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SS Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Brother Fingerless’ Death   Xiao Bing let out a long sigh, feeling the knot in his heart which had been present all this time completely unraveling. Thinking about Su Peiya won’t accomplish anything. There was no need to make himself suffer forever; sorrow for kin, succor to the enemy. Xiao Bing somewhat… Read More »

SS Chapter – 5

Chapter 5- One Sided Love Is Harsh Yezi blankly stared, then saw Xiao Bing turning his head and looking back. About ten meters behind them, two men were strolling about, seeming as if watching the scenery. When they saw Xiao Bing looking towards them, they immediately started walking away, but stopped before going too far… Read More »

SS Chapter – 4

Chapter 4 – Lovely Yezi By the time Xiao Bing returned back to the Civil Lines, it had already turned dark, which the time for the nightlife of college boys and girls.   The hand-in-hand couples flocked the main street, also including  a few brother and sister duos who had come to casually roam. The… Read More »

SS Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Debt Of Blood Is To Be Settled With Blood Su Xiaoxiao did as told. As expected, mother Su’s complexion started to turn a bit better. Looking at the situation before her eyes, Su Xiaoxiao eventually calmed down and continued to lightly press according to the instructions of Xiao Bing. Looking at mother Su’s… Read More »

Chapter 1 – Only A Dragon Crosses The River

  Translator : JD “Brother Bing, protect my little sister and my family. These past six years, being able to fight by your side and accompany you through fire and water, I have no regrets at all…..”   No regrets !   Thinking of Su Peyia’s remark before her last breath, Xiao Bing silently  clenched… Read More »