloomy, but soon, he smiled and asked, “You also have someone you secretly love?”


“Me?” Yezi said with a laugh, “Don’t look down on secret love. Among over a billion population of China, it would be hard to find even one person throughout your entire life who can snatch your sleep and make you worrisome. And as far as I’m concerned, a man who can make me fall in live hasn’t been born.”


Yezi blinked her two glistening eyes, shining like stars in a dark sky. Her corners of mouth curled in a faint smile, “I heard that first happiness of a woman is to be able to meet with the her beloved. After that, comes the second one is to eternally remember that man. After that, is to be able to live a long life with that man. She couldn’t accomplished these three things, but I believe she definitely died without regret. Brother Bing, a hole has been left behind in your heart forever, why don’t you let this elder sister fill it forever?”


Xiao Bing blanly stared Yezi. The latter gently blinked her eyes, which shone like stars, while her face carried a sweet, charming smile.  

SS Chapter - 4
SS Chapter 6

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