SE Chapter 8

The break took a lot longer than I expected. Had to shift cities, it took quite a while. Anyway, we’ll be doing seven regular chapters now. I’ll open patreon for SE soon.   Chapter 8 – Dazzling Godly Might   “Qi-er, wasn’t your Qi-craft crippled?” Yang Zhan’s face eventually resumed some color, and his eyes… Read More »

MG Chapter 62

This will be the final chapter for MG from me. Chapter 62 – Aftermath  The chase for the bandits continued for several days. By the time He Quanxin and the rest returned to the He manor with the gold, this huge incident which caused a sensation in the whole Tai Cang county had already been… Read More »

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SE Chapter 7 – Thunder In A Clear Sky

The old housekeeper’s words fell like a thunderbolt in a clear sky, falling down right into one’s face. Not only Yang Qi, even an expert like Yang Zhan felt a buzz inside his head and their faces immediately paled. “Where are they now?” Yang Zhan asked in a trembling voice. “Elder young master and second… Read More »

No SE For A Few Days

My laptop ran into some weird bug last week. Every time I resume it from a sleep or do a reboot, the wifi is just gone, simply gone.  I’ve tried everything I could over the past week to rectify the problem, but nothing seems to be working. In the end, I’m sending it over to… Read More »

SE Chapter 6 – Yang Family Assembly

‘Father’s Qi-craft cultivation base is far above mine.’ As soon as he was enveloped by the light-screen, he could sense his father’s profound and bottomless Qi-craft, indeed worthy of his eighth stage expert’s reputation. Although he’d gained a fifth stage cultivation base after cultivating [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], compared to the eighth stage of… Read More »

SE Chapter 5 – Yang Family Assembly

For the next three days, Yang Qi secretly slipped out in night to cultivate [Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power], while during day, he pretended to be recuperating. He remained exceptionally secretive, making everybody believe that he was still a cripple. After all, once a person’s skill was lost, there was basically no way to recover… Read More »

SE Chapter 4 – Qi Eruption Realm

“I actually surpassed my original realm so fast and attained the fifth stage, the realm of Qi Eruption.” After breaking the tree with a punch from a hundred steps away, Yang Qi blankly stared his palm. As he felt the boundless basic Qi inside his body, he momentarily lost himself. In one day, he’d experienced… Read More »

SE Chapter 3 – Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Power

”Stand up after the fall, become peerless under the heavens!” As the little golden figure between his eyebrows unceasingly chanted these eight words,Yang Qi also tried to communicate back through his thoughts. This golden figure, which entered between his eyebrows straight from the lightning and took shelter there as if a divine spirit, gave him… Read More »

SE Chapter 2 – Making Profit Out Of Disaster

Yang Qi was discouraged. All of his Qi-craft had been wasted by Luo Hun’s one punch. He was left without hope regarding cultivation for the rest of his life. However, he never imagined that he would be struck by lightning afterward. The blinding explosion and lightning’s suffocating aura, which seemed to be ripping the air,… Read More »