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SE Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – The Banquet   Yang Qi rested at home for a few days after returning from the Black Corpse mountains. In a blink of an eye, it was already the day of the city master mansion’s banquet. This time the city master Yan Gufeng had invited the single young talents from every big… Read More »

SE Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Return Caught a flu spreading at my place. This week’s releases will be further pushed, sorry! But I’ll make it up soon.Chapters owed – 4 ——————-   Yang Qi, who had ventured out to gain experience, had come out with a huge profit. He obtained demonic cores worth millions of Qi Gathering… Read More »

SE Chapter 22

  Chapter 22 – Making Huge Profit “In that case, only one of us will remain.” Hearing white ape’s vehement words, Yang Qi’s killing intent soared. The Underlord’s spear in his hand morphed out layers upon layers of spear images, densely packed like a forest, and like a peacock spreading its feathers. With his current… Read More »

SE Chapter 21

 Chapter 21 – Breakthrough   Confronting the water mountain, Yang Qi circulated his Qi-craft and struck out fiercely. As his palm collided with the water mountain, the resulting sound was actually the same rumbling sound as that of the waterfall. The water mountain collapsed. And turned into an inescapable net, engulfing Yang Qi. Several life-extinguishing… Read More »

SE Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Huge Battle Against Water Ape   “Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hunt a demonic beast worth millions- not even a single demonic beast with eighth stage Qi-craft or above…..” Studying the Demonic Hunter spider’s core in his hands, Yang Qi exclaimed while storing it, “The more I hunt, the more I can… Read More »

SE Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Hunting Demonic Beasts   Thud. Seeing someone’s arrival, the wolves showed no panic, and the particularly huge alpha wolf even extended its claw and waved it towards Yang Qi, as if saying, “Kid, come here if you dare.” It was contemptuous, and a brazen provocation. The situation seemed extremely strange. Think about… Read More »

SE Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Black Corpse Mountains   “Huff… this is Black Corpse mountains.” The next day’s noon. Sun shined brightly, and the unceasing chirping of the cicadas in the trees made the air seemed even scorcher than it already was. The surging Yan river flowed out of a huge ridge which was pitch-black and desolate.… Read More »

SE Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Grand Aspirations   Luo Hun never expected his city master to have such great ambitions, aspiring to establish his own rule and unite the entire Fengrao continent. One should know that Yan capital city was merely a small city in the Fengrao continent. Its couple million population was nothing before some of… Read More »

SE Chapter 16

If any of you’re interested in proofreading SE, drop a comment with your email address. Chapter 16 – Astonishment  Fortunately, a gentleman helped my daughter and killed that bunch of bastards from Shadow Poison sect. But who was it that helped you? Is it someone I know? That would require me to express my gratitude… Read More »

SE Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – City Master’s Daughter  “Kid, you…..are…..good….” The leader who had been apparently smashed into a puddle of mud was surprisingly still breathing. After falling from the sky, he was unblinkingly staring Yang Qi, “What is your name?” Peng… Yang Qi punched out through the air again, thoroughly ending his life this time. “Excellent… Read More »