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SE Chapter 15

Chapter – 15 Neutralizing Poison   “What’s this?” As Yang Zhan saw the antidote, his heart trembled, “Is this……antidote? Where did you get it?” How sharp his Qi-craft should have been for him to immediately assert that the faint smell coming from the bottle could cure his sons of the poisonous Qi. “It is an… Read More »

SE Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Fist Breaks Golden Bell     White Crane Wings was a high-grade technique. Although it wasn’t as fierce as “Invincible King Fist”, it could allow one to grow a pair of wings and fly in the sky. Even though it wouldn’t allow one to soar to the ninth heaven like a true… Read More »

SE Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Qi-Craft Sixth Stage     The spear in Yang Qi’s hand exuded an aura of hell. He had condensed it with his [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power]’s special true Qi. Underlord’s Spear! Qi-craft’s sixth stage, Qi Arms. The weapon condensed in this stage was not randomly decided. It was the weapon condensed… Read More »

SE Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Invincible King Fist After exhibiting the might of “Invincible King Fist” with a single move, Yang Zhan’s face had faintly paled. Evidently, even he could only produce such a power once. Subsequently, he told Yang Qi everything including the six hand seals, cultivation method, true Qi employment and circulation until the latter… Read More »

SE Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Three-Month Agreement   Yang Qi’s three-month declaration again stupefied everybody. Yang Honglie’s eyes shined, “Yang Qi, are you serious?” He didn’t believe that with Yang Qi’s present cultivation base he would be able to surpass him. This was simply a fantasy. Even if a peak expert forcefully channeled his Qi-craft into Yang… Read More »

SE Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Astonished Four Thrones Confronting the Yang Kui’s eagle claw assault, Yang Qi’s state of mind quickly calmed down. Amidst the fierce Qi currents, his body remained steadfast like a reef at the seabed. In the anticipation of the descending force, his body suddenly twisted and unceasingly circled about like a fish in… Read More »

SE Chapter 8

The break took a lot longer than I expected. Had to shift cities, it took quite a while. Anyway, we’ll be doing seven regular chapters now. I’ll open patreon for SE soon.   Chapter 8 – Dazzling Godly Might   “Qi-er, wasn’t your Qi-craft crippled?” Yang Zhan’s face eventually resumed some color, and his eyes… Read More »

SE Chapter 7 – Thunder In A Clear Sky

The old housekeeper’s words fell like a thunderbolt in a clear sky, falling down right into one’s face. Not only Yang Qi, even an expert like Yang Zhan felt a buzz inside his head and their faces immediately paled. “Where are they now?” Yang Zhan asked in a trembling voice. “Elder young master and second… Read More »

SE Chapter 6 – Yang Family Assembly

‘Father’s Qi-craft cultivation base is far above mine.’ As soon as he was enveloped by the light-screen, he could sense his father’s profound and bottomless Qi-craft, indeed worthy of his eighth stage expert’s reputation. Although he’d gained a fifth stage cultivation base after cultivating [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], compared to the eighth stage of… Read More »

SE Chapter 5 – Yang Family Assembly

For the next three days, Yang Qi secretly slipped out in night to cultivate [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], while during day, he pretended to be recuperating. He remained exceptionally secretive, making everybody believe that he was still a cripple. After all, once a person’s skill was lost, there was basically no way to recover… Read More »