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Chapter – 11

I have changed names a little. Let me know If you like the previous names. I will edit it  🙂 Friendships which children huddle each other stand the test of time. They will guard forever each other’s secrets. This is because it is difficult for children to break their promises: to adult eyes their honesty… Read More »

Chapter – 9

Hello Guys, I have moved all novels to this new website.  Hope you like this new website. If you any queries or suggestions about the website. Please let me know. If anyone interested in editing the chapters, That could be a great help so I can post chapters very frequently. The party came to an end, and… Read More »

Chapter 8

Translator: KzSin Editor: ChocolateMorn Note : This chapter is translated by Kzsin from ExpNull. All the credit goes to him. A gorgeous stage was present. Luxurious feast was prepared and champagne flutes were handed out freely. Wandering around in the splendidly decorated dance hall were colorful and fashionable dresses and fine quality tuxedos complete with… Read More »

Chapter 7

I just tried to translate one chapter. Hope you like 🙂 On the morning of the day I headed to the royal palace to participate in the ball, I paid a visit to Mishuly’s room. It was common for me to go to the room of Mishuly, and nobody was around in the building at… Read More »